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Sydney was then written out of the series to move to Tel Aviv with her new unnamed girlfriend, but before she left, she and Maggie shared a goodbye kiss. They get to go through all the trauma of being pregnant for a little while. She later got pregnant for real and had twins. doesn't have to raise a baby alone and also doesn't have to raise a baby who will remind her of her husband's crimes and betrayal, in a bittersweet way. More severe critics cite the trope as a cheap source of drama for female characters, whose most important dilemmas always end up as highlighting their femininity. Apparently, Cylons need love to breed). When Sydney was watching Maggie, who had collapsed earlier, from the window, another doctor came up to her and said “You really love her, don’t you?”. But, before she can go through with it, it's revealed that Buffy had her mind transplanted into a robot's body, and she was never actually pregnant in the first place. Later Sydney and Maggie were joking and enjoying each other’s company. This trope is limited to serial works, where reverting to a status quo is more important than advancing a plot. At the start of the series, she dated a man named Joel for some time, before she stared dating a man named Gavin. HE DOESN'T WANT HER TO GIVE UP ON HIM, SAVING HOPE ALEX AND JOEL TALK ABOUT CHARLIE'S CHANCE OF SURVIVAL, SAVING HOPE DR. GORAN ARRIVES WITH HIS HAND IN SOMEONE'S CHEST, SAVING HOPE EVERYONE PREPARING FOR SURGERY BEFORE THE ACCIDENT, Some studies, which use the most sophisticated and sensitive tests for pregnancy to detect it almost immediately, long before most commercial tests or the woman is likely to realize she's pregnant, indicate that 70 to 80% of successful fertilized eggs will miscarry or fail to implant on the uterine wall in the first place. [1] A relationship story arc is defined as explicit, developed on screen, and lasting more than 3 episodes. Used in Saving Hope. And it seemed like the most dramatic way to tell that story was for that woman to die. With the revelation that Asumu isn't Battler's biological mother, fans have theorized that her son might be closer than she thinks, and EP 8 of the games confirms this. And while we were debating we kept reading all of the incredible, detailed coverage in the press about the issue. We went back and forth a lot and had many days of spirited debate. This is because she was. In the world Cerebus takes place in, abortion is very, very illegal, and while Jaka's husband did want to have a child, her main motivation for lying to him was to protect him from criminal liability if she was found out, every morning her body is reset to one day of her mortal life, so she has had the same miscarriage every day for four thousand years, on having an abortion. Therefore, miscarriages are less common in non-serial works, and even when they do happen it's not a Reset Button. In an interview with The TV Junkies co-executive producer Noelle Carbone explained that the pledge was their way, as industry insiders, to say “We hear you. The man commits suicide, and it turns out the wife was lying the whole time just so she could drive the man out of the apartment building. However, some argue that her "confession" is a lie meant to hurt Michael. Molly Murphy, in the turn of the century detective series by Rhys Bowen, discovers she's pregnant in one book and plans to get an abortion. the fetus - often referred to as the Child - survived the miscarriage and continued to be a presence in the story. This leads to the end of her marriage, and to her eventually getting back together with Cerebus. She may have been faking it, though, unless she admits to doing so, this can lead to her faking a miscarriage to cover up for the fact that no baby is forthcoming. Is it playing into the Bury Your Gays trope if you kill a lesbian character who was already quite ill when she first showed up? In Canadian medical drama Saving Hope, Dr. Maggie Lin is an OB/GYN attending at Hope Zion Hospital. A common variation is for a character (usually a main character's girlfriend) to say that they've miscarried, only for The Reveal to come later that the baby was born, perfectly fine. So the writers employ the Reset Button by having her miscarry, often by falling down a flight of stairs. Sometimes the woman also wanted an abortion — but in most cases, the woman didn't even know she was pregnant; the fertilized egg simply fails to implant (or disintegrates upon implantation) and she either has a perfectly normal period or one that is slightly late and slightly heavier than normal. Maggie gets pregnant by Gavin, the two of them fight a lot and don't seem particularly well suited to having a baby. She dated Joel for some time then stared dating Gavin and they were going to have a baby but she had a miscarriage towards the end of Season 2, and she and Gavin broke up because she claimed she did not love him anymore.


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