the description of cookham
There are two direct trains to and from London Paddington during the morning and evening rush hour. The ancient parish of Cookham covered all of Maidenhead north of the London and Bath Road until this was severed in 1894, including the hamlets of Furze Platt and Pinkneys Green. The village is a tourist destination as it is a convenient base for a number of walks along the Thames Path and across National Trust property. With blessed Ioseph you did often feedYour pined brethren, when they stood in need.And that sweet Lady sprung from Cliffords race,Of noble Bedfords blood, faire steame [sic] of Grace;To honourable Dorset now espows'd, H 3In whose faire breast true virtue then was hous'd:Oh what delight did my weake spirits find,In those pure parts of her well framed mind:And yet it grieues me that I cannot beNeere vnto her, whose virtues did agree With those faire ornaments of outward beauty,Which did enforce from all both loue and dutie.Vnconstant Fortune, thou art most too blame,Who casts vs downe into so lowe a frame:Where our great friends wee cannot dayly see, So great a diffrence is there in degree.Many are placed in those Orbes of state,Parters in honour, so ordain'd by Fate;Neerer in show, yet farther off in loue,In which, the lowest alwayes are aboue. The setting of the poem constructs the gender configurations of femininity in many ways. Throughout the poem the poet uses very feminine language to describe Cookham. Cookham village is on the A4094 between Maidenhead and Bourne End. The area has been inhabited for thousands of years. [8] The Maidenhead and Cookham Commons Preservation Committee was formed and raised £2,738 to buy the manorial rights and the commons which were then donated to the National Trust by 1937. The Description of Cooke-ham . Working off-campus? The poet memorializes an environment of sweet companionship that she claims to have shared with the countess of Cumberland and her daughter, Anne Clifford, a companionship reflected by the natural world. The A404 from Maidenhead to High Wycombe is just to the west of Cookham Dean. Enter your email address below and we will send you your username, If the address matches an existing account you will receive an email with instructions to retrieve your username, By continuing to browse this site, you agree to its use of cookies as described in our, I have read and accept the Wiley Online Library Terms and Conditions of Use, It became the centre of a power struggle between Mercia and Wessex. The poet has to say goodbye to Cookham because it will be soon destroyed. The town people have resisted many attempts to enclose parts of the common land, including by the vicar, Rev. [6], Although the earliest stone church building may date from 750, the earliest identifiable part of the current Holy Trinity parish church is the Lady Chapel, which was built in the late 12th century on the site of the cell of a female anchorite who lived next to the church and was paid a halfpenny a day by Henry II.[7]. These included Widbrook, Cockmarsh, Winter Hill, Cookham Dean Commons, Pinkneys Green Common and Maidenhead Thicket.[9]. Farewell (sweet Cooke-ham) where I first obtain'dGrace from that Grace where perfit Grace remain'd;And where the Muses gaue their full consent,I should haue powre the virtuous to content:Where princely Palace will'd me to indite, The sacred Storie of the Soules delight,Farewell (sweet Place) where Virtue then did rest,And all delights did harbour in her breast:Never shall my sad eies againe beholdThose pleasures which my thoughts did then vnfold: Yet you (great Lady) Mistris of that Place,From whose desires did spring this worke of Grace;Vouchsafe to think vpon those pleasures pastAs fleeting worldly Ioyes that could not last:Or, as dimme shadowes of celestiall pleasures, Which are desir'd aboue all earthly treasures.Oh how (me thought) against you thither came,Each part did seeme some new delight to frame!The House receiu'd all ornaments to grace it,And would indure no foulenesse to deface it. In Aemilia Lanyer’s poem, “The Description of Cooke-ham,” Lanyer vividly describes the place which she called home for a while, Cooke-ham. Cookham is a historic village and civil parish on the River Thames in the north-easternmost corner of Berkshire, England. and you may need to create a new Wiley Online Library account. This poem has not been translated into any other language yet. The Description of Cookham is about a country house that is being run by women. [3] There were several manors: Cookham, Lullebrook, Elington, Pinkneys, Great Bradley, Bullocks, White Place and Cannon Court. Learn about our remote access options. Please check your email for instructions on resetting your password. In the poem Lanier pays tribute to her patroness, Margaret Clifford, Countess of Cumberland, through a description of her residence as a paradise for literary women. The Description Of Cooke-Ham poem by Aemilia Lanyer. Several Thames islands belong to Cookham, such as Odney Island, Formosa Island and Sashes Island which separates Cookham Lock from Hedsor Water. The River Thames flows past Cookham on its way between Marlow and Taplow. "The Description of Cooke-ham" is a moving valediction to the pleasures of a noble country estate. The "Tarry Stone" – still to be seen on the boundary wall of the Dower House – marked the extent of their lands. The Lulle Brook and the White Brook are tributaries of the River Thames which flow through the parish. It lies 2.9 miles (5 km) north-north-east of Maidenhead on the county border with Buckinghamshire, opposite the village of Bourne End. The name may be from the Old English cōc + hām, meaning 'cook village', i.e. There is a selection of restaurants and pubs in the High Street. The full text of this article hosted at is unavailable due to technical difficulties. The rest of the trains require a change at Maidenhead. The neighbouring communities are Maidenhead to the south, Bourne End to the north, Marlow and Bisham to the west and Taplow to the east. But Lanyer’s poem has the honour to be the very first country house poem published. By the 8th century there was an Anglo-Saxon abbey in Cookham and one of the later abbesses was Cynethryth, widow of King Offa of Mercia. This beeing vaine, they cast their leaues away,Hoping that pitie would haue made you stay:Their frozen tops, like Ages hoarie haires,Showes their disaster, languishing in feares:A swarthy riueld ryne all ouer spread, Their dying bodies half aliue, halfe dead.But your occasions call'd you so away,That nothing there had power to make you stay:Yet did I see a noble gratefull minde,Requiting each according to their kind, Forgetting not to turne and take your leaueOf these sad creatures, powrelesse to receiueYour fauour, when with griefe you did depart,Placing their former pleasures in your heart;Giuing great charge to noble Memory, There to preserue their loue continually:But specially the loue of that faire tree,That first and last you did vouchsafe to see:In which it pleas'd you oft to take the ayre,With noble Dorset, then a virgin faire: Where many a learned Booke was read and skandTo this faire tree, taking me by the hand,You did repeat the pleasures which had past,[H 4]Seeming to grieue they could no longer last.And with a chaste, yet louing kisse tooke leaue, Of which sweet kisse I did it soone bereaue:Scorning a sencelesse creature should possesseSo rare a fauour, so great happinesse.No other kisse it could receiue from me,For feare to giue backe what it tooke of thee: So I ingratefull Creature did deceiue it,Of that which you vouchsaft in loue to leaue it.And though it oft had giu'n me much content,Yet this great wrong I neuer could repent:But of the happiest made it most forlorne, To shew that nothing's free from Fortunes scorne,While all the rest with this most beauteous tree,Made their sad consort Sorrowes harmony.The Floures that on the banks and walkes did grow,Crept in the ground, the Grasse did weepe for woe.


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