who is my mpp ontario by postal code
They meet with constituents. MPPs who are cabinet ministers may not have a Queen’s Park address and can be contacted through their ministry office. I'm sure you meant to troll, but the side effect is that I got you involved in your democracy whether you intended to or not :). 2 0 obj %PDF-1.5 You're not necessarily in their riding, but if you can sway them then do it. Training Overview; Currently Available Courses; Upcoming VAW Training; Library. Send a version to every conservative MPP and claim you reside in their riding. They're not fact checking anything. Edit: contacted the PC MPPs regardless. write him/her anyway and cc: Caroline Mulroney, Attorney General caroline.mulroney@pc.ola.org. Mailing an MPP is free - you don't need a stamp. They may help constituents find services to assist them. - Enter your postal code, search by address to find your electoral district - Remembering your electoral district, browse the list of MPPs found at “Information on your Member of Provincial Parliament” at And while you're e-mailing them, tell them what you think of the social services, transit, and other issues in our city. Email or phone is the only way to send the message in time. , I didn’t find this page helpful. What do you do if your MPP is already against it? Okay! You e-mail them or call them and let them know. Or does that do nothing? An optional survey will open in a new tab. Yeah that guy was an idiot.. Thanks for participating in your democracy! endobj An MPP may have contact information for more than one office. Remember, though - I'll be reaching out to everyone I can, from the PM to the AG and Lieutenant Governor. endobj They also join committee meetings where draft legislation is studied in detail. That makes me feel even more powerless because the PC's have a majority government. You can also call 1-800-677-8683, TTY: 1-888-292-2312. Talk to the people you know outside of Toronto and get them to contact their MPPs. If you want to contact an MPP about a bill, government, or their work as a legislator, try contacting their Queen’s Park office. MPPs who are cabine… If your MPP isn’t a conservative, direct your emails to Doug, Caroline Mulroney (the AG), and Steve Clark (the minister of municipal affairs). Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, Ontario Legislature Internship Programme (OLIP), Opposition Day debates and want of confidence motions, Eligibility requirements and selection criteria, Model Parliament for High School Students, Past Winners - Speaker's Award for Youth Writers, Early postcards of the Legislative Building, Art à la Carte - Celebrating Ontario Artists. Copy and paste if you don't feel like writing today! �}��0�}���2%[�}��d�K�!�[;s9���6;z�ܤ�p�����n���h�]a5�uFm��y���qZJ�R}G��RU�� C���)��Ď�I)�׵����/��q��'�4Ϝ�\�O>����e���~��?�l?�r'��m�,HY��y�����DU���f�0���@�"� y��, x��[]o�:}/������hdQ�QҴ����n���bѻ(T[N�8vVV����9C}Q%9�/���#�Crfx�̐q��7o��}�x����w��ۯ/_,>G�8_�/_ǣ‘^�zʉ�#�����/�ssx��sn�㗗/�͜����{��= ����P�+c'�C7�ݿ�>l�r��G�}�g�g�������"� The public can also participate in committee meetings. Learn about current members of provincial Parliament at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. �Gϵi,�$����,��HA�2��3�� �8d���H�›�'��**&����>A�g����~#}\-HU��G���cn�+�&ɤa��4���DBγ�6�l�"�ʶ"�):�r�Yz�ݵ,�$64C/�[�&T:�Hܠr��6s҇2a�������l7s��;���d:���Eb�U�9��ET��=�*Ŋ؁�]y�p\��w��4$�~��_��ٵK�k�HÂ����. 3 0 obj They create policies for the public to consider during an election. I'll be posting again in a few days with a website to check on how our MPs voted!


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