song lyrics does your mama chew tobacco
If I were re-writing the first sentence to this post, I would change that sentence to read that those two vocalists currently appear to be most often associated with the song "Hooka Tooka". Chubby Checker Lyrics A dollar is a dollar and a dime is a dime, [Lonnie:] Might post a link later. Thanks for the correct link. Clap pat, clap your hand I agree with you that the "sex worker" connection is an urban myth.I'm familiar with Roger Abrahams "Dictionary of Jump Rope Rhymes" and strongly recommend it. PLEASE! You know I love my mother-in-law The goose drank wine That she would treat me And it's such a pretty thing I even think Judy Henske made it up to spice up the story.The words Judy Henske sings were sung before in a version by Ingman and Ira. For example "Limbo Rock" was backed with "Popeye" and they got to #2 and #10, respectively. When someone attributes a song as "traditional", that means they picked it up some where, learned it, it was passed down. Hooka Tooka my soda cracker Do you swallow it in spite The line broke, the monkey got choked (Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, slap, if I was good) You never even listened to the song did you? Clap pat, clap your hand Okay, so you have zero experience with folk music, anything that has been passed down as folk music, things people list as "traditional" (that's a big one) or basically anything about the whole genre? Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: Hooka Tooka my soda cracker That's what she told her Slap, take the pats of your palms and slap your thighs Cross your right arm with your left arm Judy HenskeP.O. Three-six-nine the goose drank wine Azizi,Thanks for your reply. Slap, take the pats of your palms and slap your thighs And watch the fun materialize as you sing this little song My mama told me if I was goody That she would buy me a rubber dolly My aunty told her I kissed a soldier Now she won't buy me a rubber dolly Three-six-nine the goose drank wine The monkey chewed tobacco on the street car line In this post I express my doubt that this story is true or if it was true for a particular group of children in Chicago or elsewhere, that was likely an isolated incident, and not the real purpose of the song.With regard to the race of the children who Henske referred to, please read my April 8, 2014 comment and my note referring to that comment that I added to this post. Green green, rocky road Promenade and green, Tell me who you love, Tell me who you love.When you see me coming fast, sweep the floor and mow the grass.Sweep the floor and mow the grass, when you see me coming me who you love, tell me who you love, won't you tell me who you love.Hooka Duka soda cracker, does you mother chew tobacca.Does your mother chew tobacco, hooka duka soda that crow up in the sky, he can't walk but he can fly.He can't walk but he can fly, can't be free like you and [continuation]J.C. Kelly,I appreciate your comments because it has motivated me to return to this post and add to it these words:"In response to a comment that is added to this post, I admit that I haven't read that Judy Henske attributed this song to Black children singing this song in front of Chicago whorehouses to warn their prostitute mothers that the police were coming, but just to children singing this song in front of a Chicago whorehouse.


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