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It’s David Berson, who since 1999 has been running, “the only solar-charged-electric-powered boat certified by the Coast Guard.” A one-time captain of the schooner, in Manhattan’s South Street Seaport, he had Sam as a little boy on his crew. “It’s a totally different thing. The resulting hot coals drop to the bottom and are pushed to the right beneath the grill grate, made up of v-shaped metal bars that channel vital barbecue juices away from the coals to be put to better use. Tina tastes the slaw. Chewonki Foundation, 485 Chewonki Neck Road, Wiscasset, ME 04578, Phone: (207) 882-7323Fax: (207) 882-4074 Confidential Health Center Fax: (207) 882-9564, Chewonki® is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, “I think Chewonki’s mission is one the whole world ought to share,” says. Since moving into his current role as food editor at the New York Times, Sam has been using his considerable platform (his daily newsletter has three-million subscribers) to write about food, fishing and the outdoors. Turkey is not on the menu, but the baba ghanoush and hummus are "the real deal," he says. “I think I’m going to set up some waffles for breakfast,” he tells me and Brendan. "But two pounds sends a message.". Sam and his wife, Tina, began sending their two children to Chewonki in 2011. Sifton lives with his wife, Tina Fallon, a theatrical producer, and their two daughters, 9 and 11, in Brooklyn. Greenport man wrote the book on turkey this Thanksgiving. And visit Edible Communities to find the publication nearest you. Sam also guest-edited DownEast Magazine’s April 2019 Food Issue, in which he wrote about recipes perfected on Maine’s Ragged and Bailey Islands. I made this one up, but I’m proud of it. Tina Fallon, Realty Collective Agent, and husband Sam Sifton of the New York Times purchased in Red Hook with the help of Realty Collective. The Sifton home-away-from-their-Brooklyn-home similarly takes people in. The evening winds down, guests and family departing or heading to bed. And even as a boy, he was one in a million.”. Sam’s over at the grill tending the fire with welding gloves as oven mitts as Brendan looks on in mock consternation. "Trillin is one of the funniest and most important food writers," Sifton says, "but I'd like to see his birth certificate.". “I’m going to hang these birds [two chickens] from the rack, then I’m going to transfer them after they get some smoke on them into here,” Sam points to a stunning Blanc Creatives hand-forged steel roaster. The fire burns brightly as darkness falls and more visitors stop by. On Thursday, he plans to roast a 22-pound turkey for about 20 relatives and friends. The listing broker was Victoria Alexander of Realty Collective, where Fallon also works.


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