maplestory hayato skill build 2020
Rai Sanrenzan (Active) GMS, JMS , SEA or something else? Required Level: 165 Explanation: All the skills listed above are Hayato innate abilities. Are the Katanas counted as 2H weapons or 1H weapons. 2nd Hit: Deals 770% damage to up to 15 enemies 8 times Warrior’s Heart (MAX) Hey ayumilove.Is hayato easy fund and good damage? Anyway, every boss does percent-based damage on your character’s HP. It’s not grayed but i remember that last time it was colored and cant create it. Absorbs up to 3 hits, Damage from Max HP dependant attacks -10%, Damage +15% for 15 seconds. 4. Hi Ayumi, just wondering whether shinsoku would be a better bossing attack than sanrenzan after hyper skills. @Reth: I prefer Kanna because it has unique skills and unique combat system. my hayato heals constantly while training but mp is an issue so i … JMS (Japan MapleStory) released Hayato on Jul 24 2012. Boogie Familiar be obtained in all Maplestory servers? Flash Jump is disabled in Quick Draw stance. Required Level: 165 21. Press skill button repetitively OR hold down skill button to perform up to 3 different slashes. Damage Boost can be stacked 5 times. +60% skill damage for 10 sec. Final Damage: +5% per level. 20. No FJ, in an age where nearly every job has some sort of FJ, Hayato not having a FJ is eh… That being said a Hayato moblity is still very good and you can certainly get from point A to point B- but you wont be flash jumping. For me, I’ll create 1 till Level 120 for fun :). Center Ki (Passive) Falcon’s Honor 5th Hit: Deals 1600% damage to up to 15 enemies 8 times, Battoujutsu Ultimate Will – God of Blades | Sword Celestial – Susanoo Most classes max all skills 1-4, but there are a few who leave skills at level 19. Cooldown: 90 sec. do you have any idea how does Hayato second 5th job (Beyond) skill looks like? +9% Damage for 10 seconds after inflicting an Abnormal Status. Jinsoku (MAX) Dankuusen (1) With the Hypers, Shinsoku can possibly be better against single mob as compared to Rai, therefore, I am wondering if there is something else I shouldn’t add in order to max out Shinsoku? Other then that I usually follow your guides to a T <3. @Nir: The guide above is for your reference on what skills to prioritize to level up! Max Level: 50 (60 with Matrix Points) Ayumi, do u know how to trasfer money to another character in another world but in the same id account. You can only send a link skill buff to one other character at a time and last until you link it to another character. Hi Anonymous, last time I played Hayato, when I hold down the key, it only activates the first slash of Sanrenzan. Stacks up to 5 times total. Let me know if you spot an error in it :). Now Hayato must stop Oda before he corrupts yet another kingdom. @Galleigo_808: Thanks for your Hayato tips! Rai Blade Flash at lvl 20 deals 2720% damage every 0.40 seconds, resulting in 6800% damage per second. Hayato 4th Job Skill Build (GMS): Everything maxed. HP/MP: +20%. Final Damage: +3% per level. Restores Hayato’s spirit sword by 700 after use. Normal Stance: Earn 5 Sword Energy upon defeating a monster. hey ayumi, i think you should know this by now, but since it isn’t in the pro’s yet i’ll explain it, shimada heart gives 0.5%STR per 100defense since V patch max defense went up from 9,999- 99,999 so instead of the normal 50%STR buff it gives now it is 500% STR !!! New Sengoku Job!! he just got reunlocked today :S intill the 18th. Stage 2: ATT/M.ATT: +2%. 70, even if you don't finish the quest. Leve 25: Sword Energy Cost: 200, Successful hits grant a buff giving +20% Final Damage per stack for 30 sec. Issen – One Thousand Passive Effect: Shouryuusen, Dankuusen Damage: +50%. Princess’s Vow: Only applies to (Hero → Sengoku Era) classes. Level 1: Permanently increase STR by 3 and DEX by 3. How are DBs compared to Hayato From your person preference, how are DBs (Dual Blades) compared to Hayato. [Quick Draw Stance] Draws your sword in a blink of the eye to deal devastating damage to 1 enemy. One of the big downers for me is that DB’s need (NX) mastery books for almost all advancements. Resistance's Link Skills can be stacked, and by leveling up 4 Resistance characters (Blaster, Battle Mage, Wild Hunter, and Mechanic) to Lv. but what does it mean that they reset ur sp? 15% Chance to inflict curse mark for 10 seconds that increases damage and defense ignored against target by 1%. 210. Jinsoku: Permanently increases Avoidability by (21~50% → 20~35%) 8. 10 – Hybrid Logic +5%, +10% All Stats (Xenon). Most of the skills here are supportive and passive. I can’t seem to find any katanas or other equips for my level 100 hayato and the highest level available katana is only at 120. armor is also hard to find as i’m using the one given by the princess :/ any advice on what equips i should get? Cooldown: 90 sec. hey all of you which class do you prefer between hayato and kanna. Rai Sanrenzan: Deal three devastating slashes against (7 → 8) enemies. 6. Its more like sacrificial pit if you were to ask me unless you can kill them first in 2-3 hits. :). Falcon’s Honor: NEW → Sword Energy: +100 Final Damage: +5% per level. Sanrenzan (MAX) Rai Sanrenzan (MAX) You could also tap the skill button quickly in consecutive manner before the time limit expires. Press skill button repetitively OR hold down skill button to perform up to 3 different slashes. Each slash deals different damage and number of attacks. Being able to burst +20% extra boss damage from Fury Unleashed is a great deal, given that MapleStory is all about late game bossing. That’s my guess :D, Hayato is guaranteed to be coming to gms on either 11/3/13 or 13/3/13. @Daniel S.: This means the passive skill mastery is working correctly. Yeah, people say it’s not normal. Hi Speed, they do not stack with one another but they act similarly to Maple Warrior with a different name, you know like Kaiser and Angelic Buster with Nova Warrior instead of Maple Warrior? Bushido’s Soothing (MAX) Kodachi are mounted in tachi style but with a length of less than 60 cm. Is it safe to assume this means Katana are 2h? +0-6 STR, DEX, LUK, INT, Weapon ATT, and Magic ATT when Jett is level 50-59. Hi Teejay, I have updated Hayato 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Job Skill Build Guide for Tempest Update :D, needs to be updated as of the job advance lvl change, i dont think you can max everything any longer. Level 1: MP Cost: 30, Damage: 156%, Number of Attacks: 3, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Enemies are launched into air when they are hit. Although you gotta admit, that’s some pretty good stuff there. Akatsuki Cleansing (MAX) Merciless Blade (Passive) I wanted to ask for more detail about Shinsoku vs Rai Sanrenzan. It’s purely visual and does not affect your damage whatsoever. Stacks up to 3 times. Permanently increases Avoidability by 11% Each slash deals different damage and number of attacks. Note: Earn Sword Energy by defeating enemies to reach a higher combo stage to receive more powerful buffs. BattouJutsu – Battle (noun) Martial-Style (verb) The only real comparison you can make is that flying assaulter chains into tornado spin/bloody storm like Hayato chains his spinning rush skill into his assaulter like skill. Thanks Victor for your input! Attack will stay active when skill key is held down. Hyoru Getsuken is called Iaijustu Phantom Blade in GMS. It boosts all your character’s stats by a random amount, which you can improve with cash items like Cosmic Stone and Supernova Dust. Unless you have loads of money to use, you’re better off spending it on other cash items first. @martin: I have updated Hayato Guide for MSEA! 70, Lv. Whats the best skill combo for grinding enemies away especially in MP3? Well for me when i was doing it around level 72ish Maplestory Reboot Guide 2020. Got to 2k % then stopped because I got bored of buffing it lol. Thanks Zach for your input on Hayato’s 3rd Job. Added Hayato 5th Job Skill (Battoujutsu Ultimate Will – God of Blades | Sword Celestial – Susanoo). Level 1: MP Cost: 6, Damage: 172%, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Number of Attacks: 4 Stacks up to 3 times. haha it will come in gms hayatos the best job EVER!that Issen move is my fav! The skills' effects are always applied to the character themselves and, once you reach Lv. The fact it doesn’t apply to % HP attacks makes the Link Skill pretty weak, and rejecting 10%, DEF is negligible. Required Level: 190 Shinsoku at lvl 20 deals 660% damage every 0.20 seconds, resulting in 3300% damage per second. This Link Skill can be stacked up to 3 times, once for each unique Explorer Magician job character you have on this world. +10% EXP from monsters. This Link Skill can be stacked up to 3 times, once for each unique Explorer Warrior job character you have on this world. With that video i can see why you said his mobility Was EXTREMELY HIGH O.o. never gos away >.<, MSEA caught up to GMS so quickly… Now really, JMS outdid itself in terms of worldwide releases… Same with Alishan. Can attack a single enemy repeatedly and recover Hayato’s sword energy after use. 12. You mentioned something with skeles giving more exp/min? Bushido’s Will: REMOVED → MP Cost: 70, Duration: 66 Sec Hi Reth, just stop attacking until the damage reflect (purple sword icon with armor) on boss has disappeared, then start attacking again. Permanently increases Avoidability by 50%, Cleaver | Precision Cutting (Passive) They doesn’t have Hyper skills and character voice. Of course I put the credits in the end of the guide and strongly reccomend your website, so… I hope you don’t mind D: For MApleSEA,are the Jr. Final Damage: +5% per level. Hi Jenny, don’t worry. Level 20: Max Targets: +1 Old :- Hayato is a STR warrior class part of the Sengoku. Permanently increases your attack damage based on your weapon defense. Rai Sanrenzan, Shinsoku, Hitokiri Strike (1) Max Level: 50 (60 with Matrix Points) Final Damage: +7% per level. Required Skill: Jin Sanrenzan (MAX) Sanrenzan (MAX) Then, max Katana Booster to reduce skill animation delay for faster attacking speed. un besito. 6 – Focus Spirit +4%, +7%, +10% Boss Damage/+4%, +7%, +10% Critical Rate/+3%, +4%, +5% Max HP & MP (Beast Tamer). Hi CHKFNRS, usually locked jobs will be back when there is a big event or the day when they are first released as a commemoration. The “Activation Chance” is like a passive that gives an activation chance for ALL Hayato’s attacking skills?


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