how to find out who cursed you
If it is on your property, that is much better because you have better access and more privacy. cleanse yourself and your home on a regular basis, Spells to Make You Beautiful [Powerful Beauty Spells]. Solutions that work in less than  24 hours with no side effects or backfire. Or does your man have an ex and he’s mentioned that she enjoyed magick? We have a professional tarot reading service here! You can also email me at if you want to talk about your situation. In the central point of the “X”, nail the nail a little, halfway or a little less, so that it is firm but not completely nailed, while saying: “I order you and I force you to reveal yourself, show yourself, come to me, and I also send you to stop right now what you do against me. That is; intended curses, unintended curses, and those curses just passed on. On that day, the person who comes first to ask you for something will be guilty of your illness. Even if you know where the hex came from and have successfully broken it, it’s always important to protect yourself from the negative things that are found in the universe. There are 3 options you can rely on to find out who cursed you. [Powerful Methods], Do Voodoo Dolls Work for Love Magick? Often, later generations have a difficult time in life until they discover the truth behind their misfortune and strive to break the hex themselves. That will be a sign that you have been able to break the curse and cancel or completely reverse its work. This is commonly seen when someone puts a hex on the family name. Someone has threatened to curse you, or you just feel cursed. If in that hour, that person contacts you in some way, especially if he/she comes to see you and mentions that he/she is hot, it is considered to be irrefutable proof that he/she is guilty because he/she “feels” the heat of your pot and what you are doing. It is only then that the family can experience any type of good fortune. I have helped hundreds of clients over the years, and I’d love to work with you as well. They may be relatives or friends. Instead, it will affect anyone in the house, or the house itself. Follow your instinct and open your mind and intuition to really catch the hints that the universe and magic want to send you to know the identity of the person who cursed you! Magickal Spot is a witchcraft site dedicated to offering magical education, and we do this thorough explanation of the craft and its many nuances. Other examples include: When there is a hex on a house, it will affect all living things in the house. The more detail the better but this is entirely optional. Before writing about how to find out who cursed you, let me first introduce to you the categories of curses. People may have amazing lives before moving into the home but will quickly see their life deteriorating as long as they live there. Stop now and come to me NOW!”. Although this can be helpful in preventing future problems, it is not necessary to break the curse. Which Crystals Cannot be Cleansed in Salt Water? 1- You need to have an object that belongs to the person; it can be a garment, something material, a glass, a shoe, a chain, a photograph that the person has given you or that you have taken but that is the property of the person and that she freely gives to you by her own will. Cleansing your entire home should be seen as routine maintenance for those that practice magick. You’ve been having the worst time of your life, with one bad thing after another happening, and you can’t shake the feeling that you’re definitely under some type of curse or hex. Knowing who cursed you can be very useful, not only to know who the person is who has been working or cursing you but so you can break their curse and banish it. Follow your instinct and open your mind and intuition to really catch the hints that the universe and magic want to send you to know the identity of the person who cursed you! Contact me if you are looking for How to find out who cursed you. Let’s see how to do it in easy, practical ways! Random objects may fall on people to cause injury, for example. I understand that this step of getting a personal item can be difficult, but it will not work any other way, therefore you need to use your ingenuity to obtain it. If you are experiencing such a situation, get to work right away! There are 3 options you can rely on to find out who cursed you. This includes members of the household, guests, and even pets. Knowing the person who cursed you is very helpful beside you can understand why they did it and also anticipate what they might do forth. You should do this checking method every day for one week. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you are concerned about evil witches casting bad magic your way, include a protective spell for yourself, your home, and your family in your regular maintenance as well. There are three categories of curses. It could happen that your sister or your aunt comes to ask you for something, or someone you can’t believe is guilty… and you lend her what she asks for. ], Here's How to Stop Black Magic Attacks [Different Methods], How to Remove a Binding Spell? Remove the Jacks from the deck and shuffle mindfully, asking the question “have I been cursed?” When the deck is shuffled place it face down and pull cards from the deck until you get to an ace, or until there are only 10 cards left in the deck then leave that pile face up. If in a whole week nobody has appeared, THAT PERSON YOU SUSPECT IS NOT GUILTY, so you should find another candidate and repeat the whole process to know who has used witchcraft on you for a full week again. You never know when someone will try to cast another one on you, your family, or your house. If nobody appears at that time, repeat everything the next day at the same time: Change the water in the pot, put salt in it, put the object or garment inside, and bring it to a boil. [With A Special Ritual], The In-Depth Explanation of Voodoo Symbols [Vevè Sigils], Hi, I’m Tina and I’m a Voodoo Spell Caster [How I Work]. 2- Once you have the object, you put it in a pot, fill it halfway with water, add a handful of salt, and bring it to a boil. Expect to see consistent financial troubles, career troubles, health problems, transportation problems, and overall horrible luck in business ventures. I provide these “do it yourself” articles for educational purposes, but it is strongly recommended that you consult an experienced spell caster such as myself and allow me to do the work for you. If at the time you are boiling the object, the person visits you, calls you, sends you an email, or sends another person on their behalf to tell you something, ask you for a favor, ask you for an object, or whatever, that will be the person who cursed you. You’ll be able to feel it in your gut if something is wrong with the house. If you’ve been cursed by someone else, your entire life will slowly start to deteriorate. Although a curse is highly unlikely, they are still happening. Your email address will not be published. That is; intended curses, unintended curses, and those curses just passed on. The person may come feeling very bad or crying. To deal with a curse (or any type of protection magick) take our magick ability test and we can guide you on your innate ability from there: Your email address will not be published. If your house has a hex on it, you’ll know. Boil until a full hour has passed since you started. Intended curses are those curses from bad or evil people who don’t like your progress. If you are not that much into spells and you just need a few hints about the person that might have cursed you, a tarot reading can be the right choice for you. [My Experience], How Do you Know if Someone Has Put Voodoo on You? First, consider anyone you may have wronged. Yes, you may travel but get many problems on the way perhaps you may not reach your destination. Use Code >> black15, Potent Black Magic for Hair Explained [How Can It Help You? If the person is strong and very protected, you may not be able to tell who has used this witchcraft against you. Although it’s more common to hex an individual, curses on families are quite common too. Complete cleansing rituals, such as salt baths, weekly. Did anyone mention anything, even if it was jokingly, about casting a spell on you? If you LEND WHAT HE/SHE ASKS FOR, you will annul your ritual and continue to suffer what he/she does against you. You can borrow something or directly take it yourself. 6- If the person shows up asking for something, you already know the cause, and you will leave the nail there, but you will take the trouble to hit it several times a day until the person shows up crying or suffering a lot for something. Before writing about how to find out who cursed you, let me first introduce to you the categories of curses. If this is the case, use a protective spell to protect yourself from future harm while you work to break the curse. What kind of experience do you have with magick? Getting information from people is not recommended to be done alone since some information can be misleading and may not help you solve that problem. These are signs that the entire family is under a curse: Signs of a hex on the family are often similar to those of an individual, but it occurs across every member of the family. There are several signs that you need to watch out for to determine if this is the cause of your bad luck.


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