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Most Popular #21294. Maki told her that since they're really aiming to win Love Live!, it shouldn't be a problem. Afterwards, Honoka tells the crowd to say "μ's Music Start!" Honoka then suggests that μ's doesn't need a leader and everyone agrees, despite believing that Honoka was the most worthy of becoming the leader. She said that it turned out that all six of them had the same decision about it. Nico and Hanayo told Honoka that she was naive and that they only have one shot at it. Popularity. Im Dezember 2019 veröffentlichte Mois die Single Dada. I'll definitely garnish it with a vegetable salad too, Nico~♡, Do you have any ambitions or things that you want to try after becoming top idol in the future? Trivia. Blood Type It's sad how fun things always end so quickly. Zum Abschluss des Jahres brachte die ganze Crew den Track Danke (zusammen mit Maestro, Sinan-G, Manuellsen und Milano) heraus. Maestro) und Keine Schwäche zeigen (mit Sinan-G). While using mascots, Honoka, Kotori, Nico, and Maki talked about how the impact from the Halloween performance would give them advantages for the final round of the preliminaries. She stated that their favorite VR adventure was 'The Curse Of The Lost Pearl.'. The number "25" is often seen on items, such as Nico's wristband and Cotaro's shirt, as well as meat (Niku) at a price of 2525 yen as a reference to Nico's first name while the number "25252" refers to her catchphrase. Honoka noticed that the stars looked beautiful and suggested that they go to the rooftop to see. Everyone ended up crying a lot as well. The group saw A-RISE's promotion and Honoka says that they won't lose. By using you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. With μ's needing to make an impression to give them an advantage during Love Live!, Hanayo suggests they come up with a group catchphrase for the official website that best represents the group. Published contents by users are under Creative Commons License. In Episode 13, Eli decides to put μ's on a hiatus. The next day, the girls get together at Honoka's store to make mochi for all of their supporters, thinking that it would help them come up with their catchphrase, though they still weren't able to come up with one. µ's tried changing their outfits in search for the impact they're looking for but it didn't work out. In Episode 10, μ's decide to go to Maki's beach house after getting permission from her parents. While accommodating the guests, Honoka received a call from Eli. Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. iKON debuted on September 15th, 2015 under YG Entertainment. Honoka decided to say their decision about what would happen to µ's once the third years graduate. In Season 1 Episode 10, Nico is shown to be a very skilled cook despite saying she has never cooked before. In Season 2 Episode 4, it is revealed she has two younger sisters named Cocoro and Cocoa, and a younger brother Cotaro. In Season 1 Episode 5, it is discovered that during her first year in high school she started an idol group. Despite this, Nico tells Hanayo and Rin to continue practicing. Maki tells her that it was disgusting and Nico accidentally told them her true motive for trying to help them. While at Honoka's house, everyone tried to come up with ideas once again. 28 Year Old Rapper #22. Everyone told Honoka their feelings about entering Love Live! Debut After Honoka brings back Kotori from the airport, later on in the episode, μ's performs "START:DASH!!" She did a radio interview with DJ Wiz at Power 107.1 in Macon in January of 2012. The fact that this good girl Nico goes to bed early is a given! [7]Asked by きよ9オさん from Tokyo, Maki-chan's good points are--- her cleverness and her honesty♡ Maki-chan's smart, so whenever we're together, she does even my portion of the thinking, see? School idol diary ~Yazawa Nico~ Chapter 1: Measurement of Niconi's Secret♡. Aww, that seems so pitiful, Nico! For such a sad Hayapon-san, Nico will cast a magic spell for you to smile♡ First, place your right hand's index finger on your right cheek, then your left hand's index finger on your left cheek♪ If you then pull upwards, see, you're smiling!! Charm Point I love holidays in which I can sleep all I want in the morning! [4] Tom says he hopes to use his money made of music to pay his parents debts before anything else.[1]. Though everyone wonders how they'd write a love song, Nozomi thought of an idea. [3] In an interview with Clash, Niko B says he vomited before every show and his music cut out in the first show, so he sang happy birthday to a girl in the front row. Gender µ's then performed the song "Bokura wa Ima no Naka de", wearing the costume that their schoolmates prepared for them. µ's went to their local shrine and prayed together. In the first cut for Secret Shortcuts, Nico admittedly declared that she loves Maki, wanting her to walk home together sometimes. 2020 and All Rights Reserved Elichika's glasses super suits her, Nico♪ From now, the three of us including Kotorin are gonna do lots of shopping♡. After arriving at the Yazawa residence, they met Cotaro, Nico's little brother who also believed that they were backup dancers. Hanayo quickly ran to their club room's computer to confirm the news. It soon began to snow, and the girls ran outside. Tsubasa then asked Eli to tell Honoka and the others that both µ's and them should give it their best, and that they won't lose. While training, Honoka was still thinking about what Yukiho said, making Umi and Kotori notice. Nico, not being able to find any items of her, freaks out and begins looking through the rest of the members' merchandise. A-RISE made an amazing impact even though they were not present on the opening itself. Eli and Nozomi agreed with their decision but Nico thought that if they disband, what she worked hard for will all be for nothing. That's a disease that even Nico Nii can't save you from~! Nico told them that it was because of the extra weight. The girls were mesmerized by how the city looked like and shouted out their feelings. Ms Niko is 1 of the famous people in our database with the age … Honoka and the others soon found out that the Art Club's budget request was approved before the budget meeting. Born on September 14 #23. [9]Asked by わらいあんこさん from Ibaraki Prefecture, Ah, just as I was saying, Nico's special soft and fluffy tofu hamburger! Nico suggested that they go for a new song . During the process of fixing everything, Honoka told everyone that she forgot to eat and managed to regain her old weight. His dad has appeared on his Instagram account. Honoka called Eli to tell them the situation. I feel at ease by always carrying a tiny candy pack around with sweets-chan inside♡ During times of exhausting practice in the hot summers, I give everyone salt-lemon candies as a countermeasure against heatstroke--- Kya~, to think that Nico Nii is actually this wonderful!♪ And also, everyone gives me all sorts of sweets in exchange, so it's actually a strategy that kills two birds with one stone, using a small bait to fish up great rewards♡ When it turns to winter, my target changes to Tirol-Choco instead, Nico~♪, How many types of dishes do you have in your repertoire of specialties?


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