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Required fields are marked *, Watch Dogs Legion best cars are a difficult…, The upcoming Aerox 3 and Aerox 3 wireless…, “Nights are growing longer, and we can hear…. ├ Multiverse Mode Guide ├ Rerolling Gear Deadshot definitely has his own thing going on, though, and we appreciate the subtle golden accents this shader provides. The rose-gold and white shader is striking, and all of Captain Cold's gear looks wonderful with those subtle accents. ├ Hero Characters Gear We stared at this outfit for a long time trying to decide whether or not it should be included. However, not only does the look of your character change, but their stats do as well. Injustice 2: Max Level Gear Sets Revealed, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's Huge File Sizes Revealed, AOC Wants to Debate Star Trek Fans About Tuvix, Among Us Will Soon Allow Players to Combat Trolls, Amazon Now Listing PS5 and Xbox Series X/S Delivery Date Status for Pre-orders, NBA 2K21 Releases Patch 4 With New Neighborhood Details, Respawn Teases Apex Legends Expanding Beyond Battle Royale With More Games, PlayStation Fans Celebrate 18 Years of Ratchet and Clank. Upon completing Test Gone Wrong, players then continue their journey with Accidents Happen - "So, you DEFINITELY opened a wormhole to the Multiverse. If you’re not in a hurry, you can use the regular methods of how to get gear in Injustice 2. with the Epic Cyborg Nova Blaster. We'll update this guide as soon as we find more stuff. ├ Chapter 6 - Assault on Stryker's Island We knew before Injustice 2 even launched that Deadshot would get some of the coolest gear in the game because, like Batman, he uses so much gear and so many gadgets. if you prefer to play superman but want to do more damage then your Injustice 2 Gear Build will focus on STR and ABL stats. May 19, 2017 Rice Secretary Injustice 2 0. └ DLC Characters, ■ Character Tier List His skills and attacks are inherently more brutal than they used to be, intent on pounding the said opponent to pieces. I'm such a sucker for layered armor -- I have been since I was a kid -- and that very subtle fauld flanking his hips is the perfect touch. It looks like a goody Bluetooth headset. Injustice 2 gives players more freedom in a fighting game than ever before with the new Gear System that allows for unique playstyles. └ DLC Characters Gear, ■ Strategy Guides  Please continue to follow this page for further updates on the armor. Fate actually has the cooler set of armor. Once the requirements are met, you can complete the event -- and once all 3 events are completed, you are rewarded with that character's Legendary gear. Wonder Woman's final battle is against the supervillain (or anti-hero?) The second challenge is Being Tracked - "Someone is stalking you. NetherRealm Studios' attention is now focused on providing the community with regular updates in the form of new characters, new ways to play, and exciting new gear to use. Superman is the famous High Councilor Kal-El. Injustice 2 has landed, and one of the most engrossing aspects of the game is collecting gear for your favorite hero or villain. [News] Hellboy and other character are in Injustice 2’s latest DLC Fighter Pack 2! This page is solely dedicated to Superman. ├ Chapter 9 - Last Hope of Krypton To be able to take part in each event, you will need to meet the requirements that are listed when a specific event is highlighted. From the data signature, it's an alien named Brainiac." A one-stop shop for all things video games. Deadshot is feeling fabulous today, and looking fabulous to boot. ├ Hero Characters Please continue to follow this page for further updates on the armor. Welcome to our Injustice 2 Gear Guide, below we will explain how you unlock gear in Injustice 2 and also how it affects your characters Stats and visual looks. The second challenge is Breach - "While the Multiverse spews dangers, Kahndaq invades its neighboring country." All rights reserved. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. This particular Superman loadout would probably benefit from a different shader, but then the red and metallic do look pretty nice together. - with players fighting yet another 8 opponents to obtain Cyborg's mask, the Cyberverse Decoder. └ Multiverse Mode, ■ Gear System Database Getting your favorite character to level 20 in Injustice 2 can be a bit of a grind. This looks like a super-soldier straight out of a certain modern first-person shooter. We also really love the royal shader. Who wore it better? Collaborate with me or be collected.'" ├ AI Battle Simulator Mode Guide The content may not be used, reproduced or copied without the prior express written consent of Injustice 2 Gear Builds. Once again, the shader goes a long way here to push the cool-factor to 11. The literal crowning touch here is the helmet of fate, which hasn't ever not looked cool. ├ Chapter 1 - Godfall They have the best chances of dropping epic items of the three “low-level” containers. ├ Chapter 4 - Invasion The fan reception hasn’t been as positive as you might think, however, due to the hoops players will have to jump through to unlock each piece of Legendary gear. Yeah, if we showed you this image out of context, we bet you'd believe this was a loadout in Infinite Warfare or Black Ops 3. ├ Chapter 10 - The Three Kings Cyborg's main chest piece, Cyberverse Uploader, is earned by completing the third challenge, Raided - "Brainiac sends Multiversal invader after invader to fight you. Show him you're much more." Don’t worry about not liking the looks of your epic gear set – once you’ve completed the whole thing, you can choose to transmogrify it, and make it look like another set (one that you actually like the looks of). This is the guide is meant for Robin in Injustice 2. If you're not getting good enough to actually win matches in the multiverse and online in PvP matches, then you're going ot have to watch that experience bar fill up inch by inch. For help with amassing all those Epics, check out our guide on How to Level Up and Get Gear Quickly. We’re doing the best we can to find the armors. They always drop epic items, but they’re hard to get. It's unclear what the plan is for the costumes after that - if they will make a return - but for now, that's the deadline to earn the movie gear for Flash, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman. There's no better carrot on a stick. Bane on the other hand benefits not only from clearly visible armor on his hands and arms, but those glowing tubes are the perfect accent. Injustice 2 has been universally hailed by fans as a more than worthy successor to the original game -- featuring a stellar story with eye-popping facial animations and a challenging (but rewarding) combat system. There are also no random rolls for Legendary gear, so every piece of Legendary gear will have exactly the same base stats across all characters, with the exception of Atrocitus, but more on that later. Warner Bros. Interactive and NetherRealm Studios released the Justice League movie gear in their Injustice 2 video game - here's how to unlock them. ├ Chapter 3 - The Brave and The Bold - in which players earn the Bracers of Rising Action. - in which players battle against another 5 enemies of average difficulty that rewards them with the Cyberverse Downloader arm. The bolt crest is a nice touch, but we're still not huge fans of this style of helmet. Copyright 2018 Injustice 2 Mobile Guide: How to Maximize Arena Points, Injustice 2 Guide: How to Level Up and Get Gear Quickly. └ Low-Tier Characters, ■ Story Mode Chapters Just as with The Flash, Cyborg's final battle suggests that players' Cyborg character is at least level 20 or higher, for they will be going up against Brainiac himself, one of the game's toughest opponents, in Dismantled - "Brainiac threatened you and your homeworld. It may sound easy, but I assure you that it's no walk in the Batcave. Now you shut him down." - which, again, has an average difficulty, though this time players will have to defeat 8 opponents, instead of 5. All 7 pieces of currently available gear have now been unlocked and shared by the community. Especially if you need something. Injustice 2 Guide: Power Leveling Characters to 20 in Versus Mode. During one of the scuffles, he killed Nightwing and also took on his armor. ├ AI Battle Simulator Mode Flash's first task is defeating 5 enemies in the Test Gone Wrong event, which is described as "While testing your limits, you may have opened a wormhole to another dimension." However, not only does the look of your character change, but their stats do as well. These gold items offer the best stat boosts to your fighters, but they’re also the hardest to get. You’ll have to obtain them the same way you got lesser items, but there are some shortcuts you can take. ├ Villain Characters Still, people who don't have the gear or who missed out the first time Wonder Woman's set debuted can now obtain the Diana Prince's costume. Capt. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. We're hoping and wishing that NetherRealm has added in, or will add in, some way for players to unlock the Brainiac ship suit that we see at the very end of the story mode. Yeah, that's exactly what this looks like, and we think that this is the perfect outfit to to rock online to intimidate your opponents. Bane is one of the characters who gets the most out of shaders thanks to his venom tubes. Defeating him will earn players Flash's final costume piece: Epic The Flash Wings - Wings of Central City's Guardian. Injustice. Let’s take a closer look at this controversial update. Each character has one piece of Legendary gear, and it is specifically for the Accessory gear slot. There are currently seven worlds available, with more to come at an undisclosed date.


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