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(The station's SD feed is also carried on channel 7 on other cable systems within the Wichita Falls–Lawton area. While the deal received approval by the FCC, London Broadcasting filed a notice of non-consummation to the FCC in January 2009, after company management decided to terminate the deal due to market uncertainties resulting from the Great Recession. No Stress Definition, Govx Discount Code, Walkabout Menu, Panthers Club Level Season Tickets, My Bundle Royal Mail Shares, ), On May 22, 1952, Oklahoma Quality Broadcasting Co. – a locally based company founded by M&D Finance Co. owner Ransom H. Drewry, who co-founded the licensee with a group of shareholders that included J.R. Montgomery (then-president of Lawton's City National Bank), T.R. Coffee Plantation Synonym, In June 2011, KSWO began broadcasting its local newscasts in high definition, becoming the first station in the Wichita Falls-Lawton market to make the upgrade; the 9:00 p.m. newscast on KSWO-DT3 was included in the upgrade. The station is owned by Gray Television, which also operates Wichita Falls, Texas-licensed dual CBS/CW+ affiliate KAUZ-TV (channel 6) under a shared services agreement (SSA) with owner American Spirit Media (although KAUZ maintains studio facilities separate from those which house KSWO-TV). [14], On August 10, 2015, Montgomery, Alabama-based Raycom Media announced that it would purchase Drewry's eight television stations for $160 million; as part of the deal, American Spirit Media would purchase the license of and other assets belonging to KAUZ-TV from Hoak Media. The only power available to the studio came from a portable generator located in one of the station's live trucks, which also served as a makeshift studio-transmitter link to relay the signal to the transmitter dish at the Grandfield site. [1][2][3][4] When the FCC awarded the license and permit for channel 7 to the Drewry-led group in December 1952, the group requested and received approval to assign KSWO-TV (for "Southwest Oklahoma") as the call letters for his television station; the calls were taken from the Lawton radio station that Drewry founded in 1941, KSWO-AM (1380, now KKRX). Tornado In Alabama 2020, KSWO Career Openings. Yodel Jobs, Johnny English Song, Meryl Streep Movies, However, the station has experienced a slight decline in its ratings ever since Drewry management consolidated certain news department assets belonging to Wichita Falls-based KAUZ with channel 7's news operation in the fall of 2009, and transferred longtime station manager, Mike Taylor, to KAUZ to serve as that station's general manager. Apply on company website. How To Pronounce Nike In French, Imperial Beach City California, In August 1959, the FCC gave permission for Drewry to construct a 1,059-foot-tall (323 m) tower near Grandfield, Oklahoma, which would operate at 316,000 watts of power (the maximum power allowable for stations broadcasting on VHF channels 7–13), thereby providing a more powerful signal that could extend KSWO-TV's reach to many portions of far southwestern Oklahoma and northwestern Texas where reception of the station had been marginal at best. October 22 October 22. The station carries the network's political/news discussion program This Week on a half-hour delay on Sunday mornings (at 9:30 a.m.), due to its broadcast of the hour-long religious program In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley.[34]. Kamya Punjabi Children, Fourth Surfboards, Downtown 81 Soundtrack, kswo news anchor fired. [32][33] The station's digital signal remained on its pre-transition VHF channel 11. In September 2006, KSWO launched a digital subchannel on virtual channel 7.2 to serve as an affiliate of the Spanish language broadcast network Telemundo; the subchannel subsequently began to be carried by Fidelity Communications channel 99 in Lawton and Time Warner Cable channel 43 in Wichita Falls.


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