total vanishing legend of dragoon
It's very possible that if you don't heal when you have the chance, all your characters could be down in the next round. However, if your characters stay in their Dragoon forms no longer than one turn, you can still use strategic and useful spells like Rose Storm, Moon Light, and Rainbow Breath. Have Meru throw some magic attacks, preferably Fire-Based Attack Items. Focus on using physical attacks to defeat this Virage (and honestly, any Virage). An alternative is to use a magic attack that attacks all enemies (like a Dancing Ray), but this risks destroying the Ghost Knights prematurely. The Sandora Elite has one magic attack that does decent damage to Lavitz, so pay attention to his health. Lavitz's Wing Blaster will do some damage, but (in my opinion) is not worth pursuing. However, the other parts, the Divine Dragon Ball and Divine Dragon Cannon, use formidable attacks that make this battle much more difficult. Using Pellets on Rodriguez is very effective, as is using a Trans Light on Guftas. Make sure Haschel keeps using his quick attacks, and consider using his D-Attack. Once this HP is gone, your character will come back and the monster leaves. If not, continue them until all the ghosts are defeated. Its high magic attack can cause problems, and it has a Can't Combat ability. As noted at the beginning of the walkthrough, the characters chosen for "Recommended Parties" are based mostly on enemy type and DF vs. MDF data. However, since he is not yet a Dragoon, you may wish to switch him out for someone else, especially if you rely on Dragoon Specials. If you want, you can go for Fruegel right away and ignore his pets, as they die when he dies. You must use either Attack Items or Shana's ranged bow attack. You can either focus on attacking with Dart and Lavitz, using Shana as support, or you can just go all-out attack and use your (probably) numerous Attack Items with Shana and her incredibly high magic attack. Battle Prep is usually just before the boss battle in the main walkthrough. Using powerful attacks like the final Additions of Albert and Kongol, or even Dart's Blazing Dynamo with the Soul Eater equipped, will deal him quite a bit of damage. The Panic Bell confuses an enemy and may cause it to attack itself. You must simply progress through all the parts of dialogue. Just when you thought it was almost over... Caterpillar. A Total Vanishing can be used in battle to destroy a minor enemy. Don't forget the power of your Repeat Items that you've been collecting through this game. The first trap he lays for you is to summon three Bursting Balls. If you followed my Battle Prep outline described in the walkthrough, you can use this strategy for Dragoons: If any of your characters stay in Dragoon form longer than one turn, the Grand Jewel uses the Dragon Block staff to diminish all Dragon and Dragoon powers.


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