santiago peak drive
Orange County just cannot compare. Considering it's less than 20 miles in a straight line… Many Orange County riders seem to be unaware that one of the best dual sport rides in southern California is right in our own backyard. Santiago Peak is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 1.734m (5,689ft) above the sea level, located in Orange County, California. Most SUVs or trucks could drive the trail with no problem. Great weather for 4th of July! 2wd tip: Unless you have good luggy tires I wouldn’t recommend going all the way to the peak cause it’s super rocky and lost of pot holes where you need traction to climb back up. Very easy trail with 2x2 with street tires, Sweet trail! Almost any vehicle can make it, just not enjoyably. Silverado, CA 92676. very rocky Rockier than I expected. Santiago Peak is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 1.734m (5,689ft) above the sea level, located in Orange County, California. There are a few different routes up to Santiago Peak including Main Divide Road from Ortega Highway or Skyline Road from Corona but this guide will be focusing on Maple Springs Road to Main Divide Road from Silverado Canyon as it is the most preferred route. Close to LA One of the many differences between the two is how easily accessible outstanding hiking is in the Bay Area. The Holy Jim Fire has closed this hike for the near future. Lots of traffic with hikers, dirt bikes, mountain bikes and anything truck/suv like having more than minimal clearance. Good. Trail is decent, just filled with small rocks so sit down. Having done less than 10 trails so far, I found this one both fun and satisfying. For this extremely scenic drive, you will need a high clearance vehicle with 4x4 suggested. The drive up off-road in my Forrester in the dark was quite a nailbiter I don’t think I would do it again but I enjoyed the hike other than it was super buggy and of course with the fires not a lot of view from the top but still people were cool on the trail and it was a good day. A lot of dirt when no rain. Took my Jeep out for our first off roading experience! Stand on top of Santiago (Old Saddleback) Peak and visit Beek Place ruins.Pic: Joel Sartain. Highly traveled Enough room for a smaller vehicle like a Tacoma or 4runner to get passed but not full size. Share YOUR roads!We've more than 13.000 roads but we want more! The road over the pass is called Main Divide Truck Trail. I’m running 33’s and had no problem just aired down a bit for a softer ride and took my time. I’ll for sure be back, light traffic on a Tuesday afternoon. No spotting needed I have also gone up to Santiago Peak … Santiago Peak via Maple Springs is a 15.3 kilometer lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Silverado, California that features a great forest setting and is rated as moderate. Once here, you will need to make a right onto Main Divide Road which will take you right to Santiago Peak and you will also pass by Modjeska Peak which makes up to Saddleback formation between the two peaks. Santiago Peak is named after Santiago Creek, which starts on the upper slopes of the mountains and then flows into the Santa Ana River, eventually joining the ocean at Huntingdon Beach. Trail was good 2wd capable. I made it up to the peak in a 2wd Silverado. hot weather and no shade and a lot of dirt in yo face, Good trail for dual sport riding. Well maintained FS road that has been recently graded. The trail is primarily used for hiking and ohv/off road driving. There are “BUGS EVERYWHERE”, wear some repellent. Best time getting to the rigs at the top! When you reach Santiago Peak, the incline reduces and the trail normalizes as this route is used to access the radio towers located to the north. Don’t forget your camera! 16 reviews of Santiago Peak "I wanna free fall out into nothin' Gonna leave this world for awhile And I'm free, I'm free fallin' -- Tom Petty, "Free Falling" I live in two worlds right now, Silicon Valley and Orange County. All you need for the trail is some clearance because some parts are super rocky! I'll be back when the views aren't hampered by smoke. Santiago Peak is the highest peak on the road. Honda XR650L up to Santiago Peak 6-4-2011 Part 1 of 7 HQ - YouTube XR650L up to Santiago Peak June 4th 2011 Part 2 of 7 - YouTube Yep, I've seen those but it isn't clear if …


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