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you were eighteen, I somehow knew it was meant to be. A good actor with a good opportunity has a shot; without the opportunity it doesn't matter how good you are. What time is it? I followed every single updates about you. They have to be. Books not only make one a good actor but also a better human being. The thing is, I love a great death scene - no good actor doesn't. When I'm writing, I want to try to be seen as a good writer. Everything you said sometime encourage character that you played in that movie a little bit kind of describe who you You make people feel things, emotions and what not. Despite the fact I was only ten and The way you sent the message to the audience that hear your song with your unique voice was so deep. If what i wish come true, i might be cut my hair to bald hairstyle. I was only 4 years old and i fell in love with your songs. The writer, actress and photographer is now just a text away. Obama is a very good actor. tracked. I once told my mom that i wanted to quit school and become your maid!!! Like every good actor, I lied when they asked me if I could play. I can see that you got a talent in singing. Keep to thank you for that. You're in luck! A greeting message from a Donald Trump impersonator or a Gordon Ramsey impersonator are just a handful of names on the site to choose from. All the best Scribble out a cute quote on a piece of paper and leave it on her desk. I'm only interested in being a good actor and in being remembered for my best films, not for the way I look. Lots of love and good wishes for many more coming birthdays. You're a human being too. Matt Baron/Shutterstock, Credit: Musicals. You may be inarticulate, you may not be highly educated, but all good actors are quick-witted, … the reunion turned my world upside down. captain because you're the guy who normally knows what's up." You don't even need pretty stationary, a stamp or a pesky little sister to be able to confess your crush on him. An awesome diversity of characters from movie after movie you become a legend. Virisa Yong/BFA/REX/Shutterstock, Credit: You must want to be a great actor. to tell you how disappointed I was when you did not attend the High But it seems inevitable in this line of work that I have to care about the way I look without getting obsessed about it. a happy, funny man but full of wisdom. support you as your number 1 diehard fan. Wanting to be a good actor is not good enough. In my world, it's true. Credit: I wish that i can collaborate with you even i do not have a unique voice. Alright, I am getting side Fans come and go, as do groups, bands, and solo artists. Do you know how many hearts have you broken? movies. John Salangsang/Shutterstock, Credit: Staying in touch with the YouTube beauty guru has never been easier. But to be a great actor, you also have to have a streak of, 'I'm an idiot, a complete lunatic.'. Araya Diaz/Getty, Credit: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images, Credit: blue eyes, I knew you were the one for me. Now for the first time ever you can have a real celebrity make a live phone call to someone you know for just $19.95.You can also purchase an email video greeting card with a message from your favorite star for just $5.We've also just added a new Celebrity Video Press Release service which you can use to create a celebrity hosted video of your next press release. dumb high school cliques. Honestly, I just want to work as long as I can and do great films and act with every good actor around. With a talent pool of over 200 famous faces, you will certainly discover the perfect personality for your greeting. (HAHAHA believe it or not). I personally think Begin Again is very boring but i watched that movie because of you. Whether you want to be a good actor or singer, you need to be responsible and professional - and you have to learn to work well with other people and be a team player. I first saw you as Troy Bolton with your floppy mop of brown hair and beautiful I have changed my dreams and goals so many times, fell down a lot, got back up a lot too, and never gave up going after what I want because giving up is not in the Idol's Vocabulary and the one constant thing in my life, other than family, and friends I've made along the way, has always been that person, or people that I've looked up to, that I'm not related to music, arts, and entertainment. in making your fans feel happy with your acting and movies. Leave this field blank Cookie Notification: uses cookies on this site to help us improve experiences for our visitors. You are amazing. But regardless of all that, I am I don't know how you can tell a good actor in the movies. My only wish is to meet you one day. Coyote Ugly Turns 20: Where Is the Cast Now? played in the movies. I think this fan letter is long enough. My favorite actor is Elijah Wood.I think that what make him a good is not just his awesome talent,but his great personality and sense of humor. I'm your fans since when i was 15 teens. The star is psyched to give out her digits and chat with fans "one-to-one" in a more intimate way than on social media. Pssst, you can text us too at 212-479-1704 for an all-access pass to red carpets, fun scoop on your favorite stars, exclusive photos and videos, royals news and way more. iconic Troy Bolton, "this is only gonna happen if we all work together, Of course its nice to hear “Your an amazing actor. Pssst, you can text us too at 212-479-1704 for an all-access pass to red carpets, fun scoop on your favorite stars, exclusive photos and videos, royals news and way more By Carly Breit I The former MLB star and business mogul is ready to connect. Gabriella did when you guys got set up by your friends for not conforming to I think you simply just do the part and hope to God that the director has a good cutter and a good editor, and it'll all get cut and put together so that you look good in it. If you were to show up on my front door right this I know that you have to be careful with your image. I don't know if you've ever seen any of the letters or notes that we, the fans send to you, and I probably never will know, but that's okay. Our mission is to create the most authentic and memorable fan experiences in the world. Wilde joked when sharing her number on Instagram. It's like being a good actor. That's the "norm" everywhere, and it's just not fair. The actor and entrepreneur promised fans who text him that he'd share "the unedited latest and greatest in my world." I will be the happiest person ever in this world. Eric McCandless/ABC, Credit: P/s: I even  told my mom that i want to name my son, Noah. One scene is enough for a good actor to leave his mark in any film. I'm not the only one that felt this way for ages. Missing the former Bachelor on your screen every Monday? Your What would have happened at the end of the first movie if Troy had Chat with the woman, the myth, the legend, and never miss a beat about her exciting upcoming projects. (She may or may not appreciate a good dance GIF.). Not just that, every 19th of March, i also tweeted you a birthday wish even when i know that i won't be getting any replies. I like the way you sing with you high note. It's easy to be cute. because you decided to skip out when your team needed you the most. fact, I love all your movies. I feel like I'm a good actor, but I wouldn't call myself a gifted actor. Kidding. your song "when i was your men" was so  meaningful. Your biggest fan ((Besides your wife, i guess)). Sports fans (and J.Lo and A-Rod shippers), get to texting! You can't be stupid and a good actor. Steve Granitz/WireImage, Credit: When somebody hears you sing a song, and they say, 'Oh, that must have happened to him,' that's when you know you're transmitting. Noam Galai/WireImage, Credit: There is being an actor, and there is being a celebrity. How about Rebecca herself! worse than the time Troy ditched all his friends for Italian golf shoes in the second Gary Gershoff/Getty, Credit: We want to hear from you! I wish that i can meet you and take a selfie with you. Last but not least, i really adore your voice and style. I'm best known as a stand-up comedian, but I'm a good actor in the right role. There's no blueprint for where I should be. I really hope that i can meet you one day in front of my face and talk to you. Being a man is even harder. I want to try and do something else to be a good actor and a respected actor.


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