is xiaomanyc married
I disagree. Lia is beautiful and she is lookalike of Irene and Jisoo, Jisoo is visual BP and Irene is Redvelvet so i think lia is visual, who is now the leader i know its chaeryeong. No wonder he let Chaeyeon get eliminated first in sixteen. [email protected]. Yuna is the visual. English Name: Lucy Hwang IN THEIR 2 SONGS, YUNA IS MOSTLY RAPPING AND NOT SINGING HIGH NOTES. The pros and cons of classroom- and textbook-based learning. Ryujin: 163cm THESE ARE THEIR OFFICIAL POSITIONS. Arieh Smith is a popular Chinese-language vlogger with over a million fans in mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and the U.S. I hope they get a lot of new fans and I wish good lines. Is Yuji the leader of Chaeryeong the leader? I love Yuna but why does she always end up with positions she doesnt have o.o I dont think shes lead dancer.. just Ryujin. i want you to know, a lot of people don’t like youtube videos, including myself so, don’t just jump to conclusions, Yeji her dancing >>>> other members Why you need to practice target skills (e.g. Geez I am focusing the group as a whole but to think that Kpop Fans or a newbie fans might search the girls profile and to think that Kprofile is the famous profile site, and put Lead to Chaeryeong when in fact the TWO of them are the main, it might lead to misunderstanding. just stop you’re making yourself like dumb and ignorant. According to JYP, ITZY’s official debut date is February 12,2019 Maknae: Yuna (confirmed by their official birthdays), Overall: Kinda like how 9muses have 2 main vocals but they are only 4. -She attended SOPA to study music ALL OF THEM CAN RAP, DANCE AND SING. Teachers’ explanations were often insufficient and left me even more confused than I was before asking. Lead Vocalist: Yeji (she sang the chorus with Lia), Main Dancer: Yeji (her dance moves were the focus of the teaser and she had the hardest dance moves throughout the song) Just please do NOT ship them to Stray Kids cuz SKZ are for STAYs (or maybe for each other) and ITZY are for their fans as well. After three months he was sent to the Dutch East Indies , where he worked as a lithographer for the Dutch army's Topographical Service in Batavia, engraving relief maps of the archipelago. In want it they all rapped, Judy isnt chaeryeongs birth name. Yuna: Suwon, Gyeonggi Province, They are debuting on February 11th. i think lia should be a visual too. – She is a former SM Ent. All of their nationalities are Korean: Yeji–(26/05/2000)–Leader, main dancer, lead vocal, sub rapper It wasn’t 50M actually. Pandy invited Smit to stay in a house on stilts at the beach of Sanur. She’s at the center of the chorus part of DALLA DALLA and she rapped in WANT IT?. So she Improved. if you could change it to avoid confusion for some people, that would be appreciated!! since when? if im not wrong, all leaders in jyp groups are the members who trained the longest (except for jihyo bc twice members voted her as a leader). Chaeryeong said she’s in charge of dance in ITZY, meaning that she is the main dancer. i feel like chaeryeong can speak english really well. We haven’t seen Chaeryeong dancing recently. You can definitely see that. Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs) – Fans say she looks like PRISTIN‘s Kyulkyung. structure of the face and head yes, look alike no. Yuna and Lia are roommates, Yeji & Yuna blood type is A since there’s no Cholyung in the band and no Lee Chaesong in the band either only a Chaeryeong a Lee chaeryeong ITZY Fandom Name: Midzy (믿지) Yeji didn’t say she was in charge of dance because she said she was the leader instead so that doesn’t mean she isn’t also a main dancer. Her Nickname is “Syushin”. stfu. like it was just the fans that thought this positon would fit her. so cool. I could just be a crackhead and be imagining things. rather be called rumored “itzu” sounds like “it’s you”, leave bitzy to antis cuz they’re always bitching about itzy success, you know kinda like once>thrice blinks>blonks , tbh I thought Yuna was foreigner at first cuz those eyes man <3. For example, Seulgi from Red Velvet is center but at the same time, Irene is the center. Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon You wanted their comback and wished for them to get new fans.. thats good but you want Yeji at the TOP not that I don’t like Yeji or anything.. you shouldnt care about who’s at the top just support them.. No, their showcase and JYP dont say and confirmed chaeryeong was a lead vocal and based on their debut song dalla2, chaeryeong was only vocal not a lead vocal. Yuna: 170cm. Below is the official profile of each ITZY’s member. IM DISAPPOINTED IN JYP’S CHOICE OF LEADER. LIA LIVED IN CANADA. The only positions that are clear to me are the vocal positions. I love her dance, raps and her vocals. and Chaemin (5 years younger than her) blackpink under jyp STFU Yuna: Main Rapper, Vocalist, Visual, Maknae. why is yeji suddenly written as the leader, everytime I checked it was chaeryeong, Yuna is so pretty omg and i also dont understand why maknae is even a position in a girl/boy group? Also I’m just doing this for fun btw, I like guessing positions in Kpop groups. all her parts aren’t raps, except the part after the first chorus. (Source : ITZY? Lead Rapper: Ryujin (she had the second most rap parts after Yuna) And Yeji is the center. But Yeji is also a great candidate as a leader. ryujin – Joanne i think you should put english name for lia. Ryujin : Main Dancer, Vocalist, Center EXO, iz*one) There’s no point in complaining lmao. yuna – lead rapper, vocalist, visual & maknae, honestly fotg is between yeji, ryujin & chaeryoung. Yuna and Lia share a room jUDY?! How are Yeji’s lines related to her leader position?? PLEASE, CHECK THE POSITIONS. It’s SOOOOOOOO obv that they got plastic surgery. That BP comparison isn’t relevant either, since we’re talking about main dancers not lead. vocalist, center, Chaeryoung: leader, lead vocalist, I can’t find it. she is a rapper tho also main does not always mean the most lines, You write the hole thing in my mind about their position! apparently lia was never a sm trainee because the name was spelled jeesu back then, not jisu unless that was a real typo; well anyone can tell if this person and lia are the same it would be great, either yeji or chaeryeong is going to be the main dancer, 5 member groups only have one. – Ryujin’s favorite movie is “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”. Chaeryeong: Chaeryeong: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper. I’ll check later. After the Japanese capitulation in August 1945, Smit convalesced in Bangkok until January 1946. according this IG account.. Yeji is the leader, wow, i`m little suprise about Yeji being a leader…^^ usually at JYP the longest trainee in the group used to be a leader… not the oldest… ^^, Ryujin is friends with Dreamcatcher’s Jiu and Elris’ ‘Belle.’ her stage name is not belle but bella, and her real name is choi yoonah, confirmed positions Lia; main vocal, SM trainee (former), lived in Canada…. Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon Its her english name and it was given by her aunt, you’re mixing her up with Lia. Chaeryeong -In charge of Dance Yeji: Leader, in charge of dance Growing up in NYC I only spoke English. 5) yuna ~ lead dance, lead vocal, lead rapper, maknae, visual. ITZY members’ english names: – Yuna graduated from middle school in December 2018. she’s my bias tho. In the debut showcase, Chaeryeong said shes in charge of dancing, therefore shes Main Dancer.


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