remote office olympics
Ready for the ultimate virtual office happy hour? 1.5 hours 2 - 300+ people ℹ️More Info, ❤️ loved by elves, Festivus fans, and anyone with a little holiday spirit. Who doesn't love roasting marshmallows and telling stories?!). If you have managers and leaders that are new to team building online, managing remote teams that work from home and similar, then we can help. Having the flexibility to choose the length of the program and the frequency of events being released was fantastic, especially with all the challenges that come from working from home and about half the team being part-time workers or casual. During your event, attendees can choose to actively participate or listen while quietly snacking, which makes it a good choice for remote teams with a range of personalities. You provide the booze and bubbles, and we’ll provide everything else you need for the best virtual happy hour you’ve ever experienced! The team enjoyed being able to connect and have fun whilst all working remotely. Our host will take your team through a wild explanation of aquatic ecosystems, beer making, shark facts and the tenuous links between them. Virtual Team Trivia is perfect as a stand-alone event, as well as for virtual happy hours and conference entertainment. Join a research lab to solve puzzles and earn clues to solve the murder. 1. ❤️ loved by cutthroats, detectives, puzzle solvers, collaborators. I was skeptical at first but the hosts Kris and Jim really set the mood and everyone got into the mood for solving our little murder mystery. So much fun and positive vibes! The game is all the fun of a slightly chaotic pub-trivia night, without the sticky tables, loud music and overpriced beer. Thank you for a fantastic and memorable team building experience! | Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy. 60-90 minutes each. A great team building exercise for competitive co-workers, such as myself, is virtual office Olympics. Our Office Olympics was a great program! It was a great chance to connect virtually and get to know each other in a way that just hasn’t been possible during the pandemic. The team loved it and I have received some great feedback. It’s our version of a decathlon but with a difference. commentating the weightlifting, but most events were completed by my team members in the spirit of the competition. We have had Alex twice now and he is our absolute favorite, my cheeks hurt after our events from laughing so much. Our Online Office Olympics is our most popular virtual activity. At the end, we tally the points and celebrate the winners, and the non-winners too because everyone on your team is awesome. Our Online Office Olympics is our most popular virtual activity. The whole thing was expertly coordinated! Fully facilitated. We will share techniques, tips and ideas for running successful virtual meetings, powerful ways to engage remote workers and ensure productivity, methods to promote virtual team bonding, and how to trouble-shoot the most common pitfalls. This event is BYOB. Very nice virtual team event! One thing is for sure, Office Olympics will challenge your team to connect in a different way like never before. This event is 90 minutes with additional time and games/activities optional. ❤️ loved by remote workers, beginner and advanced storytellers, skill builders. Cheers to the holiday season! Thank You For A Fantastic & Memorable Team Building Experience! The peculiar beasts may include the Loch Ness Monster, Bunyip, Chupacabra and Ebu Gogo. I'd definitely do this again. It was a combination of pictionary, trivia, price is right, and a scavenger hunt. Cap off your game night with a Virtual Red Carpet Award Show, and see which team takes home the bragging rights. Adrian and Kelly were animated and fun, and I could not recommend this team building experience more! Warm up with sudden death challenges that test your teams ability to think on your feet! Virtual Team Trivia is a 60 minute, fully facilitated activity that we can conduct over Zoom, Webex and other platforms. Activities include options like Halloween trivia, Scary Story Bingo, and an epic costume contest scavenger hunt. Most virtual events are 60 to 90 minute video calls on a secure Zoom line that we provide. Your coworkers become the wizards' minions: gathering sparkles, casting spells and competing to be the first and most successful team to bring the war to a peaceful resolution. Just like a decathlon, teams will score points for every task and challenge they complete. We will provide an expert host to teach your staff. 2. Fun online team building that maximizes participation. Ghosts and ghouls come to life at our Virtual Halloween Party. We had soooo much fun, Miguel and Soup were perfect facilitators and I really appreciated the atmosphere and energy they created and maintained throughout the session! We'll celebrate the holiday season with games, stories about winter monsters, and real hot cocoa. Our team had a great time at our virtual tiny campfire event!


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