russian bees for sale 2020
You must keep in mind that we are dealing with nature, so if weather permits we intend to have the nucs and queens ready by mid to late May. Our out-apiaries are located across the region, spanning from West Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia. Russian Queen Bee These Queen bees are a open mated pure Russian queen from a Intsrumentally Inseminated Russian Breeder Queen.They open mate with the drones of all of the ytpes of bees I raise here in my apiary. The nuc will be sealed up for transportation to your apiary but has a ventilation hole to prevent the bees from overheating. We sell full hives. Many of the key benefits people buy, Russians for are lost when they are bred with another line of bees. The wooden transport box works great as a swarm trap, but can also be used for splits or queen raising within your own. The nuc will be sealed up for transportation to your apiary but has a ventilation hole to prevent the bees from overheating. Learn More The pickup location is: 1753 Ebenezer Rd Smyrna, SC 29743   (We do not ship, pick up only). The nuc transport box can later be used to do a split or even put up in a tree as a swarm trap. We will try our best to keep the dates below, but please know it is all weather dependent. Check out our pinterest page !!! Proper management, including placement, feeding, forage, and bee care can improve your colony success. We strive to only treat on those rare, occasions where enough enviormental factors have added up to there being a risk with mite counts. This is the best item to buy at best price. It has been a while since I’ve formally reached out to you with a communication regarding the 2017 nucs. In any case, you will be notified of any changes to your date. Walter's Wholesome Goods apiaries are comprised of 100% Russian honey bees released by the USDA Bee Lab in Baton Rouge, LA. For singles. We sell single 10 frames, single 8 frames, doubles 10's, and doubles 8's. We specialize in Russian mated queens and Russian nucleus hives. Please call us for price breakdowns and orders over 10 nucs. All Rights Reserved. Not showing up on the day you order will forfeit your order. Pick-up date is subject to weather conditions. Call us for orders over 10 for more information. Walter’s Wholesome Goods Honey is harvested from our Apiaries throughout Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. Do you have a story to share? HoneyStrong Nucs are $190 for an earlier date and drop down to $175 after the first couple weeks of April. essentially means that the stock is now watered-down. The bulk prices are not listed here as we have huge price breaks when it comes to bulk orders 10+.


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