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Once the black window with a flashing cursor popped up, I punched in sudo nautilus and hit enter. See, I just purchased two 1TB hard drives for the film. It’s a shame that the company went bankrupt, but I’m glad I found the beta copy. I soon realized that the film was getting way to big, so much like George Lucas and Star Wars, I took the first act and said, I’ll make the movie about this. It took just a few hours, rendered last night and uploaded this morning. I need to work on my 3D lighting some more, but I think I’m well on my way. Overall, this experience was fantastic and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Should work well. There’s a lot of establishing shots and plates that I won’t have to shoot with actors, so why schedule them then? However , many members of society start hearing this truth for the first time in their lives and they become well informed about the global political and financial deception. The Leap 3 team (actors, a PA and the composers) all have the script now, and feedback is flooding in as I had hoped. While the shot isn’t perfect, this method worked far better than I expected, so I’ll keep heading in this direction for now. Today, I started poking around on Google looking for “Ubuntu Screenwriting Software”. I’d like to copy the entire Films folder that I have. I’ve also been watching a bunch of independent short films that are effects heavy. You can be sure that I’ll hang on to it incase I ever need to re-install. Second: I was about fifty pages into the script when it happened. Bible scholars will know that the title references the pre-flood world, and that’s the topic our heroine will be dealing with. I’d written 20 pages since then! I was cleaning up my computer to get it ready for the new flick and went to restart it. She may have even found an actor to play Blake. Anyway, just before I lost my job and the house, I launched a kickstarter campaign for “Derek” and prayed that if the Lord wanted that film made, He’d open doors for funding, and if not, he’d shut them. The crowd is simply occupy protesters. I’ve made quite a few new friends lately that have seeing either the film, or the messages I have. Forgot account? That’s the way God works. Nothing does it better than Pro Tools. They’ve been followers of the original Leap Crew and take up the mantle of preaching Truth when the first Leap Crew vanishes (at the end of Leap 2, they’re in the mountains). Good to know! The name is stars_pictures. I’m also starting on previz using Frameforge. Now that sucks! Not long after praying this, I lost the house I was staying in, and my job soon after. God is moving and causing those that need to see it to find it, so I really can’t complain. Next I opened the drive and sure enough, there was the macbook’s directory. Once my dog and I got back home, I threw the Second Coming shot into AE. I grew rather fond of it quickly. I’m also playing with a few other story ideas since I’m not sure if he and I will agree on the story for this film, I hope we can though. When I did decided to upgrade for real, I went for the “industry standard” (if there is such a thing), Final Draft. One last note, “Leap: Rise of the Beast” is still going fairly strong. I took a few seconds to pray for guidance and an idea entered my thoughts. Seems that Frankenstein doesn’t like starting with the extra storage attached. If I have one feature suggestion though, it’s this- A scene list that can be brought up and allows you to move scenes around when you’re reworking a story. I can’t even hook up an external monitor   This means two things for me. I had things I wanted to say in the film were still on my last (which I had added to) and this served as our foundation. After than it was simply a matter of color matching the shots and applying a grade. I’ve learned that sometimes, it’s good to have the real things. I need the features that Celtx has. I list them all here for a few reasons. With starting the ministry, a major part of my job is to give lectures/sermons about the subject matter of our movies. Just typing the name of a program in the Terminal will open it. Alex took the script and brought a lot of ideas to the character. Well, a month later, we didn’t even come close to our goal, so that’s a pretty clear shut door. Happy to say that the first draft of the script is finished! Last week was one of the most difficult weeks I’ve experienced in some time. This movie would combine parkour and the end times together and would be told from a personal, rather than political point of view. I knew I needed some software to format a script, but couldn’t afford anything, much less find one that would run on my Windows 98 laptop. Here’s the sermon that’s going around on facebook now. For instance, since I know what my lenses are, I set a “zoom range”. or. They’ll rattle them off. Facebook is showing information to help you … Since my laptop had crashed, this is on my 9 year old desktop, the one with a Celeron chip and 2 gigs of RAM. so turn the volume up and let the movie load for a few minutes if your'e experiencing any difficulty in playback, thank youSUMMARYA low profile gang member , young 22 year old Lucas finds himself in a soon to be persecuted christian church with his peers while living the double life. The storyline for the Leap Crew was pretty well fleshed out, but I knew I really need help adding character development to the CDF. Infact, recently it has started consuming all my free time-again. Unfortunately the presenting program of the LibreOffice suite wasn’t up to my standards, so I went Office 2013 mostly for PowerPoint. This time it’s AE and more specifically, it’s Element plugin. This can make it difficult to achieve the photo-realism that I’m going for, so I’m planing to save Element for shots with a lot of motion blur or shots that have elements in the distance. I should be nervous with this being my first big effects piece, but I actually feel pretty calm. ..Q \u0026 A.1. But here’s the thing, I AM THE SECOND UNIT. A little over a month ago, I prayed that God would bring me closer to Him, like when I had to live day by day a few years back. I’m the VFX supervisor/lead artist at a small company and have been learning so much in order to execute the shots needed on a four part documentary series we’re producing about Bible prophecy. Once it booted, there on my desktop, was a mounted drive with the name of my mac, in this case- El Director. Suddenly, it locked up on me at the BIOS screen. My leads for that storyline have been giving me some great ideas that I’ll be incorporating into the second draft. I can live with that. Hardly anyone wanted to see Derek yet. Next I decided to write once scene to try it out. I used to write for a spree, take a break, and type set to see how much was accomplished. I said, “What does the Bible teach about the beast, it’s mark, and how it relates to the plagues?” I can say without apology, that the views presented in the film are Biblically sound, make the most sense and can’t be questioned when you take in the scriptures as a whole. Turns out all you have to do in order to “zoom out” is pick a smaller display font size. As I was reading through The DV Rebel’s Guide (for like the gazillionth time) I came across a paragraph on digital doubles. On to the updates! If I do go this route, it’ll give us some fresh faces, while still allowing me to keep parkour involved, since that’s what the fans want to see. It’s a different mindset to get into, but a very productive one. I realized that I never was fully happy with the trailer I did for Leap 2 so I’m putting Premiere to yet another test by importing all my footage from Leap 2 – every last take – and I’ll cut a new trailer. I should note that the last 20 or so pages of script were completed using Trelby. The other great thing about it taking so long is that I’ve been able to slowly accrue gear over the past few years and now have some pretty nice things to play with this time. This is the first unit. So far, they’re turning out just fine. It was incredible and I’m hooked. We’ll be shooting for six weeks, five days a week. While a Celtx user, I predominately used Linux, and got to watch a small unknown piece of software go through many upgrades. I’m loving the camera and I’m starting to feel comfortable with my workflow. I don’t know if he realized or not that I have a discussion area set up for this very reason. The movie starts where Leap 2 leaves off and follows the leap crew through the vial judgements and the final battle. Bringing up issues from my past that I thought had long been burried, telling me that it’s useless to make a movie like this, that I need to make the normal Christian drama if I want success, and hammering on the fact that I really want the companionship of a wife and eventually a family. It contains 13 folders for my past and future feature films. I’ll upload the entire Lookbook to our facebook page at facebook.com/leap3movie when I’m done. It seems like this movie has got me jumping ship from all my old software to new stuff. As the production team, are we exempt from that? Maybe the character Crystal can make a cameo or something and give a small exposition scene. I had nothing to do with the preaching, I just asked God to use me. Fortunately, once the ministry is up and going, the first two things I’m purchasing is a beastly editing/effects rig for the studio and a beefy laptop to travel with me.


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