shaw equipment return
Select Exception and Delivery email notifications to be notified of any unforeseen delivery interruptions. It depends. > I am not comfortable sending the equipment via mail. As we slowly reopen select retail locations, we ask that you do not attempt to return equipment to any Shaw office or building in person and follow these simple guidelines below. Shaw Moisture Meters (UK) Ltd. Len Shaw Building Bolton Lane Bradford BD2 IAF England t. +44 (0)1274 733582 f. +44 (0)1274 370151 e. SHAW . Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Self Connect is available with all Shaw services and current equipment, for new and existing customers. I fully expect that I will have to return it to Shaw, should I switch to a different Internet Service Provider, or pay to purchase it, if I wanted to keep it. All rights reserved. All the info you need about moving with Shaw can be found here. If you’re hiring new people, assigning new tasks, or adapting workflows to meet the changing needs of customers, we can help get your people up to speed as quickly as possible with an array of tailored training solutions including e-learning and virtual reality operator instruction. OP if the account holder has already disconnected the account with retention, it doesn't matter who brings in the equipment. When I went to return my shaw cable modem at the Shaw service counter, the clerk said something odd, 'oh, the equipment's not even listed on here', which made sense cause I started with the Shaw $99 modem/start package a long time ago meaning I decided to own the equipment outright instead of paying rental for it. If by mail only then they should arrange for a courier to pick up the equipment at the customer’s residence. Would the Shaw store only ask for Acct. We identify hidden costs, deliver more efficient overall material movement, reduce downtime and best of all, increase your return on investment. For example, in one instance Shaw apparently claimed they did not receive a person's equipment return (even though the person said they returned it via store AND received a return receipt), resulting in them being notified of a massive bill via mail for missing/ un-returned equipment. > Past due means Shaw is going to put customer accounts into collections ... Really? With Shaw Direct's HD satellite dish receivers and other equipment options, you'll experience TV in a brand new way. With outstanding rental equipment, your account would be charged for the cost of the equipment, and once the equipment is returned those charges are reversed so there isn't necessarily a deadline for returns, however if you allow those charges to remain on your account it can cause your account to become past due. Are you authorized to speak about Shaw's policies? First, it could get lost in the mail which means I am still on the hook over $600 for the equipment which is probably worth less than $200. If you need to return a Shaw Direct equipment, you can do it via Canada Post or Purolator. ©2020 Shaw Communications. @question At this time, the available return option would be via Canada Post, get in touch with us here to arrange a return by mail. Are you authorized to speak about Shaw's policies? A quick search on Reddit has shown some horror stories with Shaw equipment returns. They have no concern for the customers health or wellness, only that of their staff. At no point did Shaw send her account to a collection agency. Big headache and waste of time when issues arise. It's an easy process, we updated to BlueCurve, they sent the equipment and return labels for our old equipment, We packaged up our old equipment and put a label on it and shipped it off.. All done,, P.S. I received a notice saying I have 14 days to return the equipment. Forcing customers to return within the 14 day timeframe and return by mail only while Shaw retail locations are closed is how a company should treat it’s customers. Some exceptions exist based on your home address, but this is fairly uncommon. So, it soon will be going to an end-of-life recycling station. My account was already being closed, as I was not able to make my payments. View all articles. Find local e-cycling locations near you to recycle your old Shaw equipment. All the info you need about moving with Shaw can be found, How To: Suspend your Shaw services temporarily, How To: Move your Shaw services to a new address, We need to authorize any equipment returns so make sure you. Not what you're looking for? @Kerrie -- I was also told that the old equipment would be of no use to me so I was to take it to recycling after the new equipment was installed which I did.. I don't own a phone of any kind, and when I contacted Shaw, they said to drop it off at a retail location. ©2020 Shaw Communications. To find out if your address is eligible, we can help. To contact us, select the blue chat bubble on this page, visit or chat with us via the My Shaw app. Click the link in the email to print the shipping label, tape it to the front of the package, and drop it at any Canada Post outlet or mailbox. We need to authorize any equipment returns or swaps, so make sure to contact us if you haven't already. Choose the system best for you today. Click your location from the above region list. I paid over $700 to Shaw, to purchase their first-generation PVR, a long time ago. When the pandemic struck, I was stuck with the equipment. How to adjust or cancel your Seasonal Break, Troubleshooting tips for intermittent signal, Troubleshooting guide to missing channels, How to install your dish video tutorial and manual. Hang on to the tracking number until your return shipment has been delivered to Shaw, by Canada Post. # + name of account owner... or does the actual account owner have to be present when returning their equipment in a Shaw store? If you don't have a printer, show the QR code at any Canada Post outlet and give them the package to return. Equipment return troubles My gf returned the box for home phone while at the same time picking up a Technicolor xb6 for 600mbit line, this was end of november. I paid over $700 to Shaw, to purchase their first-generation PVR, a long time ago. I was also told that the old equipment would be of no use to me so I was to take it to recycling after the new equipment was installed which I did. You have a few options for handing off your return to Canada Post. Fill in your information including your Shaw Account number. How to: Return Shaw Direct Equipment. It was partially your fault, for not noticing the monthly rental that was itemized on your Shaw Bill. Is Shaw extending equipment return deadline until retail locations are open again? How will Shaw address these concerns? Title: Equipment Return Form Author: Anita Kapil Subject: Equipment Returns Information Created Date: just return the equipment to any shaw retail location, ask for a receipt and proof that the unreturned equipment charges were taken off the account. Uncertain times mean unpredictable demands on your business. ©2020 Shaw Communications. Luckily they kept their receipt and was able to prove to Shaw they did in fact return their equipment, and was off the hook. I do not want to send back via mail and now they say account will go into past due and to collections even if they don't re-open before then. Really? as long as the account is actually closed should be no problem returning the equipment. So, it soon will be going to an end-of-life recycling station. Putting customer accounts into past due and to collections while not providing an in person return option is a very heavy handed move in these current conditions. As we continue to navigate the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we've had to make some adjustments to the way we run our business to prioritize the health and safety of our employees and customers. It is mine, but it is dying. 5. She was in the habit of paying her Shaw bill on the 1st, at her bank, when she knew that she had money in her account. I am not comfortable sending the equipment via mail. They see alot of people doing that for family or friends, because I think they know that people have lives and need to go to work, etc.


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