lee hand press vs classic loader
Thus a median output is expected after a manifold of presets. You have to read the data and decide for yourself. For over 60 years, more shooters have chosen the famous Lee Loader for their first reloading tool than any other. The Forster co axial is likely the way I will go. The only thing I do different than most is I scale measure EVERY charge, even for lightly loaded plinking stuff. It can have good ogive TIR and bad tip TIR, or vice-versa . This is important since you want to stay comfortable when using a reloading press. Also, since I travel for work, I can put everything I need for loading into a box and take my whole setup with me out of town. 5. I have got a RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme press as well and would like to find out if the old 4×4 is as accurate. There is a case cutter, and a chamfer tool included so you can properly prepare the casing for reloading. The frame of the T-Mag is made of iron to ensure durability. An hour here and there to prep the cases and some quick release die bushings, a digital scale and a good data book, and your on your way to the range again! Since I’m currently working in Wyoming, which is a shooter’s paradise, this is great since I spend most of my free time goofing around out in the badlands. There is a perfect press for everyone. Gavin you are a machine! With proper maintenance, it can operate smoothly and without problems for years. Hmmm, may have to get one of these. Also, this handle doubles as a wrench to carry out the removal of the turret easier. If I could find primers. Since I don’t have the desire or space to own a big, expensive loading press I was pretty happy when I saw the LEE Hand Loading Press online. I am always amazed at lees products for two reasons…. Joseph – Add some kind of “loading block” that will hold 50 cases, mouth up, after you fill them with powder. All 6.5 Creedmoor brass was fired once in my Ruger Precision Rifle prior to testing. There is no comparison between a Lee Classic Loader (aka the Wack-o-matic) and any press. With a progressive press, many things can go wrong. You don’t have to weight every case, but you have to check after you fill 10 of them. Again, the only thing that makes people change their minds about buying this model is the price. It is easy to mount since it is not on the heavy side. As an engineer, I love data and this certainly includes a lot of it. Also appreciate your general/overall experience with each machine during the video. Or someone who wants to load one caliber,  or wishes to save money, They might be turned off if all they see are expensive presses and equipment, especially if they only want to load a box at a time, here and there. If you intend to reload fewer rounds than that, it depends on your experience and your budget. The Classic turret press is fast and convenient when loading handgun cartridges, with rates in excess of 250 rounds per hour possible. With the LEE Hand Loading Press and the right dies, you can get everything you need to start loading for just over $100 – or about half the price of the full size presses I’ve seen. Hah! Ultimately it depends on your budget, requirements, and workflow. David has been writing articles about firearms, hunting and western history for ten years. 2. The place to correctly measure seated bullet tilt (run-out) is as close to the meplat as possible. You could get a pretty small reloading setup for a single rifle or pistol caliber with a hand press. The RCBS ones turn in the most consistent TIRs. After I tried the Lee Loader, I found one of the most popular hand loading tools ever designed, the old Lyman 310. Here’s the specifications and details for the test cartridges: The first measurements were for base-to-datum (shoulder setback) and base-to-ogive (bullet seating depth). Even though I generally like the press, one thing I’ve had a problem with is all the dang hammering involved. The “how and the why”. Then compared score X price. Definitely beneficial to have that feature as an add on. Once people who had wanted to reload but had been stymied by the costs and space required for a press, the brass they were ‘going to’ reload someday began getting donated to me. Yes I am getting a RCBS Rock Chucker for loading precision rifle ammo! I’m not really sure why anyone would go for that one. The Lee Precision Turret has the classic 4-hole die holder. Cases stretch with shooting. This machine boasts tons of positive feedbacks from actual users. Thanks for the write up! Small and easy to pack, they provide a convenient way to test a wide variety of loads at the range. It's the perfect tool for those who wish to simply try reloading, because it will pay for itself in just an hour or so. It is not very consistent with the powder measures. $40.00-Digital loading scale- slower then the dippers, but you can be perfectly accurate every time. I own two of these presses, I was wondering if the press with the best neck and ojive concentricy does not have the best tip concentricy? What you are missing here is the that the cases and bullets were not marked (timed or clocked). The Hand Press is light, and is only eleven inches long when folded up, so it takes up almost no room when you need to store it. It will teach you all about how each component goes together. Thanks for doing what you done. website anomaly; 38 comments but 15 pages?? This allows you to have a smooth process since you will only have to pull on the handle to advance to the next die. The reloading manuals warn people not to eat, drink, or do things like watch tv while reloading. But it takes up very little space. Good low cost way to get into reloading. What’s nice about it, is that you can either use the AC adapter for when you’re home, or it runs on a 9V batter that lets you take it to the range. This sturdy cast-iron press takes reloading seriously. I’m going to watch this video a few times I’m sure, although I think I’ll stick with my Big Boss II — it fared pretty well in the comparisons, although, if I had known I could use the Hornady bushings, I probably would have bought the RCBS long ago instead of the $Redding. It would be interesting to see the data of multi-stage presses Dillon, Lee Load Master ran as a single stage press. For situations where people are sizing for wildcats, then we get into the Rockchucker or custom presses. You can easily find one from wherever you bought the press. Thanks. Neither do the rest of us. Additionally, the kit has 2 primers feed arms for both large and small primers.


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