is beckett authentication reliable
I don't think the price is out of line, but I wouldn't recommend buying it as an investment at that. your probaly paying a big premium for them now becuase of pawn stars but thats who it is. 3 Likes, © 2020   Created by Steve Cyrkin, Admin. Before I spend a couple of thousand dollars on a JFK signed photo, I want to make the authenticators are reputable. check out the. 0 Comments 2 Likes, by Steve Cyrkin, Admin Report an Issue  |  But let’s define best as: increasing the value of your autograph once authenticated, highly respected among autograph collectors, cheapest pricing, quickest turnaround, and great customer service. Please keep in mind, during national trade conventions and holidays turnaround time may exceed 20 business days because of office closures. 0 Comments 05-22-2017, 01:29 PM #5. bryzzo2016. 4 Comments Note, the label will be placed on the LOA of items with unchecked boxes, we reserve the right to place the label on the LOA at our discretion. Tweet 2 Comments How reliable is Beckett and global authentics? And the "factors" are telling me to take a pass on this one. Autograph Live: It's easy to post discussions with photos. I Would Say They Are Credible I Have Been To A Few Autograph Events Where Beckett Was Used And Didnt See A Difference Between Them Jsa And Psa At A Signing Event. Report an Issue  |  2 Likes, by Steve Cyrkin, Admin 0 Likes, by Steve Cyrkin, Admin Yes, the Beckett App can be downloaded for iPhones and Androids. A. Autograph authentication is the process in which autographs are evaluated to determine if they are authentic, genuine examples of a signature or not. I know they authenticate auto on cards but … I'm looking at buying a Walter Payton autographed football. Items with fees lower than $50 without a Letter Upgrade will have the label placed on the item, unless you upgrade to a full LOA for an additional fee of $10. Certification numbers can be verified by utilizing the Cert Verification page on our website or within the Beckett App. That is it. That's really awesome getting to meet and talk with him. Terms of Service. - Don't Just Take Our Word For It, See What Everyone is Saying About BAS. Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator. Thank you, Steve, for your candor. 0 Likes, by Steve Cyrkin, Admin Where do I send my autograph authentication orders. I appreciate it very much. Using a custom inner sleeve made specifically to the dimensions of your item, checks, cuts, index cards, postcards, photographs, and documents can all fit securely inside of our holder. I'm brand new to the site so I'm not sure if this has been discussed before or not. Let me be clear, when it comes to 3rd party autograph authentication there are only 3 companies you should use: Beckett Authentication, James Spence Authentication (JSA), and PSA/DNA. Terms of Service. 7 comments. We ended up sending in 8 items and sadly only 2 of them were deemed authentic. Sending it out tomorrow. I usually only buy merchandise with PSA or JSA certificates. No one else. Powered by, Badges  |  Orders for autograph authentication can be mailed to the Beckett office: Beckett Authentication Services (BAS) 4635 McEwen Rd., Dallas, TX 75244. We also have the ability to encapsulate baseballs in a patented holder made specifically for baseballs. A. Beckett autograph authentication Beckett autograph authentication Jan 8, 2018 4:02:29 PM. Buy it first if you want, then ask about it. 1 Comment … LOAs, in particular, also feature a high-resolution image of the exact item that was examined and authenticated by our staff and are printed on our specially watermarked paper. Here is mine I got in person. I'm looking at buying a Walter Payton autographed football. A. On-Site Autograph Authentication; Show Times. You can indicate where you would like the certification sticker placed by utilizing the “label placement” checkbox on the submission form. Friday 4th of December 2020 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM. This is the only authentication service I could fully trust. The certified autograph can be verified using our online database and typing in the 6-digit alphanumeric certification found on either the label on the item, or the COA/LOA. To save on shipping fees, we recommend bringing your items for authentication at an event near you where we are offering onsite autograph authentication. Of course, I was well acquainted with his work on Pawn Stars (one of my few mindless indulgences). I'm attaching a pic of a double-signed photo of JFK and his brother-in-law Sargent Shriver I'd like to purchase, but am at a loss at what to offer. From sports signatures to celebrities and historical figures the authenticators at Beckett Authentication can evaluate all types of autographs from all genres and eras. 1 Comment They grabbed Steve Grad from PSA/DNA, who was their principle authenticator and appears frequently on Pawn Stars. The authentication fees vary based on the signer of the item or, if multi-signed, the premier signer and the total number of signatures. In addition to the certification label, all BAS-certified items are issued either a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) or Letter of Authenticity (LOA) featuring the same alphanumeric certification number. A. Nice guy. I'm particularly partial to this photo because it is a candid shot of JFK and not a formal highly-reproduced image. Beckett Authentication Question. Yes, I agree, it's a tough shot to call. Beckett Authentication Services and CBCS comics have partnered to become the only third-party authentication and grading company to offer autograph authentication and comic book grading in one service! That could tell you right there if he signed it as president. If so that would mainly be Steve Grad and another gentleman whose name escapes me at the moment .Grad came from PSA and is well respected so you would be fine. How much does autograph authentication cost? Led by world-renowned autograph expert, Steve Grad, the team of authenticators at Beckett Authentication have a combined 25 years of experience authenticating autographs. Grad is very good, and knows JFK. Any suggestions? To determine if we can authenticate your autograph, search for the name on our pricing page. Just make sure you know all about the photo's condition, etc., before you make an offer, if you do. I talked to him for about 15 minutes and got a pic with somewhere. View the Beckett Authentication event schedule, certification verification, authentication fees, and submit items for signature review while on the go. There is a $5 fee for COA replacements and $10 for LOA replacements. Autograph Live: It's easy to post discussions with photos. A. You have the choice whether you would like the tamper-evident certification sticker placed on the item or the Letter of Authenticity (LOA). 0 Likes, by Steve Cyrkin, Admin A. A. share. Oh well, often factors taken collectively will tell a person what to do in a given situation. Give me a follow below for some fun and autograph talk. As for when he signed it, check and Getty Images/Hulton Archive ( By choosing Beckett Authentication Autograph Encapsulation, you forgo the certificate/letter of authenticity and tamper-evident certification sticker. Not sure how clear the sigs are though but its certainly a nice item to own as long as the buyer doesnt ask too much for it, by Steve Cyrkin, Admin The "Object Description" really helped fill in a lot of information about the history of the photo, including year and identity of the individual to whom the photo was inscribed. Many of these fraudsters produce Certificates of Authenticity (COA), which are also fake. Yes, Beckett Authentication will replace your lost or misplaced certificate/letter of authenticity. Beckett Authentication Services; ... GAI old holders are reliable but their expertise was unopened material and they also graded star co bagged sets. Please email customer service ( with an image of the signature, certification sticker on the item, and your full contact information. Close.


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