pso2 shifta bouncer
Increases your critical hit chance on breakable parts while under the effects of Break Stance. Strike Gust > Weapon Action > Charged Tech is the best way to build gear and change element as it reapplies Shifta. Can be used in any direction. Charges by striking enemies. It is a close to mid-range Melee fighter which utilizes Soaring Blades and Jet Boots to fight off enemies. Active Skill. Direction can be changed with the directional keys/analog stick. Gran Wave: Boost towards a target and assault it with a flurry of kicks. When an element is saved by gear, using a Shift action will cause it to burst, dealing damage and inflicting status to surrounding enemies. Does not include special abilities, potentials or set effects. It gives you +60 across all offensive stats: S-ATK, R-ATK, and T-ATK as well as 80 Dexterity and 25 PP. Their primary weapons are the Jet Boots and the Soaring Blades. Jet Boots are a melee weapon that utilizes T-ATK as the primary stat. Step Advance: Increase the invulnerability period of Mirage Step. Increases damage according to the gear level. Main Class only. Main Class Only. Photon Blades embedded in enemies increases PP recovery when struck by normal attacks. This includes HP recovered via Techniques, Potentials and Items. The properties of this attack vary depending on the base move; some Photon Arts are capable of casting Support Techniques when their Branched Action is used. Break Stance Up 1: Gain a damage boost when striking a breakable part. Rapid Boost: Active Skill. This cast also carries any customization Shifta may have, making Multi Shifta very attractive, as the extra PP cost is irrelevant. The only downside is how expensive it gets to fully affix a Saiki unit, and the low HP/PP of each base item (at least for a Tier 11 gear). The shift action makes you do a series of backflips with invincibility frames while casting Deband. Hold the PA button to sustain the attack. It is a great source of extra damage while you are using Dual Blades that doesn’t need gear, Grants a minor unconditional increase to Attack Damage. Only affects the HP you recover. Attacking the enemy and charging technics will fill the gear gauge. If any player then strikes a target that has been impaled with Photon Blades, they will gain increased PP recovery on hit. Branched Action: Convert your stored power into an almighty kick that inflicts massive damage. Requires Elemental Stance Lv. Field Remain: Players who leave your Field keep the Field's buff for 10 seconds. Note: The neutral Weapon Action will discard the elemental change. 3. Dash forward and then unleash a flurry of kicks at the closest enemy. Generate a field that grants additional PP recovery per attack when striking an enemy's elemental weakness. Allows you to attack immediately after Mirage Step. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Switch Strike: Active Skill. Break Stance Critical: Raise Critical Hit Rate when striking a breakable part. Bouncer is a playable class introduced in Episode 3 of Phantasy Star Online 2 for Japan. During Shifta's effect, add a damage bonus to aerial attacks. Dual Blades can be powered up with the Skill Dual Blades Gear, which allows them to expend Gear built up by attacking to use their Weapon Action. Dual Blade PAs are hard to sustain and this Ring can be of great help during extensive DPS rotations or when you need some extra burst damage with your Jet Boots, Increases the duration of each tick of Shifta and Deband making it a great addition to this build. While lacking in technical aptitude, they can support themselves with Techniques. Pressing in a direction will cause you to glide in that direction. The number of Photon Blades fired depends on the Gear Gauge level. Further increases the effectiveness of Break Stance. While active, increases the attack speed of Jet Boots normal attacks and Jet Boots PA's and reduces the charge time of Jet Boots PA's and Techniques. Requires Striking Up 1 Lv. Has a very long invulnerability period. 3. Requires Class Level 85. Photon Blade Escape: Grant invulnerability frames when firing Photon Blades. Registration on Odealo is free and takes only about 30 seconds. You can also check other PSO2 Builds created by our team right here: Best PSO2 Builds. Grants technical aptitude alongside fast and furious Photon Arts. Due to this, while this skill is active, provided all attacks hit their mark, it is possible to continuously use Photon Blades at maximum power. A percentage of your Mag's DEX is applied to your S-ATK and T-ATK. Limited range, but certain Photon Arts can strike from midrange or even afar. As with its predecessor, the Braver class, the Bouncer class is a hybrid class, specializing in a S-ATK/T-ATK split. Other players and Pets will not benefit from this skill. In general, Hunter is the most popular sub-class for most of the builds so it's no surprise we recommend picking it up for this beginner/starter build. Striking Up 2: Raise S-ATK. Photon Blade Fever Up 1: Raise the damage of Photon Blades when affected by Photon Blade Fever. At Gear 2, Jet Boots double jump will cause a mini tech explosion based on the current element of the Jet Boots. By pressing the Weapon Action Button, the player will swing their right blade, or fly in a given direction if one is held, while firing a salvo of miniature Photon Blades at targets. The Bouncer (バウンサー, "Bo") is a melee-type Class that is known for its prowess in aerial combat and its capability to weave Techniques into its fighting style. Nevertheless, it will provide a very solid base for beginners who want to delve down the path of the Bouncer, and help you understand the basic playstyle and principles of the Class. They are a hybrid class of S-ATK and T-ATK, and they are able to utilize the Jet Boots, Soaring Blades, and Gunblades. Charges upon striking an enemy or charging a Technic. Starting skill. Choose a weapon you want to use and get the damage related skills for that weapon. Allows players who leave your strengthening fields to maintain their effects for a few seconds. Increases the invincibility time on Mirage Step. Phantasy Star Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. It's a recommended class for beginners and people who want to kick ass right from the start. Shift Action: Elemental Release: If Jet Boots Gear is learned, press the Action button when not performing a Photon Art to reset your Element. Normal/Step Attacking targets with Photon Blades stuck on them will gain more PP per attack. MAIN CLASS ONLY The only downside to Hunter is that it doesn't provide bonuses to Techniques' damage. If you're looking for Can be charged one stage. A melee weapon where the player dual-wields medium-length swords. For a limited time, double the number of fired Photon Blades. Resets the Gear Gauge. Even if they are, they shouldn’t be hurting for PP. By pressing the Weapon Action Button during Photon Arts, the player will execute an alternate second attack. Requires Photon Blade Fever Lv. Only applies if Jet Boots Gear is learned. Press the Dodge key to do a fast step that has invincibility. Shift Action: Photon Blades: Empty the Gear Gauge and fire a flurry of Photon Blades at a target. Critical Field: Active Skill. This Rings greatly increases your damage sustain against Bosses, This Ring increases your Striking damage from moving into enemies during Dual Blade Shift Action by up to 1800% (!!). Photon Blade Fever: Active Skill. Increases the power of Just Attacks while Rapid Boost is active. A percentage of your Mag's DEX is applied to your S-ATK and T-ATK. Their primary weapons are the Jet Boots and the Soaring Blades. Performing this attack while grounded will instead perfom a rising slash, followed by a falling slash. During Deband's effect, increase PP recovery of normal attacks. Heavenly Kite: Use Photon Blades to slash into the air, taking the enemy with you while gaining altitude. Can be used in any direction. Striking Photon Blades embedded in an enemy increases the PP recovered per attack. You also need to alter between Stances, whereas Elemental Stance is your primary damage multiplier, but can also switch to Break Stance against some Bosses with breakable parts (or when you need to break something to expose your target's Elemental Weakness). As with its predecessor, the Braver class, the Bouncer class is a hybrid class, specializing in a S-ATK/T-ATK split. Greetings! This speeds up your Jet Boots rotations considerably. Dispersion Shrike: Glide around while miniature Photon Blades slash all around you. Immortal Dove: Summon a column of Photon Blades, then fall towards the ground. Shifta Air Attack Boost: When under the effects of Shifta, raise damage. Do note that as a Bouncer, you will be attacking a lot while mid-air so this is just natural that you want these bonuses to benefit your character. Requires Rapid Boost Lv. MAIN CLASS ONLY When equipped with Jet Boots and under the effects of Shifta or Deband, attacking will accumulate gear quicker. During Photon Blade Fever, increase Photon Blade power. Dual Blades' Weapon Action is Photon Blades. Moment Gale: Slide left to right repeatedly, dealing damage in a wide area in front of you. Bouncer has so much freedom in skill distribution. This flip can be chained up to three times.


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