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Azula then escaped and was last seen donning her disguise as the Kemurikage again. She dodged Aang and Toph's bending attacks with little to no effort using high jumps like Ty Lee, ultimately making Aang admit she was too fast to hit. Her sharp wits and the fact that she was a firebending prodigy gained her great attention and acclaim, which quickly made her Ozai's favorite child. Azula snapped out of her hallucination with Katara's hand in her grip; Sokka prepared his boomerang to strike her, but Katara managed to calm the unstable firebender down. She was a skilled strategist who orchestrated the coup over the Earth Kingdom capital Ba Sing Se,[6][7] and halted the invasion on the Day of Black Sun. Azula appeared to be unaffected by her failure to kill the Avatar. Not long after this, her cousin Lu Ten was killed in battle, prompting Iroh to abandon his legendary six-hundred-day siege of Ba Sing Se, which in turn prompted Azula to call him "a quitter and a loser". This time, Zuko had finally obtained the power and skill needed to finally fight Azula on reasonably equal footing and she clearly noticed this as her brother easily deflected her attacks, choosing to dodge his fire blasts rather than repelling them. Pirates | Further hearing that the people who stole Appa muzzled him makes Aang more than simply angry. When Ozai burned her brother's face, she smiled smugly in triumph, along with Zhao. 1. Lieutenant | A year after the events of the animated series, Zuko approached his sister for help in convincing Ozai to tell them more about what happened to Ursa. Panting in frustration, she saw her mother in her mirror in an apparent hallucination. The entire team is nearly destroyed, and the capital city falls to the control of the Fire Nation. While the Prince is still a privileged imperialist who is the son of the most powerful individual in the entire world, that doesn't mean he doesn't have problems too. This article is about the Ember Island teenager. She first appeared as a minor antagonist in Book One: Water, the main antagonist of Book Two: Earth and the secondary antagonist of Book Three: Fire. After burning down a few nearby trees and bushes, she stormed off after Zuko.[15]. Amon | This sets off a journey that is emotionally harrowing for the viewers, let alone for Appa. Zuko redirected it at her, only for Azula to redirect her lightning back at him. [32] She could easily defeat Zuko during the Confrontation at Tu Zin and keep Aang on the defensive, eventually overwhelming the Avatar, even fighting off the entire Team Avatar successfully before running when Toph arrived. Gow | [7] Azula was also capable of fighting off and defeating multiple Kyoshi Warriors, using both firebending and hand-to-hand techniques.[33]. [19], She was placed in an adjoining cell with her father, though they did not speak with each other for half an hour. RELATED: 10 Avatar: The Last Airbender Characters That Deserve Spinoff Series. Azula's firebending contains elements from the, Azula is one of only three known female members of the Fire Nation Royal Family by blood, the others being. Her sharp wits and the fact that she was a firebending prodigy gained her great attention and acclaim, which quickly made her Ozai's favorite child. Although Zuko points out that she has lost now that all the kidnapped children were rescued, Azula countered that she had won, claiming that, in the last twenty-four hours, she had shown exactly how ruthless and authoritarian he could be. She had little respect for her older brother and enjoyed tormenting him when they were kids. [21], Azula subsequently experienced a phase which she later described as finding her "destiny". She easily avoided Zuko's frenzied knife attacks without the use of firebending, guiding his hands off course. In the anthology episode "The Tales of Ba Sing Se," Uncle Iroh's story, "The Tale of Iroh," is the strongest piece of storytelling in the entire series. Before she could be apprehended, she vanished in smoke, while commanding Zuko to accept what she made of him. She accused her servant of purposely leaving a pit in her cherry so that she would choke. Ursa felt regret over Azula's subsequent escape to the Valleys, realizing that her rough methods ultimately cost Azula much and tearfully pondered on her safety, despite likely knowing all she had did. Political information


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