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When it comes to the daily time spent on TikTok, users spend an average of 52 minutes per day on the app. TikTok was downloaded over 738 million times. On a device or on the web, viewers can watch and discover millions of personalized short videos. Brands like the NFL, the NBA, Nike, Burberry, Samsung, HP, Chipotle and Walmart were mentioned by Chandlee in a public talk in September 2019. In October, it launched an education program in India – the first such initiative from the app. These turned out to be nothing more than rumours, though they gained significant traction. State newspaper People’s Daily called for tighter regulations, after users were injured taking part in Douyin challenges. So it’s safe to say that TikTok is doing much more than just replacing Vine, or other similar social media apps. This, of course, will put it in direct competition with domestic rivals Alibaba and Tencent. TikTok as of October 2018 (excluding Android clients in China), 80 million US downloads of Applications that can perform any activity, from those dedicated to entertainment t... TikTok Revenue and Usage Statistics (2019). The social media average is 4%. TikTok has been downloaded 611 million times in India, which is around 30 percent of the app’s total global downloads. The number of tiers varies too – often ending at Tier 3. This is actually down a little on the year’s peak for TikTok users in India, with nearly 80 million monthly active TikTok users logged in September. This is in excess of the 2% of internet users that were using the platform at this stage – though this is the case for all of the apps listed here. On the other hand, there is no questioning the levels of screaming fandom that are possible for those using TikTok, and previously Musical.ly, as their medium. Either way, they’re doing it for almost an hour everyday. 2019’s total, therefore, while relatively small, still accounts for 71% of all-time TikTok revenue. Self-serve ads on the platform deliver CPM of $10 – which compares negatively to Instagram’s $8. When it comes to the daily time spent on TikTok, users spend. Bytedance, TikTok’s parent company is valued at $75 million, making it the world’s most valuable startup. Teenage users, are however, the largest constituency. Please do not hesitate to contact me. According to App Annie, TikTok was the top app in terms of download growth in 2019 in Canada and India, and came in second-place in the US and the UK. Internet celebrities post another third, offline celebrities and brands (a piffling 4%) the rest. The app seems to have taken off in a big way in South Asia, with India and Pakistan the biggest markets outside of China in terms of viewing time, with the US coming in a distant third (in fairness, Pakistan is a distant second behind India). In terms of TikTok’s US user base, Reuters reported a figure of 26.5 million in November 2019 – though this does perhaps seem a little bit on the low side. How Much Time Do Users Spend on TikTok Daily on Average? Also covered are Finance app downloads, asset management apps, top growing countries in the FInance app space, and more. More recent stats are hard to come by. Dollars). According to Tencent Market Insight, cited by Sean Wang on Medium in May 2018, 82% of TikTok/Douyin users were looking for funny videos, with talent (56%) and daily life (54.1%) the next most popular categories. TikTok has. At one point, TikTok downloads in India made up as much as 30 percent of the app’s total global downloads. ByteDance has released a transparency report to deal with these accusations, and has moved to ringfence TikTok from the rest of its operations. But it may soon be falling off the TikTok downloads charts as the. App Ape Lab gives us a slightly more conservative figure for India, at 75 million users (Android only), as of December 2019. It did, however, draw level in February 2018 (the end point of this analysis) with the 25-30 bracket. Lower bands tend to contain more cities, and more people as a consequence, despite being smaller individually. This came in the context of violent exchanges along a disputed border between the world’s two most-populous nations (and the fourth and seventh-largest). are aged between 16 and 24 (Globalwebindex, 2019). Indonesian TikTok users show a more typical pattern, with usage declining as we go up through the age groups. They are 1.5x more likely to promote a brand online if it would enhance their status online – which chimes with the fact that they are 1.3x more likely to be categorised as status seekers. $122.9 million of TikTok 2019 revenue comes from its home market; 69% of the total. In total, users had spent $50 million on TikTok as of the end of October 2018. Around 42% of revenue up until this point – or $1.5 million – came from the US, where the increase in spending measures 144%. And the ease with which anyone can become a content creator, is one of the many factors that gives TikTok an advantage over the competition. in any case, fundamentally lower, at 29%, contrasted with 95% upwards for One commentator notes that this is part of the appeal of TikTok to these younger users. On the other hand, 30% of US TikTok users report household income of $40,000 or less. In China Douyin seems to play a more notable role in marketing. (Apptrace, 2019). principal half of 2018. Only Facebook properties (Messenger, Facebook, and WhatsApp) were downloaded more often. These figures are nothing short of impressive, considering that the app was launched only as recently as 2016. A study observing the behavior of TikTok users in the span of one month shows that 68 percent of TikTok users watch someone else’s video and 55 percent upload their own videos (Globalwebindex, 2019). A beta version of a ‘managed service platform’ – bringing TikTok into the biddable ads space followed in April 2019. There also appears to be a difference in watching and sharing habits, with the former a clear preference among TikTok users. TikTok’s strategy to grow its overseas userbase to over 50% of total users. Up until the end of 2019, TikTok counts a total of 1.65 billion downloads. At present TikTok’s main office is in Los Angeles, while the CEO is based in Shanghai. 3. But TikTok appears to be more popular among iPhone users than Android users – TikTok is ‘only’ the third-most downloaded app on Google Play, behind WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. 58.5 minutes on the social media platform each day. We might add that we are looking at an unannotated dataset here. All important statistics are prepared by our experts – available for direct download as PPT & PDF! They are open to advertising (1.35x) and can be swayed by others’ opinions (1.34x) – ergo open to influencer marketing. As with so many apps, India’s TikTok user base is heavy skewed male, a ratio not too far off being 10:1. The below graphic shows search volume for ‘bubble mask’ on Baidu during August 2019. This was largely thanks to the 667 million first-time downloads in 2018 – which propelled it to fourth place on the list of most downloaded non-game apps of the year. Get the latest app insights on the top performing Fintech apps in 2020 and during COVID-19. Douyin’s monthly user count of 486 million at this point is well in excess of Kuaishou’s 341 million users. While its appeal is not limited to younger users, this is a Generation Z app. Despite the hype surrounding the app, only 9% of US internet users had used the app, as of October 2019, with a further 5% stating an intention to use it. This statistic combines the downloads of TikTok from both Android and iOS. An analysis from Jing Daily looked at the most popular users on Douyin in China in March 2019, analysing some key trends. With TikTok you have the possibility of reaching an audience in 155 different countries. The latter has also grown, though not quite as dramatically and from a much higher base. 2. Before the arrival of ads, 42% of revenue came from the United States, but this excludes income from the Chinese Android version of the app. There’s not much to split the rest of the world, with penetration of between 12% (North America) and 10% (Latin America and Europe). Figures are, of course, stronger among teenaged users, 49% of whom had used the app in the month prior. As the fastest-growing social media app, it’s interesting to take a look at where most TikTok downloads originate from. digital gifts. We might bear in mind that this is slightly less pronounced than China’s birth ratio, which currently stands at 115:100 in favour of males. These show us, unequivocally, that 2019 was TikTok’s year. TikTok was well on the way to global success over the course of 2018. What helps TikTok stand out among the competition is that it’s more of an entertainment platform, instead of a lifestyle platform. These statistics purport to show a global figure. The choice of Brazil is interesting – it is a market which looks set to be a battleground for app developers. Below we can see some of the most-distinctive values of TikTok users, measured by the proportion of users ascribing to each value and how this percentage compares to the average internet user. Basically, Americans love TikTok. Tallying both Apple Application Store and Google Play As of October 2019, Lasso had logged 425,000 installs – not in TikTok’s league. To begin with, most of TikTok’s Western audience belonged to Musical.ly, and for the Eastern audience they run a separate version of the app called Douyin, that they’re much more familiar with. It is estimated that 57% of the TikTok/Douyin userbase are based in China.


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