kier and noemie house hunters
Scott, a Georgia native, is crazy about the unbeatable San Diego climate. They've been in a long distance relationship for the past few years and they've decided they don't want to be apart any longer. She has $350,000 to spend and an extensive wish-list, including a master bedroom on the second floor, a sunroom for her 2 cats and house plants, and no lightly-colored cabinets. Brian would like to be further out in the suburbs to get a newer and bigger place for a better price. Will the couple be able to compromise, and make room for Mama? Blair and Crystal have lived in 10 different homes over the past 12 years, since Crystal's job with an energy company requires them to move every couple years. They're hoping for a two-story traditional home with a large yard. Thus far, they've been really disappointed in their search. He's been renting a 2 bedroom apartment for over 3 years and he's tired of it being so uninviting to his guests. But now he's pursuing his doctorate, which could mean four more years of sharing tight quarters. Their budget for a is a healthy $750,000. While they currently live and work in St. Paul, Minnesota, they're looking to buy in nearby western Wisconsin. From tropical-themed furniture, to houses on stilts, to termites, this house hunt may not be the dream they've been hoping for. Ideally, the house will have enough room for a home office and a hobby room as well. Realtor Sherri Wellborn has some great properties to show them and hoping that one is perfect for the Rossers. Nicolette and Adam are tired of their small-noisy apartment in Boston, and they're looking to buy their first home in the suburbs. She wants a luxury condo with lots of amenities and a beach view. Recent Minnesota transplants Kisha and Andrew are in a hurry to find a permanent home for their young daughters in Racine, Wisconsin. Tyler and Sherry are getting married in a few months and want to buy their first home in Atlanta, Georgia. Michael Giudicissi is recently divorced and shares custody of his two children Mia and Sam with his ex-wife. The free room and board allowed them to save money and shop for their ideal house. Fred and Leona Haven's love of snow skiing and hiking has kept them happily living in Montana. Brian and Harriett are moving their three kids from Tampa to Pensacola, Florida, to be closer to family, but they have very different priorities. But while Harrison is open to an attached home, Leah dreams of owning a single-family place. So she and her young son Patrick are scouring Tucson, Arizona for a home that has the nice finishes she wants and the pool and kid-friendly neighborhood Patrick wants. The house must also have a spot for her custom made saddle bar-stools, and a shower large enough to bathe her dog, Gus. However, Amy wants an older home and Chris wants a newer one. With her opinionated best friend Ashley along for the hunt, she's looking for a 3 bedroom home that's wheelchair accessible for her mom, and she insists on upgrades like hardwoods and granite. They want a great kitchen, a fenced yard for their dogs and a finished basement Grant can use as a media room. But even with a $500,000 budget, finding another dream home that meets their sky-high expectations is no easy task.


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