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“Couldn’t you have accessed the systems from any computer?" “Seeing the growth of our employees, the completion of our projects has really given me a greater feeling of accomplishment, but also added to my sense of personal responsibility.”. Founded in 1867, APG is a property development company that has holdings in a range of operating companies from telecommunications to storage facilities. Deague is one of 4000 investors caught up in the June collapse of the broking firm, which offered sophisticated derivative products. So, here we have a family who is genuinely passionate about Australian fine art. Follow live updates here. UN to hold summit on COVID-19 in December. Brisbane’s first six-star hotel will open in 2018 on the banks of the Brisbane River, on the doorstep of the CBD. He admitted in court that as Sonray stood on the edge of collapse, he had taken hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay personal bills, his mortgage and top up his superannuation. “I would say every couple of months," Murray replied. He built a homestead in 1858 and was a great horseman. asked Hamish Austin, barrister for the administrator. So, there you have it, four new hotels coming right up, with more to follow shortly. “I know there’s a lot of noise in the media, with people complaining that Sydney and Melbourne house prices are crashing. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. ''They needed some money to pay salaries - I'm not sure if it was this time or another time,'' he said. “There aren’t many existing hotels in the area and the ones there are looking tired,” noted Deague. Will Deague is active with the charity, Million Dollar Lunch, in support of the Children’s Cancer Foundation, and Art Series is a significant supporter of other cancer fighting initiatives. He would just say take money out of the hedging account to see that our financial needs were met.". ART ATTACK Recently, Will’s wife was diagnosed with blood cancer, naturally a major shock for the family. Hundreds of other investors have also been left in the lurch. Besen family with $2.4 billion (property, retail; Melbourne), — Melbourne’s Ring family came 31st with $440 million (after majority sale of Swisse Wellness vitamins company), — Perth’s Caratti family came 47th with $312 million (diversified into property after initial fortune made in earthmoving), — Perth’s Cardaci family came 50th with $302 million (transport sector). The business, Asian Pacific Building Corporation, has fingers in all the right property development pies: commercial offices, car parking, serviced apartments… buying, building, managing, selling. And in that regard the numbers have to stack up… we’re not doing it for fun.”, STRIKING A CHORD And we’ve been on a number of holiday programs like Postcards. If the luxury hotel market could be compared to a football team then some will see Will Deague as the CEO of a high-profile start-up franchise like the Melbourne Heart or the Gold Coast AFL team. Before hopping into a SMART car for a site visit to one of APG’s eco-friendly, heritage-sensitive, multi-use property development projects, he scans several hotel registers, looking for ways to delight his guests and residents. Austin asked Murray, who gave a long, opaque explanation. trashed a room at The Cullen. However, in person, Will Deague is surprisingly low key, very modest and extremely private about his family and personal life – this private interview for our investors was therefore all the more valuable. ''A letter was sent to Scott Murray and I was cc'ed on that letter,'' he told the court. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. And if the sums stack up, whether you’re building a hotel or a skating rink, either it’s viable or it’s not. There’s little that’s off the peg, as the architects try to pin down the character of the artists in their designs. Sonray, which specialised in contracts for difference (CFDs), went into administration in June with a $46 million shortfall in client funds. Which was absolute bullshit… completely wrong. Sonray co-founder Russell Johnson told the Supreme Court he had ''racked his brains'' over the fate of a $1.99 million deposit from the Deague family, whose Asian Pacific Building Corporation is behind the Art Series group of hotels named after famous Australian artists. It becomes evident that Will Deague doesn’t believe he’s joining a battle against some very established competitors… he’s kinda sneaking in under the radar. He restructured in 2011 and bet on Art Series Hotel Group, doubling revenues within a year. In line with the ‘boutique’ ethos, most rooms aren’t palatial but are bristling with the nifty and the unexpected. Not in a ‘manage your own super, buy some art, bubble wrap it and pop it into your garage’ type of way; more of a ‘sponsor a posse of artists to go to Lake Eyre and then launch a book and exhibition’ type of way (which is exactly what they did). In 2008, Will Deague’s vision was to unite his family’s passion for art with a business strategy that would countervail the boom/bust cycles in their industry. We have experienced managers and an area manager for that. '', Asked if any client money had been used to make mortgage payments on his $4 million Toorak home, Mr Johnson said: ''I'm not 100 per cent sure. Mr Johnson admitted he used between $100,000 and $525,000 of funds belonging to Sonray clients to pay personal expenses including family bills and school fees. During a trip to Miami, Will discovered a new concept – the boutique art hotel. Picture: Jono Searle, news.com.au — Australia’s leading news site, Powerball $20 million jackpot winning numbers: Draw 1277. Bear in mind, we’ve decided to lease out onsite food and beverage, which removes quite a few headaches. revealed the difficulties ASIC had in tracking Murray down during the early stages of its investigation. “I read in the Herald Sun the other day how an actor [that’d be Matthew Newton then?] Events such as these are part of helping our customers to open up the realm of possibilities and learn more about wealth building from people who have done it before. Today, Deague Group (formerly Asian Pacific Group) is a prominent Australian development company, known for delivering quality homes. When he discovered the “mistake", Murray claims his co-founder, his 37-year-old brother-in-law Russell Johnson insisted the money was needed to repay creditors. Heartless, money-grabbing bastards… the lot of them! Help using this website - Accessibility statement, Pennsylvania may be able to name victor later today, The world's best bar in 2020 has been named and it comes with a twist, British foreign minister Raab self-isolating after COVID contact, Fed holds policy steady amid US election uncertainty, Toll dumps planes, ships and trucks as express business sold off, Downer EDI CEO urged to deliver on Spotless, Hefty fees boost stevedore profits despite volume slump, Sparks fly! Most have been surprisingly quiet about their losses. And we’re an independent boutique brand so we don’t need to get too tied up in hotel turf wars. — Christopher Holder, TOA Riding The Sound Waves Of the Melbourne Metro  TOA and Australis have been working closely with Melbourne, Moama Bowling Club 6 Shaw St, Moama NSW 2731 1800 806 777 or www.moamabowlingclub.com.au South Australian design company, The White Horse 381 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010 (02) 8333 9999 or thewhitehorse.com.au The re-launch of, The Larwill Studio 48 Flemington Rd, Parkville VIC 3052 (03) 9032 9111 or thelarwillstudio.com.au The late Australian artist, Academy 50 Bunda St, Canberra 2601 (02) 6253 2091 or academyclub.com.au Canberra’s largest nightclub, Academy, is now lit, Copyright © 2019 Alchemedia Publishing Pty Ltd, FIND YOUR INNER ARTIST AT THE LARWILL STUDIO. “It was agreed any funds in those accounts were available for my personal use.". Most have been surprisingly quiet about their losses. Murray now claims that Johnson had told him he was entitled to access the house accounts for his personal use and to “do whatever it took" to keep the company running. “You need to work hard too, of course. In 2008, the Art Series hotels were born, each named after a contemporary Australian artist, and filled with artworks by the artist. “And it’s just as satisfying dealing with the up and coming artists as it is the established artists. Will is the first to admit that he grew up with the silver spoon – top schools, luxury homes and even his own helicopter. These are essential to the site functioning. “I get pretty excited about the development and the building side of things — creating something and leaving a legacy,” said Deague. Marcus Gilmore (Rank: 56 Net Worth- $35m) MLG Realty. “Your income from work shouldn’t be treated as the upper limit – it should be your starting point from which to progress. No one was as his home in Melbourne’s Albert Park when ASIC visited, messages left on his mobile phone and the mobile of his wife were unanswered and no one associated with Sonray had seen him. Property developers? But as I say, going in half-arsed is not the Deagues way and a proper assault on the hotels market was soon devised. “I would say every couple of months," Mr Murray said. The US central bank's policymakers repeated their pledge to use the "full range of tools" they have to support the US economy. Mr Deague is the second, high profile CEO to be interviewed as part of our new ‘CEO Talks’ series of events. “I would have thought the Como — which has been around forever and is directly opposite us at the Olsen in Chapel St — would be concerned. On Friday they would have discovered that their loss was Murray’s gain, as he lined his pockets at their expense. The entrepreneur – who retains a sophisticated commercial property portfolio and BB Retail Capital – which has an interest in numerous businesses including retailer Bras n’Things – has appointed agencies Knight Frank and Pillinger to market the home, Take the case of the recently launched Olsen. “You need to be aware of how much your daily expenses are, or how much passive income you need to be in a position where you don’t need to work for a living. There are plenty of ‘arty’ hotels out there, but the Art Series Hotel Group is the only one branded as such. Hotels, on the other hand, are built on hospitality – that curious urge a select few have to make total strangers blissfully happy.


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