nyjah huston til death seizure
Instagram & Twitter: @nikesb Why did they take it down? The video was taken down. Official website: http://gonike.me/sb-homepage Another user posted up a cached link to Thrasher's site that has the clip if you haven't seen it yet. 320k members in the skateboarding community. I mean it looked bad but this looks like he had a fucking seizure or something. Chances are that if you have ever skated a wooden park in mainland Europe in the last 2 decades, you have appreciated the handiwork of Andreas ‘Schützi’... ►Catch chapter 2 here! The weather in the Russian South has made it an alternative centre for skateboarding in Russia, where skaters from Moscow, Saint Petersbur... Join one of the biggest ever pro skate tours of Romania, one of Eastern Europe’s most mysterious countries. Russia is usually associated with snow, and frost, which is hardly a surprise, since most of the Russian territories have winter for half the year. | 5 FOR 5, Skate got real at Vans Park Series World Championships in Shanghai, Skate Raid on the Russian Riviera: Chapter 1, Riding down Draculas haunted hills in Transylvania. 'Til Death. Learn more about the Dunk Elite http://gonike.me/dunk-elite-low-yt Song: Blue Steel 36 votes, 19 comments. Since he stood on a board at two-years-old, Nyjah’s accomplished more and actually accumulated more contest dollars than anyone to ever do it. Featuring an all-female cast of rippers, Allysha Le, Jordyn Barratt, Julz Lynn, Mariah Duran and Samarria Brevard stepped up to the challenge when we asked them to deliver... We're coming from Shanghai as the worldwide elite of concrete carnage converge to crown a new ruler, following a year of endless radness. Red Bull Skateboarding's "5 FOR 5" is back, and the third round is the finest product yet. This video that Nyjah Huston made with Nike SB doesn't make any sense. Facebook.com/nikeskateboarding. It's taken off their website too. That's why Nyjah is the best skater there is today.. Skateboarding; Comments User. Featuring guest appearances from friends Guy Mariano and Antonio Durao, watch for Sean in his custom colorway of the all-new Dunk Low Elite. Featuring guest appearances from friends Guy Mariano and Antonio Durao, watch for Sean in his custom colorway of the all-new Dunk Low Elite. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Nyjah is gnarly. The world's best skateboarders face off in Asia's first and only VPS-certified skatepark as the Vans Park Series World Championships kicks off in Shanghai, China. Report this video. We asked a crew of skateboarding's finest to deliver a handful of their top clips, and the full part is required viewing. Don't play a game of SKATE against these pros! I'm pretty sure that's a seizure ... that's the only thing I know of that makes your body twitch in that manner. The one where he jumps slides down the rail on his feet and gets wreaked when he leg hooks the perpendicular rail. Nyjah's vow to skateboarding. I usually just search for a cache version of the site, this worked for me. Some of the Hall of Meat segments contain interviews, I wish this one did. Ever skated on a ramp 7 meters off the ground? Find out the winner in the clip above and share your love for skating in the comment section below. Johan Stuckey, Aidan Campbell, Philipp Schuster, Vladik Scholz, Mihnea Groseanu and Barney Page stagecoach it on a skate adventure through Dracula country. Experie... ►Check out more skate here: http://win.gs/2xHK3IJ  Fürstenzell in Bavaria, Germany, is home to the production centre of Europe’s premiere ramp builder, IOU Ramps. Back in classic form, Sean Malto kicks off the Nike SB Elite Squad video series. Let's keep it simple - five skateboarders, five hammers each. Artist: Bot'Ox http://win.gs/RoamingRussiaCh2 The pinnacle of park skating was on full display as riders battled for the title. Edit: https://www.facebook.com/NyjahHustonSkate/posts/1404763786226289 -- I'm assuming this FB post is talking about this slam. Opal - promo video Primitive skateboards avec P.Rod, Nick Tucker, Shane O'Neill, Devine Calloway, Carlos Ribeiro, Brian Peacock, Trent McClung et Diego Najera - du lourd! The consequences of riding a skateboard as fast as a snowboarder and doing tricks are high. Thrasher cache link. But there is a tiny piece of land by the Black Sea called the Russian South, where a warm sub-tropical climate means skateboarding almost all-year long. Nyjah Huston is proof that an athlete can become so elite that they’re expected to excel. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Renewed. | Skate Tours. The dude went on to win the SLS Super Crown less than two weeks after this ... un-fucking-real. Infinite rails like nobody's ever done before. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the skateboarding community, Press J to jump to the feed. "This is a compilation of tricks from the last couple years of trying to expand my creativity by creating tricks with a roller skate which is the mother of skateboarding as you know so I wanted to play with the source and see what it could help me make. He slams really hard and his body starts twitching. Nyjah has gigantic fucking balls to be able to take these sorts of slams and keep going back and throw himself down these humungous rails doing NBD tricks. I'm assuming this the one that produced the puddle of blood from that video? The Skateboarding Subreddit. Jaakko Ojanen, Philipp Schuster, Mason Merlino and George Poole rip the warehouse paradise of Europe’s biggest wooden park builder. Dare you join the Transylvania skate mission? https://www.facebook.com/NyjahHustonSkate/posts/1404763786226289. More from Nike Skateboarding: I find myself seeing the same tricks all the time or doing the same ones and it makes me want to break out of normal because I think odd things are so... ►Get more skate here: http://win.gs/5For5Skate Was it too graphic or something? It was his opener. His body kept twitching afterward. Not sure why they took it down. Seriously ... if I injured myself like that, I think I'd probably give up skating big rails (not that I skate big rails now, mind you, just hypothetically). Back in classic form, Sean Malto kicks off the Nike SB Elite Squad video series. _ I did this like I do most things to not be bored by trying to copy other people's styles . Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.


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