jupiter transit 2020 predictions
There will be big projects at work, but that can be stressful as Saturn is also in this workplace. You may have to put in tremendous efforts to get what you want. You will have to take care of your health as well as wellbeing. Those who work in the government sector will be getting new responsibilities. Jupiter will be influencing your relationships and long term projects as well. Fixed star Altair at 02°03′ Aquarius is in the neck of Aquila the Eagle.. Constellation Aquila has a similar influence to that of Mars and Jupiter (great pride, grandly liberal, commanding, cosmopolitan views). Get Jupiter transit 2020 report from cyber Astro and know its impact. After April Jupiter will be moving into the sixth house of debts diseases and enemies. Your creative energies also will get opportunities. Your health may be a cause of concern for you. From April onwards, Jupiter will be entering the twelfth house of emotional issues as well. They can be local as well as foreign travel. Do not speculate too much on your professional matters. Jupiter aspect the twelfth house of losses and expenses, this Jupiter transit does have a negative shade in your life. Though Jupiter will be in its sign of debilitation, Jupiter’s positives continue to shine through its association with Saturn, which is already in Capricorn. Read on to know more about Aries Jupiter Transit predictions 2019-2020. This astrology consultation helps you understand how Jupiter Transit impacts you on a personal level and decide on when to act and when to wait. The attempts that you make for making progress may not be sufficient, and you may even lose interest in your daily work chores. You should not take any risk in that. When Jupiter moves into Aquarius, you will get some opportunities to get into new organizations. Those in love would enjoy a romantic relationship with their partners during this period. The results will majorly depend upon your mahadasa and antardas. There will be some important events related to your children and youngsters. You may lose interest in your daily work chores. You may have to keep a check on your BP and cholesterol levels though it may still stay within limits. Copyright Astrogospel ©2015. Jupiter and Saturn both represent discipline and righteousness. You may get the desired results in career matters, but with delays and hindrances on the way. Divine Technique for Success in Academics: Perform Saraswati Fire Lab, Listen to Sathya Narayan Story on the day of Poornima or Full Moon, Donate yellow or pale-yellow clothes to the poor and the downtrodden, Feed the cows in your locality with jaggery, Before starting any auspicious project, donate turmeric powder to temples for 8 consecutive days (You could start the donation on Thursday or the days of stars Purva Bhadrapada, Vishakha or Punarvasu). You will get enough opportunities to find the reason why you are childless and take proper medication. You should try to spend more time and update their daily life. Effects of dual transit, Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction in Capricorn, on Aries Moon Sign For Aries, the conjunction will take place in the 10 th house, the house of Career and Profession. New projects can come up, but there will be challenges. However, there could be occasional turbulence in relationships, which could be sorted out with diplomacy. You have to be careful with your relationships as well. Jupiter is the planet for expansion and magnification, so there will be multiple long term projects too. So, until September, you will have to be focused more on children and creative projects. Luck may be in your favor in many circumstances, but it is advisable not to rely on it completely. The degree of love and affection that you express towards your partner or spouse may not be sufficient. However, don’t be so confident in making plans for your risky ventures. For you Cancerians, you want to improve your relationships. The elderly members may play an important role in maintaining a healthy relationship in the family. It would be wise to follow precautionary measures to avoid any major illness. The transit of Jupiter, the planet of happiness, wealth and fortune, from the sign Sagittarius to Capricorn is the most opportune 12-month period for growth, opportunities, and countless benefits. Real estate deals and family functions also will be possible. It will jump into the sign of Aquarius on, What is the Future of China? When it comes to relationships, more conflicts and discords may be expected. After April Jupiter will be moving into the fifth house of children and creativity. The chances of falling in love with someone you knew before look less now. Projects from foreign lands can also come up. Your gains and income might not be regular. From April to September it will stay in the sign of Aquarius and that will be very significant for you. You are going through Sade sati/7.5 Saturn as well. Your expenditure would be moderate and may not go out of your control. This Jupiter transit may bring a lot of financial concerns throughout the transit. Divine Technique for Family Harmony: Perform Satyanarayana Pooja, Health could cause a lot of concern, and you need to stay cautious during this transit. However, you need to stay cautious about the relationship with your colleagues, younger siblings, and neighbors as it could get affected, though it could be patched up. There will be concerns regarding work as well as colleagues. Students and teachers will be working on complex projects during this transit. They will be in a fluctuating mode. Your facial organs also will get very sensitive and you have to take care of your abdominal as well as the health of facial organs. There will be new opportunities from media and mass communications too. As university aspirants, you may not be able to get the desired course or the intended college or university of your choice. Please try to make good contact with the divine energies as the universe is triggering your psyche more than a materialistic factor in your life. You might not stay service-minded at the job, and the rapport with your clients or customers may not also be up to the mark. After that from April to September, you will have to be very careful with your team settings. Above dynamic of Jupiter retrograde in 2020 shows that it will be tricky to make predictions on Jupiter retrograde 2020 but with proper techniques, one can easily draw conclusions on themselves. Jupiter will be transiting the 9th House from the Taurus Moon sign, which is a favorable position for the benevolent planet Jupiter. Saturn and Jupiter will be in the fifth house, and that will bring more focus to your children. Order your personalized report to understand how Jupiter Transit 2020 influence key aspects of your lives based on your Moon sign. Jupiter will be moving into the second house of finances for a few months, so financial matters also will be important. So, you will have to take care of this situation very carefully. Jupiter will be in the eleventh house of long term relationships and collective projects. A lot of short projects can also be part of this transit. Throughout this transit, you will be looking more at your relationships. You should make your conscience clear every day before you go to sleep. Jupiter’s transit through the relationship sector cannot be seen as great as the seventh house is always a Kama house. But minor infections and disorders may be unavoidable, at least in this time-frame. So, it’s highly important to make your mind strong. However, stockbrokers and other people who invest in risky ventures should be very careful. Appreciate true friendship as you may not be comfortable with the company of your peers and acquaintances. There will be a lot of projects from media and mass communications can be another possibility. However, Jupiter is the planet for unrealistic expectations, so you will have to be very realistic. You may have to give ample importance to health matters and see that you stay free from any major illness or disease. Career-related changes can also come up. • Donate bananas, jaggery, and honey There will be many opportunities from creative projects as well. The critical planetary aspects in this new year is, • Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu will be making conjunction on Dhanushu Rasi between Jan 01, 2020 and Jan 23, 2020. Financial matters also will get a lot of prominence. There is no point in being impatient and that can make you further discouraged. Projects from the technology sector also will be coming up. Throughout this transit, you will have financial issues and you should stay away from any type of complex financial transactions. During this transit, you will be working for a new home or a change at home. The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the 10th house can put you under work pressure. So, you have to take care of your money matters. The results will vary but that also will depend on your Mahadasa, and antardasa. So, you should not be in a haste to take up any decisions. Jupiter will be moving through the twelfth house of emotional issues and losses. You may be liable to face an acute shortage of funds, too, and incur debts. Due to these aspects, you will have a lot of focus on your personal and business relationship. Avoid any misunderstanding with your partner, as it could spoil the rapport. There can be challenges from the workplace and colleagues too. Jupiter is a planet for complacency and you may feel like being unrealistic throughout the transit. This is a good time to work on marriage as well as business relationships. These relationships will get into a complex format from April onwards when Jupiter moves into the sign of Aquarius. is the phrase that has to be understood entirely during the course of this transit. Jupiter will bring more and more business relationships. as it may get delayed though not possibly denied. You were having a lot of issues regarding finances and careers in the past years. The rapport with your partner may not be as easy as you expect. Childless couples should use this time for medication as well. You should not get into any complex financial deals. Losses may be heavy, while you may not expect sizeable gains. Divine Technique for Business & Career Progress: Get Your Kurma Yantra. Those seeking foreign university admissions or student visas may not find the time favorable. The life of your siblings will be very significant. This transit may affect your income, hike, and business profits. You may not be able to make any significant savings. So, this is a very complex transit for you as you have to deal with the challenges in your life. You will be like a mediator or a guide in the professional area. Then it will start its retrogression from June 20, 2021, Sunday at 08:35 PM. That can also trigger power struggles. Students will have to be ultra-careful with your studies, otherwise there will be struggles.


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