why did andy bernard leave the office
In the meantime, Cathy Simms is hired as a temp to replace Pam while she's on maternity leave with her second child, Philip. So I need you to put down that I was fired for theft and/or groping weiners.". They say you never forget how to ride a bike, but this one could be chalked up to Michael being Michael. They manage to keep the pregnancy a secret until the fall when the rumor-mill accidentally leaks the information. I always knew it was down here!". Michael continues to date Jan, who helps him run a charity "Fun Run" to raise funds for rabies awareness after he hits Meredith with his car. He is heavily obsessed with Call of Duty, and once remarked to Jim that he is "gonna kill [Jim] for real" for using sniper rifles ("The Coup", Season 3 Episode 3) on a close range shooting map. The biggest events are the return of Ryan Howard as a temp and the transfer of Holly Flax to the Nashua branch after David Wallace discovers that she and Michael are dating. However, when the Stamford manager, Josh Porter, ditches his managerial duties for a job with Staples, the script is flipped, and Scranton ends up absorbing the Stamford branch, bringing Jim back to Pennsylvania in the process. As 2010 draws to a close, Toby spends a chunk of time out of the office serving as a juror on the case of the Scranton Strangler. This could be an editing mistake from the prop department, but it could also be a nod to the fact that Jim and Pam's surname is mispronounced several times throughout the show. However, the entire situation goes south when Robert California deliberately nixes the idea, and soon everyone (including Nellie) finds themselves back in Scranton. He learned activities such as slacklining and survival skills. Around this time, Michael buys a condo and begins juggling a complicated pair of relationships with his realtor, Carol Stills, and his superior, Jan Levinson. On season eight, episode four ("Garden Party"), this joke is reinforced when Dwight announces Andy's parents as "Mr. and Mrs. Walter and Ellen Bernard.". After this, Pam and Jim discover they're going to have a kid as they tend to an injury the saleswoman received at a company picnic. He is also the first to be suspected of leaking the story to the press, which he vehemently denies (The Whistleblower). Incredibly successful Osprey Paper salesman Danny Cordray is also hired by Michael to work as a traveling salesman. Robert seems annoyed by the fact that it was photocopied and distributed to which Andy gets nervous. A year after the documentary airs, the film crew catches up with everyone in order to gather bonus footage for the DVD release. Jim and Pam's relationship also comes under serious pressure for the first time when Pam leaves for three months to attend art school in New York City. She ends up making it to the airport in time to see him, but she seems to catch up to him when he's already through security and on his way to his gate. However, she stays with her fiancé, warehouse worker Roy Anderson — although they break up soon afterward — and Jim takes a job at the Stamford branch of Dunder Mifflin. Jim proposes to her while she's away, and eventually, she returns after failing to complete the course. Toby is replaced by Holly Flax, who immediately hits things off with Michael, because the two are just so perfectly dorky together. Andy finds out that his family has gone broke, and that his dad has left. Jones Heating & Air, and a few other companies. As the year wraps up, things take a major turn. Andy was originally named Walter Jr. by his parents, but was then renamed Andrew at the age of 6, his parents believing that his younger brother better exemplified the Walter Jr. name. He then intentionally loses the White Pages account before starting an argument with David Wallace. So why did … However, on season six, episode 17 ("The Delivery: Part 1"), Andy says he was named Walter Jr. after his father until he was 6 years old, when his younger brother (played by Josh Groban) was born and his parents decided that he was more fitting for the name Walter. Good one. Andy becomes the first Dunder Mifflin/Sabre employee to learn the printers they sell can catch on fire (The Chump). "The Office" ran on NBC from 2005 to 2013. After Karen leaves, Andy is the only member of the Stamford branch (excluding Jim) that remains in Scranton. Andy graduated from Cornell in 1995.


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