the thin man creepypasta
I kept looking across the room, into the back of my open closet, half expecting someone to be standing there, their shoes covered in black dust. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The damn thing took nearly a year to build, what with the county having to actually build the road to my family’s property at the top of a small mountain. As more stories came forth, however, the use of tentacles and tentacle-like appendages became less common, and the invisibility was limited or eliminated depending on the storyteller. Finally, I found words. Indeed, as I walked around the house, I saw the distinct circle that they formed with me at the center. No scythe comes. stood so tall that it stooped, bending at the ceiling, using its long, spindly arms to brace against the walls. But, if I could get in the car with whoever was coming my way, I might be able to escape before it could stop me. The Slender Man is a widely popular internet urban legend, horror icon, and very commonly the titular main antagonist of many stories involving him. That place be damned. I decided that the moment they stopped the car, I would jump in the passenger’s seat and tell them to get the hell out of here. There were no signs of the heads. I ignored them- “Let Mom clean them up.” I thought to myself. Unknown It wasn’t like they’d believe me, so why say anything? It was composed entirely of something awful and alive which was lashed together in a messy semblance of a human form. I’m trapped here, by the thing that stalks the fields, and it demands nothing except that I never leave. EMH and ML also describe the phenomenon known as "Slender Walking." Tulpa (Possibly) They were approaching something invisible in the fields, and as I looked at them I realized that they seemed to be marking some line. It strained us for a while but eventually I guess they just let it go as Amelia’s vivid imagination. I crept back to the fireplace, Amelia mercifully not fighting my grip. It is rarely seen to actually move and goes from standing still to rapidly teleporting within the blink of an eye. Alive I kept finding myself unable to speak, as if this thing in our fireplace had stolen my vocabulary. Within a few seconds it was there, pouncing on the automobile like a predatory cat. I wonder if this is it. This does not appear in any of the original accounts, but these also mainly make use of photographs and lower-tech video. I am this thing’s captive, and I am not allowed visitors. He now appears to target people who encountered him as children, often stalking them for years. I also knew that Amelia would be awake, desperate not only for her new friend to come out but also for the sound of sleigh bells. The thing (man?) I watched my clock tick for seconds, minutes, hours. Nothing may cross the borders it has set. I took Amelia by the hand and went to the hallway closet for my dad’s Mag-light. “What’s all this for?” I asked, trying to remain calm despite already knowing the answer. But it kept nagging at me- I’d helped Amelia get settled into her room, and I would have noticed them. I leaned forward, my heart racing with excitement; I was going to catch the bastard. I didn’t get the chance. It took me an hour before I had the courage to move at all. It was only when the thing got close enough for me to make out its silhouette in the dark that I was frozen still. I ultimately did go back to clean them up, and carried on. Slender Man has received a live-action film of him that was released on August 10th, 2018. He won’t hurt you! Still, I don’t know if I can handle being that thing’s canary.


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