things i am afraid of essay
25. In this light, I am given much ideas of what to do with the fear I have. Positive thoughts often lead to positive behavior. I am a college graduate with a master degree. Clowns. Hi Miriam. I think my phobia has grown out of my self-imposed perfectionism and the tedium in attempting it. I’m so glad I came across this discussion. I used to be afraid that when I got sexually assaulted, I deserved it. Secondly write something very slowly alone. 14. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. My fears are all things I can confront and work through. Thanks for the great post and all the lovely dialogue going on here. I feel like I need a personal academic tutor or something. I’m afraid that if I told that someone that I love them, they would think it was stupid — like the Valentines’ card you give to a girl in third grade that you know just gets thrown away. I was supposed to have more consultations but this one crushed me so much (and increased my fears and reduced my self-worth even more) that I promised to myself to battle it alone. Challenge self-defeating thoughts such as “Ï can’t do this” by thinking clearly about what “this” is and by looking for evidence from the past about whether you can do it. 7:50 am. Students might experience debilitating symptoms due to this fear such as the inability to write in school or finish projects owing to the fear of embarrassment. WHO ARE YOU THAT LIVES WITH SUCH ABANDON? And then I died in the dream and floated above myself as an amorphous gas. Many people says you are a highly educated person but why are you not successful? Perhaps after taking those few steps, admitting that I have a fear and that I need a cure for it, I should take the next one. I also know that once I’m done with my paper, I’ll feel really happy and totally at peace and in love with the world and I will no longer want to jump. I know this might seem like excuses to prevent myself from writing academic papers but this is truly how it is for me. I’m scared I annoy people, that I’m not enough the way I am, I’m scared I’m too clingy but somehow too independent at the same time. It’s real. My writing anxieties are beyond paralyzing. It was what I felt instead of anger, instead of love, instead of desire: fear. This fear has kept me from pursuing a higher degree because it involves a lot of writing my personal opinion on the subject matter. My hands started to shake and my writing was not neat. I still submitted something subpar because I broke it into too many little chunks that took me beyond the submission date so i still pulled a 42 hour all nighter to reach the word count by the date. By continuing we’ll assume you’re on board with our cookie policy, Get a custom sample essay written according to your requirements urgent 3h delivery guaranteed. Thirdly write or draw a picture you love more in front of unknown people.. Then slowly write in front of known people. As mentioned, I know I must take the initiative to change my habits to counter the fear. It’s ended in a whimper, a bang, a whimperbang and, once after a little too much reefer, it ended with aliens who look like Bette Midler taking over the planet. I fought the spelling some time, how to spell my name. I’m afraid I’ve wasted too much of my life stressing about things that wouldn’t matter a week later, pining over people who didn’t deserve my romantic longing and getting depressed over someone who probably wasn’t even thinking about me at all. Consequentially, I usually get a good raw grade for content but the late penalty takes it down to a mediocre grade. The latter is an extreme and exceptional case, and a majority of the cases of Scriptophobia usually stem from other causes explained above. It’s weird to share that with everyone on the internet, the proverbial viewers at home, but if I can’t be honest about this, I can’t be honest about anything. Wow, I’m feeling anxious just reading these comments. But for those with these phobias, such matters is a battle between life and death. I will try to give myself things that I am interested in to research and write about. It is really annoying. This is ruining my career. A few years ago another academic and I were walking with a student (“Kiki”) who said that she always handed in essay assignments two weeks after they are due — the last day before she would receive a 0. What are you afraid of? Later you can add the goal of getting a passing grade. But one that made me think a lot today was 25 Things I’m Afraid Of. Just writing this comment makes me anxious. The irony is I teach writing and my students get it and do well but deep down I struggle constantly thinking I’m a fraud.


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