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Thanks to Kirrily Ireland for writing this amazing article below! Listed below are a collection of sample essays that I have written during my time as a VCE English tutor. My daughter is very happy with Glenda. Well done in making this often daunting process so easy. You see past testimonials from past attendees by clicking the links above! In “Section B: creating and presenting” you will encounter various themes and relate them to a variety of texts. Nicholas has been great and we have been able to continue with tutorials using zoom during COVID-19. When writing expository essays relating to these themes you may wish to write a … Highly recommend Sai U. Super impressive. brilliant tutors! They are attentive and quick to respond. My daughter received a C on geography and from 1 lesson achieved a B. How to Source the Best Examples for Your VCE English Language Essays! Ensured us that he's available by phone and email if we need further clarification. If you wish to refer to a film or a play, include a reference to the Meredith Theatre Company or the Meredith Film Society. Once you choose a context/persona that you are comfortable with think about how you can link to the set text. She is patient and understanding of the challenges students face in this subject and we would thoroughly recommend using Caitlin as she is an outstanding tutor. Very happy so far with the choice of tutor we choose. You may conclude with a reference to a local “people” story, or a reference to your favourite poem that provides another interesting angle on the prompt. Well done! If you wish to include a personal slant, establish the “I” persona near the beginning of your article. the tutors are helpful and the site is easy to operate. For example, you may focus on a discussion by Mr Donavan regarding a relevant theme in your novel. What about ‘shook’ and ‘extra’ and ‘lit’? Our tutor was on time and prepared for the first session. Ultimately, our goal is to empower students all over Australia to achieve amazing results and make their dreams come true! Great tutor, my daughter loves her global politics tutor, good communication. The process was seem less. When writing expository essays relating to these themes you may wish to write a feature article or adopt “hybrid” format. Students and teachers should note that, with the introduction of a new study design, the following examination papers are not necessarily a guide to the current VCE examination in this study. Alana communicated with us promptly and worked with our schedule to provide intensive tutoring to an extremely high standard. Wonderful first tutoring session for my year 9 son with a well qualified highly intelligent personable tutor who was clear about his approach and did much to assure my son of his capabilities to improve his Maths skills! For a very affordable fees you get access to a large pool of Tutors and you can choose the best person suitable for your situation. Then think about some parallel examples that suit your persona and the text. If you can find a specific article/journalist/newspaper that does this, then this will be super useful in terms of formal language (avoiding blame, liability, keeping it professional etc.). The important thing is, you don’t just want to find interesting language examples, such as neologisms, but see how they’re used across the media and, especially, in Australia. You must choose a “persona”, that is you may be an expert or professional in the field, or represent an organisation. The neologism ‘cofveve’, for example; a nonsensical word tweeted by the President of America and then re-tweeted more than 105,000 times (Major Burdock, The Goldwater, 2017). 2017 VCE English examination report (pdf - 97.71kb) Examinations relating to previous study designs. Conclude with a final example or refer back to the opening anecdote or quote. For example if a magazine targets middle-aged women, then the articles, advertisements and pictures would reflect the women’s interest in lifestyle, career, money, health and relationships. You’re surrounded by current language trends every moment of the day, from social media, TV, radio and the people around you. It is also critical to your writing style. Think about your most compelling evidence for each point. After some researches, I decided to give it a go. Put on your linguist’s hat and start observing the world around you. Very helpful and flexible with your needs - they have very good tutors available. They’ll be riddled with material that you can embed into and discuss in your next essay. Remember, in your essays, you’re discussing language usage. So happy! It’s easy to fall into our old habits and resort to the first thing we can or when we’re under that SAC and exam stress, but try and make the most of the research you’ve done and observations you’ve made of our current, thriving language. This website has amazing tutors who have so much knowledge about teaching kids and having fun with them so they don’t get to bored or tired. Trying to tackle year 11 maths methods was very challenging for my son. The more things you can do with your examples, the better, as you won’t know exactly which prompts you’ll get in the SAC/exam. The facts: Writers must research their facts and present them in a compelling and interesting manner, including quotes to give a sense of immediacy. LearnMate services many major cities for in-person and online tutoring including: LearnMate is secured by a 256 bit SSL certificate and 24/7 website monitoring by Sucuri, ensuring you can browse our site with complete confidence. : Column Reflection, Misrepresenting Reality: an insurance evaluator takes stock: Willy Loman, See Evading Reality, a personal reflection (Death of a Salesman), To get involved or not: Weekly Reflection Column by Student Representative (Conflict), See Relationships with Place and Community By Jason Smith Youth Leader (The Mind of a Thief), Dilemmas and choices: a reflection of ourselves (Conflict) (Spencer News), See “Doing the Right Thing”, by Janie Fitzpatrick, Youth Global Voices Group (Melbourne) and Galileo, See A Clash of views and values and conflict, by Kristy Mendelson (Student representative Hampton Park University), “The world in which we live shapes us” History Lecturer at Southern Cross University (Imaginary Landscapes), See Identity as a Story (Mind of a Thief). She is teaching my son step by step to achieve a goal. Sample Essay Vcaa English. (Or think about a compare and contrast style: start with some similar examples and then show a difference/a contrast.). And the tutor for my daughter is great. Speech: Sally Dalton, new age health consultant; How much reality is healthy? Think about the most obvious answer or the best piece of evidence for an aspect of the question. Yes, that’s right, you’ve probably got heaps of great examples under your nose already. Please contact English Works Ph: (061) 0400 568 657 or email: Argument Language Analysis Exams Yr 12 VCAA, “Contemporary” language examples and commentators, Essays Made Easy for English Language students, Sample Plan/Format for expository/ hybrid/ persona-style, Our place in the world and us: Reflection in The Meredith Gazette, How we live in a world created by others, Student Representative, Trapped in our subjective world: A prison with no bars, Remembering and forgetting: life-style counsellor, Illusions and dealing with loss: psychologist, Jimmy Swanson, See Evading Reality, a personal reflection, To get involved or not: Weekly Reflection Column, Dilemmas and choices: a reflection of ourselves. She was friendly & flexible even with last minute exam help. Highly recommended. So, read how it’s being used. My son has been tutored by Caitlin Rochfort for vce Unit 3/4 software development and we have found her to be extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled in her craft. The “simple” comes with a great deal of practice. Typical prompts that you will encounter are: “Conflict brings out the best or worst in people. My daughter had her first lesson yesterday and she found him very good and explained things for her to understand. Choose an authentic but fresh context/persona. This can often be done through a speaker, lecturer, presenter etc. LearnMate is Australia’s leading tutoring agency offering private lessons in all primary & high school subjects including English, maths, science, humanities, foreign languages, and so much more. See also our VCE workbook for students: The Language of Persuasion: an essay-writing guide. Do they say, “The suspected perpetrator, John Smith, assaulted the girl,” or do they say, “The girl was assaulted” – passive, and without the agent? My daughter is very happy to have such a good tutor, they both clicked straight away. Continue setting those foundations and maintain dominance throughout the year! It’s not as hard as you might think. LearnMate provides you with tailored, one-on-one lessons for tutoring in a variety of suburbs in Melbourne, Sydney, Geelong, Brisbane, Hobart, Canberra, Perth & Adelaide! LearnMate is Australia’s leading tutoring agency offering in-person and online lessons in all primary school, high school subjects (Years 7 – 10) and HSC, IB, QCE, BSSS, SACE, UMAT/UCAT, TASC, WACE & VCE subjects (Years 11 – 12) including English, maths, science, humanities, foreign languages, and so much more. Learnmate's communication team is amazing and very helpful. That article she handed out to the class about language use in Australia? This was very easy to do and our tutor is lovely and helpful, So LearnMate is a website from which I met Maddie who is an amazing english tutor but not only her, I saw many other great tutors whom seem to be very qualified. Perhaps include a relevant comment from a member of the audience. You can see her profile here. On an episode of Australian program Have You Been Paying Attention?, the host had a photo of one of the guests, Marty Sheargold, sitting on a camel. See Better Essays and Persuasive Techniques : See Chapter 4: Persuasive text types pp 90-91. These semantic shifts are way more topical to the present language debate and you’ll get a lot more out of them. To find out more, please go here or here They don’t have to be by linguists, about linguistics (a mistake I made in the early days of EL).


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