szxc vs wasd
thought-provokingness (okay, maybe less from an FPS). Half-Life 2), which seems to be difficult for most designers who are content with churning out level after level of the same thing. I am left handed so I put the mouse to te left of my keyboard and use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move around with my right hand. The Steam Controller offers dual thumbpads and endless customizability. “But lots of people scoff at my config.”. In fact, I kind of find "immersion" being touted as a major factor in why I should buy a game annoying (hello, Fallout 3). However by stocking up on stun gas grenades I was able to defeat one 'boss' by stunning him (after _many many_ tries). Never played a lot of Descent 2. Not sure where that came from, but at least I got my friend addicted to that. For Doom I pretty much just used the arrow keys with little problem. The other screenshots here were made using an. 1998 came and I ended up trying the demo for Unreal Tournament since it happened to be on a Mac I was using. And WASD provides access to plenty of auxiliary keys while also offering passable movement control. Not having a desk or tray had forced the issue since I balance the keyboard on my knees. Mode-shifting and dual-stage triggers help, but again you need to set that all up. Re:Vision is not the only immersion factor. MMORPG's will allow gamers to say whatever they want to other gamers, but are still bound to the NPC's world. Feel free to comment below, I’d love to hear what solutions you’ve come up with. The problem with FPS games is they tend to get boring unless they regularly switch up the game play (e.g. WERD  Forward / S trafe left / S trafe right / Back  No point in turning, thats what the mouse is for. Worked hard. Even in real life, we tend not to notice, because we quickly mo. This is so me. You don't have to show it all, but make some references to things that 'happened' without going into too much detail. I say it a lot, I played Counter-Strike since beta, and in fact I used TFGH back in 1.5 so that it would be middle of keyboard.....I don't know why. No offense intended to Newell or Casali, but I shudder to think of it. I gained a lot more respect for game programmers that day. It’s free, and lets you rebind keys to actions, other keys, whatever. On wasd, it was a pain in the ass to both have to hold a key to move forward and another to run going back and forth, but then having to hit a seperate key to slide while still holding run, then another to resume running before I could jump. I’m not sure if anyone suggested this yet but how about using a gamepad? My picks for what was important, awesome, or worth talking about in 2012. Aside from that, all the others listed here should be Mac compatible. Finally, don't even think you can pull off any real 3D aiming in the Z axis. Like most long boring stories concerning people of a certain age, this one begins a long time ago…. Murder.) Then your motion sensor goes berzerk, and you start running.. back through that long tunnel. Playing with WASD is a nightmare! Windows itself hardcodes Win+E to open an explorer window. However, the Windows key has saved me hundreds of times when games lock up, and alt+tab and ctrl+alt+delete just get eaten as input. I think that was the first actual game to have mouselook (to be fair, it hardly rotated 40 degrees up or down, skewed the view, could only get it by console magic, and still didn’t make the gun fire where you looked, more of the Doom method where it shoots where it thinks it needs to or else on the horizontal otherwise).


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