surefire m951 vs m961
The build quality is good and the performance is sufficient enough for any Airsoft applications. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Night Evolution M620P with mounted remote switch connector. When comapred to the 12″ PTS Fortis Rail, the M961 looks quite massive. Entweder wird mittels des mitgelieferten Kabelschalters, oder des Druckknopfes das Licht erhellt. To be honest with you, I consider flashlights just as a tacticool accessory for my gun. by BODY ARMOR VENT – Retro Fit Kit | AMNB Spotlight, SureFire Mega Lumens Monday – XC1-B 300 Lumens. New to being a Flashoholic but have always had a taste for the good stuff. You can find out more about the cookies we use and learn how to manage them here. Battery: 2x 123A oder 16430 (2x 123A) Posted: 2/17/2010 5:56:57 AM EST [Last Edit: 2/14/2011 4:24:47 AM EST by TNVC_Clasky] On the heels of our … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The lamp module also features ribs for cooling the LED module. Heut sehen wir uns mal den Element Clone der Surefire M951 etwas genauer an! The lens and the reflector are held in place by a well sized o-ring. Photographer & Editor (Tactical Gear, Airsoft). Wir würden uns freuen, wenn wir Ihr Gear besprechen dürften. Es ist hell, robust und zuverlässig. They all have Surefire's XM07 tail cap which can be used with or without a tape switch. Wie es um die Funktion und die Verarbeitung dieses Nachbaus bestellt ist, lest ihr hier bei SPARTANAT. Technical specs printed onto the packaging. Compared to the M620P, the M961 is bulkier and heavier and has way less Lumens. That is because I play in woodland areas 90% of the time and only when the sun is out. M96 will take any of the D36 nailbender assemblies. The centerpiece features o-rings on both ends. check out the. Is anyone making an LED replacement lamp for the 2 cr123 951 and 3 cell M961 series lights? TNVC_Clasky. bei RSOV für Dollar 42,99 exkl. Das Bild wurde aus 1,5m Entfernung gemacht und der Durchmesser des Zentrums beträgt ~20cm. Quick View Malkoff MD90 Adapter for Surefire MH90 Body to Scout Head. Ein weitererUnterschied zum Original ist, dass die Element-Version mit einer CREE Q2 LED betrieben wird. The M620P features a QD lever rather than thumb screws. Don't want to buy another light but would love just fix it up with new LEDs. Das Surefire M951, der kleinere Bruder des M961, gehört schon zu den klassischen taktischen Waffenlampen. Feel free to check out our policies anytime for more information. As with the M961 there is a slight intolerance and the mount may wobble a bit on your rail interface. Der Druckknopf rastet nach dem Drücken ein, und somit ist das Licht im „Steady On“- Modus. Pro Woche veröffentlichen wir mehrere Ausrüstungsreviews. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Articles Unenlightened Join Date Dec 2009 Posts 2. I was able to put Nailbenders sst-50 in a M900a with 2x123 and an AW cr123 dummy. Der Kabelschalter wird mit der Lampe verschraubt und hält bombemfest. Surefire Lights sind seit jahren bekannt und im Einsatz bei den Amerikanischen Einheiten oft gesehen! If you could/should smash a window with the lamp or press it against any surface to stabilize your weapon? check out the. Every week we bring our readers two to three reviews. SPARTANAT is brought to you by The M961 offers a lower lumen output and a quite tight beam pattern. Surefire M961 and M951 Weaponlights ***ALL SOLD***I have several Surefire M961 and M951 weapon lights for sale. LED: Cree Element eM951 Heute mal was kurzes: Ein Mini-Review, in dem das Original der M951 von Surefire mit dem Nachbau eM951 von Element verglichen wird. Das Logo ist beim Kauf mit einem Edding übermalt, aber für etwas Nitroverdünnung kein Hindernis. Man erkennt schnell, dass das Element M951 sehr gut verarbeitet ist und sogar das Surefire Logo mit kopiert wurde. Switch: Cable switch oder tail-cap switch The plug sits firmly inside the tail cap and also has an o-ring for weather sealing. The M620P consists of a centerpiece, that mounts to the rail adapter, a tail-cap switch or button switch, the lamp head with a simple reflector and the LED unit with the lens cover. The lamp head with its reflector and lens. High Power LED Conversions for Surefire M3, M4, M6, M500, M951, M952, M961, M962, M900, M910 and Millenium Weapon Lights. i tore the factory foam but cut a replacement pieve out of an old mousepad. Ihre E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. (1,5h) At night, you should be using NVGs instead of shooting light rays (with a wavelength greater than 780nm) through the woods like a Jedi. That is because I play in woodland areas 90% of the time and only when the sun is out. Es ist durchaus mit dem M3X zu vergleichen. Disassembling the M961 is fairly easy. The Night Evolution M961 features an on/off button on the end cap as well as a connector for the remote switch. The M620P can be used with an end-cap that has a built in connector jack for the remote switch or a typical on/off button switch. If you are playing at an urban or CQB area, a flashlight can be a valuable tool that gives you tactical advantage. The lamp taken down into its individual parts. Is anyone making an LED replacement lamp for the 2 cr123 951 and 3 cell M961 series lights? He is a photographer by trade working as a producer for a local newspaper. Ändern ). Run Time: 30 Min. When disassembling the M260P for the first time, the o-ring of the lens cover / reflector got squeezed into the thread of the lamp head. Night Evolution actually doesn’t offer another mount for the M961 but you can use mounts from other brands such as Element, Haley Strategic etc. Für den Betrieb werden 2 Stück CR123A Batterien benötigt. The Surefire M961 was a popular weapons light back in the days used by large number of armed forces around the world. Probably not. The o-ring sits firmly and I refused to remove it because I didn’t want to damage it. Diameter of light beam: 1,5m SPARTANAT’s core competence is tactical as well as milspec gear & equipment. Getting the foam back in is the only problem. SureFire M951 vs M952. XM-18 along with Victorinox cybertool 29 and Leatherman crunch. The remote  and tail-cap switch are both part of the product contents. The remote switch connected to the tail cap. Das Logo ist … The packaging of both Night Evolution weapon lights. Surefire M961. Malkoff MD90 Adapter for Surefire MH90 Body to Scout Head . The lamp head also features a ring with metal teeth. ), rail montage included. ( Abmelden /  Ändern ), Du kommentierst mit Deinem Google-Konto. Inserting them by removing the tail cap won’t work as the opening diameter is smaller. You can easily fix this by adding some electrical tape as a spacer. The mount is compatible with all 1913 Picatinny rail panels and can be swapped with other availible mounts if needed. Night Evolution produces detailed, accurate and affordable replicas of the well known Surefire lamps for the ambitious Airsoft player. Don't want to buy another light but would love just fix it up with new LEDs. In the photo above you can see the tail-cap with the button switch mounted. SureFire M951 vs M952. The jack features an o-ring for better weather protection. Buying expensive, ori… Battery: 3x 123A or 16430 (3x 123A) DEVELOPMENT GROUP MEDIA. The lens is made out of plastic and creates a tight beam pattern. The Surefire M952 light with XM07 tailcap and IR filter. [ARCHIVED THREAD] - 600 Lumen LED Replacement head for Surefire M951, M961, M900 AR/ M4 weapon lights from TNVC (Page 1 of 2) ARCHIVED; Previous Page. The tight spot could be too tight in close quarters and I wasn’t able to illuminate a whole body at a distance of roughly 15m. Kurz gesagt: Element hat uns glücklich gemacht. Man erkennt schnell, dass das Element M951 sehr gut verarbeitet ist und sogar das Surefire Logo mit kopiert wurde. Drop-ins/Conversions for Incandescent Flashlights which use the Surefire P60, P61, MN10, MN11, MN20, MN21, MN60, and MN61 bulb/lamp. The M620 can be disassembled the same way as the M961. In this review, we are going to take a closer look at two flashlight models and check, how well they perform and whether or not you should get the real deal. KONTAKT: SPARTANAT would like to welcome you on board and present your products to our readers. Geschrieben von Oso : Surefire M951 vs. Modlite. To be honest with you, I consider flashlights just as a tacticool accessory for my gun. Other: Waterproof(? Tactical Night Vision Company Joined Jun 2005; Posts 8985; EE Offline; USA. The rail mount can be removed by unscrewing two small hex screws. ( Abmelden /  The Light it's already perfectly prefocused, and there is no need to twist the bezel to modify the beam . Range: 200m This results in a quite large end cap, although you don’t have to swap the whole end cap if when you want to use one of the two switches. Auch hier hat (NEW) Element eine Kopie davon gemacht. They all work fine and will come with a set of brand new batteries. The main reason for buying the M961 might be it’s appearance or the fact that you don’t need a high lumen output.


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