monkey mouth dentures
Hardly anywhere to put lipstick. If something hurts go and have your dentist make an adjustment so it stops hurting. This must be miserable, so don't wait it out until your next appointment.Schedule an appointment as soon as you can get in. Since the lip isn't adjusted yet to the dentures, it causes a bulge in this area. You wake up in the morning and things have changed. When you’re wearing dentures, your jawbone can lose volume, including in the chin area. I feel better knowing tomorrow my dentist can fix the issues. Thank you so much for your consideration and input, Stick, Sandy and Lenin. If you have a tape recorder or better yet a video camera you can record yourself and then listen and watch. He believes that the bottom teeth are naturally supposed to stick out , lean forward. I also am experiencing pain from the dentures cutting into my gums on top of the whole “ monkey mouth” look. Swollen lips, burning mouth, blisters , sores. Getting new dentures can cause facial features to distort to some extent. I'm what to do anymore. I had 8 teeth extracted three days ago and got an immediate upper denture. I'm a young woman with bad teeth genetiics I had them all pulled today. Also I can't wear the bottom denture because there is a bone or something sticking out. I'm not even really dealing with swollen on top because when i had a partial on top it was my front teeth and all so they didn't have to pull them hell the partial looks more real then the dentures i have in now they didn't protrude or make me have monkey mouth i don't understand what i need to do to fix this i went back today and the dentist said they looked fine to come back in 4 to 6 weeks when everything is healed but like i tried to tell him most of my top teeth were gone anyway so why does my partial not make my upper lip protrude but this huge denture does. You will need to be patient and keep practicing as well as go back to the dentist and explain what your concerns are. I'll keep you posted on if they make this right. Horse face or Monkey mouth can occur right after getting dentures. I look HORRIBLE without them. I found the first 7 to 10 days were the absolute worst. It sounds to me like your dentist used too much soft liner in your denture and, as a result, you are experiencing "monkey mouth". If these are immediate dentures the impressions were taken while you still had some natural teeth in place, the best they can offer you is an educated guess as far as how the immediate dentures will fit. Did they make my dentures wrong, or will this go down as my gums and bone shrink? My lip does not stick out now and they are fine. Hello Good News i have only one son Kelly Shakeel and he was about going to die after he was diagnosed with Heart cancer and brain problmes, so i was going to Dr and my Dr said he has just three weeks to live, killy is my only son my family and my only best friend, and I couldn't afford to lose him. Some might not be able to fully close their lips fully and leakage may occur due to drooling or excessive saliva; this can also cause cracks to appear on the sides of the mouth, which can burn it sting. Btw I had this all done yesyerday. I have been reading out loud, they said that would help, but not so far. I went to my dentist and told him I didn't like the way my lip stuck out so much and he for lack of a better term "sanded them down". No I haven`t Linda she tried to fix them but they are still not sitting proper like when I bite down they aren`t lined up they sit to the left and right of each other and the top sits way forward, I bite my top lip all the time and the bottoms like everybody else`s don`t sit still and have eat Fixodent powder and paste all the time, I am going to have to go to another place and redo this whole process but I don1t have the $ for this stuff so I will have to save and get them done once I have the $ and this time I will be getting them done by a proper Denturist not a rookie dentist I wish they would of recommended that I go to a denturist but I guess when there is $ involved they will pounce on that opportunity not thinking how much this effects a person`s life I don`t go out like I use to and will stay away from pics as much as possible, the life of a person that can`t afford implants or expensive denture`s, 40 yrs old and have plastic teeth doesn`t help the confidence and until I have these properly fixed I will be single and eating like a 80 yr old. Check Out the NEW Tough Grip Denture Adhesive Below! I am slated to get my first hard alignment next week and I'm afraid I'll look worse. Your slipping issues will end. Your dentist can evaluate the fit of your denture and make the necessary adjustments to alleviate this.Your dentist should alsobe able to shave the border of your denture to improve the look. I might lose my job if this doesn't get better.... Its been 3 months now and I'm miserable. I started searching for help on-line to make sure my son don’t die, then I found someone name Khan Merriam saying about Dr Sandy, I told him about my problems and he gave me some words of encouragement tell me abut his Herbal medicine that he will do and sent with UPS POST OFFICE WITH MY HOME ADDRESS and he did an sent me herbal medicine and he instructed me on how to go about it, Dr Sandy also said my son will not die that he will be heart cancer free days after using the medicine , I did exactly what he asked me to , now my son that was suppose to live for just two weeks has lived two weeks more and he is very okay , he is fine , just like any other children my son is fine.i was so happy and tell the HERBAL DR about my illness Herpes 2 and ask if he can cure that hes say yes happen again he send me the herbal medicine and use it for 14days too but now me and my son is fine and live a good life, i did not know what to say or do for you papa Srandy all i can do is to tell the word about you and give my life to you pls friends help me thanks him Lesson: Don’t give up in life; RJM, I feel so bad for all you have been through. I feel like I have a big wad of chewing gum in my mouth. Thank you Sandy for your reply. I will see the dentist tomorrow just in case there is some changes she can make. I realize this was posted 5 months ago and was curious if you ever got your issue’s fixed.? After that seems started to feel better bit by bit. He took your money easy enough didnt he? All rights reserved. It is horrible. Using vitamin E can reduce swelling and heal the cracks over a few days. This, too, can be fixed. Hello my name is RJ and I had my 23 teeth pulled over a week and a half period then they told me to let my gums heel then once 4months was up I went in to have them looked at then waited again another 2months then finally had my impressions and all that stuff done and on my last appoinment that I had when they were still adjusting them at least I thought we were still adjusting them I noticed that my face looked different I guess the definition is monkey mouth I wasn`t happy with the way I looked but they went ahead and made the final denture and said come back in a couple days for any adjustments sore spots n stuff and I signed this piece of paper and afterwards I got to thinking that what was that paper all about because I hadn`t agreed on my dentures being good and happy with them to go ahead and make the final denture but they did and now I have been to the dentist 4 different times I have had 1 soft reline that never held went back had a hard reline on the bottom denture and it came back worse it didn`t grab at all nothing felt like it was way to big for my gums so she did a nother soft reline in the bottom denture and I said I needed my top denture relined also because it was starting to fall off easily I have always had to put adhesive on my dentures and I am currently dealing with the soft relines they did for the top and bottom and the top denture is holding a little better at this point in time but I can feel that it`s getting looser by the day and as for the bottoms they fall off again very easily and I have to put adhesive on my bottom and the top if I want to eat something but even if I do put adhesive on my bottom denture it still comes off while eating!! I still eat soft stuff like I did when I was heeling my gums I can`t eat anything solid properly without having issue`s every time I talk to the dentist office they justify everything that I tell them I am tired of being like this I should of went to a denturist but I didn`t know the difference at the time they should of saved a couple teeth on the bottom so my denture could have been secured but that was never mentioned to me that I could do as an option the dentist that pulled my teeth never did an impression they just pulled them all and said come back once they are heeled he ended up leaving to advance his schooling and the new dentist that arrived while I was heeling was fresh out of school without pics of my teeth or nothing so it`s been a huge issue since my question is if I were to tell them I want new dentures done that I am not happy with these will they be covered or do I have to pay for another pair of dentures I am so pissed off I should of done some research before I jumped into this but I didn`t realize what I was getting myself into I want to go to a actual denturist to see what they think of my dentures but I don`t want to loose my warranty please can anybody let me know what I can do, ask for a new pair or fix these ones or what ever other option I could have to deal with these hunks of junk!! These days, dentures are very realistic in appearance, and should give you a strong healthy smile, which I would flash proudly at your silly neighbor, every chance you get! The best way to find a good denture dentist is to ask others who wear them. Re: Dentures and monkey mouth You will need to be patient and keep practicing as well as go back to the dentist and explain what your concerns are. It's the top that's the problem they remind me of me ed the talking horse or what y'all say is referred to as monkey mouth but im in no pain and it doesn't hurt my gums just feels really big and make my upper lip where mustache and such is protrude? I can't even chew because the denture cuts into my gums, and being hungry doesn't help my comfort level at all either! I too have monkey mouth and even with seabond my upper moves around and cuts into my gum just under my nose. This causes the muscle ligaments to change overtime, this causing the muscles and the fat they support to move downward, creating a sagging chin that is often described as witch’s chin.Sinus issues can occur as well, since pulling out the remaining teeth, sinuses have more room to swell.Check out our favorite denture adhesives below! Imagine how hard it is for people to write with a fake hand, or walk with fake foot. A partial on top that looked just fine. Nothing works. Good luck "monkey mouth"! Everyday gets better. I am heading into week 7. Am I not giving it enough tme? It’s depressing yet I’m only 2 in half weeks into it. I just look as if I am constantly pouting or have had some kind of plastic surgery to increase the fullness of the lips. I had. I've had them since June and hate them although they look fine now. I had assumed a cheap tinker toy set would be used first, until the gums healed and shrunk, but figured he knew best, and I was unwilling to go without teeth for any time at all. I too have "monkey mouth". I have no one to practice talking to during the day and so I try and read aloud. I also talk for a living and it was ok at first but now it seems no matter what adhesive I use the uppers slip and I can barely speak coherently. I ordered mine from Amazon, but when I eat, my teeth come loose. I would rather not have teeth that look and feel so big! My face isn't really swollen or anything, but my upper lip makes it look like I was punched in the mouth, or as I refer to it "monkey mouth!"


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