rogue bwl parse
Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This gives you a bunch of free extra DPS during the fight. The Razorgore fight in Blackwing Lair (BWL) is an odd fight for parsing because getting a good parse on the fight is as much about your guild’s strategy as it is about your own performance. Overall thumbs up! Just missing out on 3 to 5 seconds of dps uptime in a Razorgore fight can easily turn what would have been a good 99% parse into a 90% parse. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Sorry if I offended you by missing a couple specifics. This changes highly depending on your kill time and there are a few ways you can cheese Razorgore rotations a bit, but let’s cover standard rotation first. It’s very important that you get every dps cooldown in for Razorgore, as the fight is so short that any missing damage drops your average DPS down by a large amount. Notice in the photo above how my guild is all starting dps right as soon as phase 2 starts? Fire vuln on chromagg is a luck thing and not possible on every pull. Firemaws are very, very rarely going over 2min for a double bladeflurry. You can make a macro to do this easier. When I’m doing log reviews, uptime here is often the difference maker between good and bad Razorgore parses. Did you know AP juju and firewater don't stack? ), I don’t know anything about rogues cuz I’m a healer, but one of our rogues is always top DPS so one time I was like “I’m gonna check out his log and see what he’s doing so well”. If your fight is below 30 secs, you can just pre-pop free action potion before the fight begins (since it will outlast the fight anyway). So if your guild isn’t already doing this, you should convince them to start doing it. The onyxia pet book counts as a weapon and can be swapped in/out manually. Cookies help us deliver our Services. There’s no aggro worries because Razorgore threat will be focused on the MT who broke the final egg. You still need to be ready, standing behind Razorgore for P2 before it begins (do not miss out on uptime on Razorgore p2 just to try cheese the SnD start). A community for World of Warcraft: Classic fans. Your OT has the most important job because he NEEDS to be pooling rage to be a threat god and to make sure aggro swaps to him after the MT gets hit by the conflagration. Head over to and hit that sub button to support the free content I create. You can even tank the adds yourself by going to where they spawn and popping evasion while you build up combo points. Press J to jump to the feed. If your guild is a super top tier guild killing Razorgore in that sub 15 second mark, you can consider swapping out FAP for Living action potions. Some guilds split into 2 groups, some 4 groups and some just have the entire raid roaming around killing adds. 1 – Pre-pop ‘free action potion’ if fight length is below 30 secs. Obviously there’s always going to be variations in strategy from guild to guild, but most guilds that parse well on Razorgore will do something along these lines (and your guild should too): This phase does not count towards your Razorgore parse and as long as your guild is keeping up with killing all the adds it doesn’t matter what strategy you’re using here. Step 1) Get all of your casters in raid to flask. Razorgore will always have massive threat on the person who broke that final egg. Anything is fine as long as you’re killing all the adds relatively quickly and keeping up with spawns. 5 – Use ‘living action potion’ instead of ‘free action potion’ (only works for super top tier guilds with insanely fast kill times). Phase 2 starts when the final egg is broken. Instead of popping your FAP potion pre-fight, you’d reactively use living action potion only if/when Razorgore gets his stun off. End of phase 1 – big pumper parse prep time. Lots of confusion about buffs like these, because often applying them in one order will give an error, but a different order will allow both to show up. Both these dps buffs lasts 15 seconds, and it will have wasted uptime during the fight if your fight length is that quick, so you must as well start pre-popping them. OP clearly knows what he’s doing and has consistent 99% parses, and is willing to help others try to reach the same. A community for World of Warcraft: Classic fans. Want to support Classic Roguecraft? "Top parser" but has no FR gear for Firemaw, overlaps LIP with evasion on nef, keeps AI/Spirit while world buffed, doesn't use FR jujus, and doesn't mention oil of immolation or sappers for fire vuln on chromagg. Your OT for the fight should be building up a full rage bar before you start phase 2. Chromagg usually does though and Nef can as well. Your job as a rogue here is just do dps and kill adds quickly so they don’t disrupt the egg destroying team. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The typical strategy of backstab > 1 pt snd for dagger rogues or 2 ss > 2 pt snd for sword rogues is fine. His entire job is to be the threat god who will be spamming high threat rotations on Razorgore as soon as P2 starts. I recommend if you try this you aim to get it by using SS to build up quick combo points (even as a dagger rogue) on the large wyrmkin adds right before P2 starts. You press a second time (after 30 seconds due to pet book CD), and it will use the pet book and swap back in your weapon.


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