if you could change one thing about the constitution, what would it be? essay
There would not be high taxes for that person, and low ones for another — the principle of the “progressive income tax,” which was one of Karl Marx’s ten principles from the Communist Manifesto. If you could change one thing about the constitution, what would it be? Income taxes could be applied at the State level, but, I think that States that abused this policy would find themselves quickly depopulated. The Federal government was to raise money from indirect taxes only — basically, sales taxes and tariffs. … Since it would probably be a good thing not to have every State with its own regulatory framework, the Federal level might be best. Taming the Supreme Court. The idea was a balance between a Democractic element with equal representation among the people (the Tribunes in Rome, the House of Commons in Britain, the House of Representatives in the United States), and an aristocratic element that represented property, business, talent and education. There are a number of things I would change: End the electoral college, increase the terms for house members, place restrictions on the second amendment and clarify the first. But, we are in a period where, before it is over, I think we will have changes in the Constitution, either formalized, or de facto. A new and up-to-date Amendment would repeal the Sixteenth Amendment and limit the Federal government to indirect (sales tax, tariff, VAT) taxes only. The best States would adopt something like the amazingly successful free-market-based system of Singapore, which produces some of the best results in the world at one-quarter the cost of the present U.S. system, while also providing universal coverage. With a century of hindsight, we find that the Framers mostly got it right the first time. Probably you have your own notions. Here is my list. Now is a good time to start discussing them. USM Healthcare would be entirely a matter for the States. I agree that it has become a monster, but I don’t think we can just eliminate it. This is simply a return to the Enumerated Powers of the original Constitution, and which served as the basic template until the explosion of welfare-related spending during the 1960s. The Texas Constitution is widely criticized, particularly with regard to the three branches of government. This would reduce the size of Federal spending by at least 50%, which means that we could also reduce Federal taxes. Senators should be limited to one term of six years. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. Some people might want to have an amendment outlawing abortion or whatever, but what I'm aiming at here is just a structural change in government as laid out in the constitution. GSBD I write about economic topics in the Classical or "supply side" tradition. A simple VAT at 10% would cover the whole thing. We are updating the Constitution to today’s knowledge and today’s needs. The “General Welfare Clause” was supposed to exclude what was known as “specific welfare” — that is, benefits for individuals. The United States Repeal the Seventeenth Amendment. The Constitution was designed to do two things; enhance and guarantee the personal liberty of each citizen and to restrain government. That’s why the checks and balances found elsewhere in the Constitution were not applied to the Supreme Court.


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