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Known for his jokes, Flanagan, “could walk into a room and say two or three quips and everybody is beaming,” said Landon. He’s been interviewed by Dr. Mercola, Gabriel Cousins, Deepak Chopra, David Wolfe, Regina Meredith, and many others for being a true pioneer in the fields of Electricity, Magnetism, Biochemistry, Health, and Longevity. his contributions to health and well being live on as well. Dec 18, 2019. More Powerful Health Support Than Vitamin C. Perhaps what Patrick is most famous for is his creation of a stable form of negative ionized hydrogen. Lieberman said the two often talked of traveling to Israel together and he regrets they never got to make that trip. He was very, very good at his craft,” DeWine said. Having survived heavy mercury poisoning and later polio, he lived much longer than most expected. He was a character. Return to THE LIST of TOP VISIONARIES and EXPERTS – Great Resource Page. This form of hydrogen is arguably Nature’s most beneficial single molecule for our bodies, and a major electron donor (anti-oxidant). Patrick Flanagan and his wife at their home near Sedona, AZ . He has At the same time he relects the more standard teen-age model; he is the twist champion in Bellaire—a suburb of Houston—a moderate party-goer and girlchaser, the holder of a private pilot’s license, and a spectacular gymnast. Flanagan’s wife of 54 years, Florence Flanagan of Dayton, said he had contracted COVID-19 at some point after being hospitalized in June for a foot infection and then going to a local rehabilitation center. [2] According to Flanagan, pyramids with the exact relative dimensions of Egyptian pyramids act as "an effective resonator of randomly polarized microwave signals which can be converted into electrical energy." He called him every single night to tell him he loved him.”, Patrick Flanagan, former Montgomery County Republican Party chairman and a Dayton attorney, is pictured in 1986. “Pat Flanagan was the godfather of the Republican party for many years, a dedicated Republican who believed in the core tenets and values of what Republicans stand for,” said Clay Twp. She said arrangements are pending and she hopes to have a memorial service in the future. been a gift to the world while he was alive, and we want to ensure that I talked to him Sunday and he was even using colorful language when I talked to him,” Lieberman said. In recognition of his more than 200 inventions and the significant advances in health care made by Patrick and his wife Gael Crystal Flanagan, he and Gael were granted Medical Degrees by the University Medicina Alternativa (M.A.) He’s the level of genius of, A Few of His Breakthrough Inventions to Heal Us, Another of his amazing inventions is the EMF shielding protection device called the. She had not been able to visit him since June 10 because of his diagnosis. The Sensor V may be the best all-in-one defense, since it generates a measurable protective bio-field to keep the wearer shielded. “I used to joke with him that that his biggest lack of judgment was his political judgment.”, Flanagan was chairman of the county party from 1982 until the early 1990s, said party activist Danny Hamilton. he lived much longer than most expected. as we are able. He’s the level of genius of Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, or Willhelm Reich. Thank you Pat, for all you have given us! Everyone knows we are inundated by all kinds of harmful frequency waves like Wifi, RF, and others. Flanagan wrote books focused on Egyptian sacred geometry and Pyramidology. “He was a visionary that way. For decades it was held by the Pentagon for their own use, barring Patrick from offering it to the public it until fairly recently. He successfully patented this as Megahydrate, a supplement most health gurus admit is part of their daily regimen, even though it’s not their own product. They had one child: Luke Flanagan. Patrick married Bridget Flanagan. “In the last 15 years my son took over that spot,” said Anne Flanagan of Kettering. For more of our posts on Patrick Flanagan and his work go here. [5], This article is about the New Age author. Patrick A. Flanagan, who helped transform the Montgomery County Republican Party in the 1980s, died Wednesday. We will “He took a lot of young candidates under his wing and taught them to navigate local politics.”. Patrick lived on April 2 1911, in Cloonarragh, Faireymount, Roscommon, Ireland. [1] He wrote several books and promoted it with lectures and seminars. View the profiles of people named Patrick Flanagan. For other people named "Pat" or "Patrick Flanagan", see, It may require cleanup to comply with Wikipedia's content policies, particularly, CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology, Lewis Spence, Kessinger Publishing, 2003, pp. Flanagan remained active in the local and state party politics. Patrick Flanagan™ is a unique and self-spurred teen-age boy who has forged his mind and body into the model of a mature and inquisitive scientist. presenter Micky Flanagan epitomizes the phrase "late bloomer." Landon said Flanagan was the lone member of the county party’s central committee to support Ronald Reagan for president in 1979. Flanagan died at Sycamore Hospital, she said. are sad to report that Dr. Pat Flanagan transitioned from his body on Patrick Flanagan was born circa 1836, in County Roscommon, Ireland.


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