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How does the brains of the Golden Trio, the proud muggleborn, react to finding out that she's actually a pureblood. Instead, her eyes swept the ballroom, looking for a glimpse of Cygnus. Polyandry. Hermione was excited for it, she hadn't been on a vacation in over five years. Cygnus Black was walking through the front garden, past the pool, towards the house. Having such a handsome man making such promises to her was certainly heady. I still don't understand why you picked me. ", "Miss... Miss Granger," Cygnus said, his unfocused eyes settling on her. "Boy, get me my cloak, I need to see Walburga. "May I have the next dance with the beautiful bride?" "Hey, you were the one who insisted on staying," he said. The killer couldn't help but wonder what the child could have been like if she had been raised by her parents. This was not coming from poor self-esteem or some false modesty. I'll help you get over my nephew. "Well, if all of the French girls are as pretty as you are, I understand why he didn't give the good, English pureblood girls a second look." Sure, he could be a little bit brusque sometimes and he wasn't quick with affection, but he was invested in his children's lives and wanted the best for them. Whomever took Hermione killed them. Thoughts swirled through the eldest Black sisters head, mind jumbled and a mess. When Cygnus asked her if she would marry him, she had been shocked, and nearly dissolved into tears in front of his whole family thinking about how devious he'd been. But her baby sister meant the world to her. "Bella. She heard Cygnus chuckle in the darkness, before he pressed his lips against hers again, his tongue sliding between her lips to tangle with her own. The dark witch turned on her heel and marched farther into her home that she shared with her husband and his younger brother. The brunette realized then that she had grown quite a bit since she'd come into the past. I'm hoping to pick up updates again soon. She barely cried, preferring to sleep or observe. He murmured into her ear, before pulling back to give her a conspiratorial smirk. Hermione had determined that Cygnus was soon to be forty, as Ursula had already talked to her about planning his birthday party in August. But they did, and she was kidnapped, stolen the same night her parents were murdered in their room. He twirled her around the room, and Hermione found her stomach sinking. "Mr Black, we're just here to ask for Sirius to be allowed back into Grimmauld Place to collect his stuff whilst his parents are away," she said. He said, before pressing his lips against hers again. Cygnus told her it was going to be okay, and how thrilled he was that his children were going to have such a loving and thoughtful mother. Cygnus had made a lot of assumptions about her, and she had made many about him as well. His hands were warm when he slid him under her slip, up over her thighs and waist, until the bit of silk was over her head. A horrifying sight met the second youngest Black sister. Druella and Cygnus swore she was the most well behaved of their daughters. It was the sound of a woman giving birth. What was she going to do with Tommy while they were gone? Hermione got to her feet as Cygnus turned on the radio with a swish of his wand. Pairing: Hermione/Cygnus. He'd wrapped an arm around her shoulders, and guided her up the three flights of stairs to one of the only rooms she hadn't intruded into yet. She was twenty-one now. Being married to Cygnus Black was going to give Tommy a stable life, and with a real father figure in his life. There are legends among the pureblood families about Keepers-special witches who have the power to restore a fallen House. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. She asked if they could speak about it privately, and she was glad he agreed, sending his family away for the evening. Then I'll do whatever you want," he promised. The four Black wizards ranged themselves around Hermione in a protective formation and made their way carefully toward Twilfitt and Tatting's. My Hermione." Maybe there was a spell that could help them track Hermione without using her blood. Hermione Black proved to be an amazing newborn. They could act like adults and work through things if they weren't instantly best friends. She'll have to look. And not just any pureblood. "Am I not attractive enough? "We should run away together. Before she could think on it anymore, a shorter blond wizard came up. "Please excuse me, I must dance with my new head of house." "Hermione. Brutus didn't carry either trait as well as her former classmate did. She could feel something building inside of her, but she didn't think it would get anywhere near the orgasm that Lavender and Parvati used to giggle about and she had yet to experience. "Missing? It quickly began to feel good to Hermione, but it was by no means some earth shattering experience. Hermione Granger could object, but Hermione Millefeuille could not. The frail, exhausted voice of Druella cut through the medi-witches muttering. Narcissa pushed open the door of the master suite, the creaking echoing through the silent house. I thought that Thomas was really your son, and this whole story about Merope was just a cleverly designed little plot.". "I'm not going to run away with you.". Muggleborn girls are so much less complicated.". "Dead. He'd held her in the parlor after his family had left via floo, all the while her mind was spinning with thoughts and questions. Hermione had been incredibly nervous to join Cygnus in his bedroom after they floo'd back to his - or, she supposed it was their home, now - home. "What is it? This was about Tommy, and giving him the best possible life. Bella demanded, the fury building in her dark eyes. Hermione supposed she couldn't fault his logic, but it didn't seem right for him to tell her this on their wedding day. He asked. I didn't worry about the match.". September 30th, 1979. The twenty-one year old clutched her chest when an empty crib was all that came into view. She tried to say respectfully. The Dark Lord wouldn't for he had nothing to gain, and the light would never stoop so low. "Both as insane as each other. The ceremony had been short and sweet. He broke your heart and you want... you... you want to go to his room and get a souvenir?". With her knickers discarded, he covered her body again, using his hand to position himself at her entrance. Hermione tried not to tense, knowing that it would make it hurt more, but she was not prepared for him to just thrust into her, thinking he would be a bit more thoughtful. ", "You're right," he slurred. I swear, we will find Hermione." Cygnus pressed her back against the bed, and Hermione lay as still as possible, listening to the sounds of his breathing and nimble fingers undoing the buttons and clasps of his dress robes, until they fell in a heap to the floor. She could kiss any chance of getting married goodbye and any chance at a job. He kissed her as soon as he shut the door behind him, and with the lights off, he used fumbled with the back of her dress, eager to get her out of it. Sirius was very aware of the curious stares and the slight frowns that they received, and he schooled his face to an impassive mask. Druella, whom was still recovering from giving birth, sat up and gave a small scream of shock and fear. His grey eyes were blazing with heat, and it made Hermione's heart skip a beat. A house-elf followed behind her trying to take her coat. Feeling hot tears well up in her eyes, Hermione closed her eyes tightly, wanting to remove this whole day from her memory. "Why would I lie about that?" "Mr Black," she said, ignoring Sirius' muffled laughter from next to her. Her own grandparents had an arranged marriage and they were the most in love couple she'd known, still going strong after seventy years together. A muggle house like any other, at first sight. Hermione Astra Black.". Your review has been posted. ", Hermione tried to keep smiling. Cygnus Black/Hermione Granger Summary In which Hermione is a Graveyard Witch, who can resurrect a House fallen in dishonor, and summons from beyond the Veil Sirius, Regulus, Orion and Cygnus. Cygnus Black (282) Druella Rosier Black (261) Bellatrix Black Lestrange (256) Narcissa Black Malfoy (250) Andromeda Black Tonks (196) Walburga Black (161) Sirius Black (153) Cygnus Black III (151) Lucius Malfoy (150) Orion Black (149) Include Relationships Lucius Malfoy/Narcissa Black Malfoy (95) Cygnus Black/Druella Rosier Black (75) Tommy had looked adorable in his tiny dress robes, in Dorea's eager arms. They would have been at each other's' throats ninety percent of the time, and too timid to do anything else the other ten percent. "I didn't...I didn't marry you for your money Cygnus." She watched as her sister paced like a caged animal, thinking. Bella vowed, fingering her wand ready to curse the one who harmed her family. He'd chatted with her quietly at dinner, ignoring his family and colleagues, choosing instead to ask her questions about things that she liked. Fifty Hermione pairings [1] Bill [2] Sirius [3] Remus [4] Cygnus [5] James [6] Harry [7] Percy [8] Theo [9] Severus [10] James - Hermione can't work out why no-one figured out the Marauders before now. A/N: Huge huge thank you to everyone who favoited, followed and reviewed after last chapter! The birth of Narcissa hadn't been easy on his wife, nearly costing her her life, it was why they decided against trying again for a son. Over two decades in fact. "What an excellent treat. And now, she was a bit disappointed to know that her first sexual experience was going to involve Cygnus Black. Something was wrong. They were quickly becoming friends and from friendship could come affection, and eventually someday, love. If it didn't...well, what was that old saying, lie back and think of England? To Hermione's surprise, it was a pearl ring surrounded by tiny emeralds and diamonds. I like it, Dru. Any woman living in this time period would be a fool to say no to Cygnus Black, and that's what he was counting on. She'd accepted his proposal and the very next day, he'd brought home an heirloom ring a day later. There wasn't going to be a big wedding, just a simple bonding ceremony with drinks and dancing afterwards for Cygnus's colleagues at the Wizengamot, so they barely needed any time to plan. She really did go look for Sirius, wanting to keep her mind busy for the rest of the evening. Pulling back, he lovingly pushed the curly hair out of her face, before giving her one last kiss, before he rolled over onto his back, staring up at the ceiling. A mindset that proved difficult for Bellatrix to keep, anger and frustration came naturally to her, and she always tended to act on it. His body pressed against her's tightly, Cygnus began to rock his hips, thrusting in and out of her over and over again. Would one mistake cost him his wife? Being angry meant being irrational, and it would make getting her sister back near impossible. Did I do something wrong?" "Eager for me, are you little witch? Right? One and the same. In the end, it was the thought of children that made up Hermione's mind. Hermione nodded her head, glancing across the table at a bemused Sirius. Groaning, her husband gave up his hold on her and instead, moved his hands down to remove her of the last bit of clothing that was separating them.


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