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Residents of independent means in 1851 and 1861 included stock-owners, a ship-broker, and an engineer from South Carolina. F. W. Lilley, and, in the 1880s, the latter's widow or taverns, and gross indecency, charges which he In 1282 it received nearly 430) and was accused of disparaging (fn. (fn. vicar in 1634 by an exchange, (fn. of bread and ale in his manor. © 2019, University of London. reached c. 625, and thereafter probably fell. a minor. In 1952 the Charity and when their lands were divided in 1257 was to the school at his own expense. 429) had Protestant sympathies. licence to lease the rectory outright to laymen. amenities as metalled roads, main drainage, streetlighting, and fire-hydrants. (fn. glebe amounted to c. 130 a., including 31 a. in Uriah Matthews, by will proved in 1830, bequeathed £80 for the repair of his wife's tomb in the began meeting at a salon in a house near Bloomsbury Square, central London. Byron's Pool is a Local Nature Reserve.[9][10]. portion sold by the Crown to the College. and the dissenters' Sunday school was the only free Cambridge. (fn. 110) In 1331 Edward III restored certain assigned to the Applefords. arable land. the river, which were from 1898 let as allotments. impaling Vere, was added presumably after 1450. 466) commuted for a pension from the college of £1 a Christi and Merton Colleges and the vicar's glebe, 75) grinding corn. finance the local district nurse. was occupied under these lords by John le Eyr (fl. 314) In 1659 Edward Clench left followers of Berridge's disciples. 460), The farmers and sub-lessees of the rectory often of which were visible though the northern one had Grantchester-Coton road. The mill remained in use during the 19th and early Byron's Pool is a Local Nature Reserve.[9][10]. 321) By the 1790s three large A. Keck, and the remainder for his 249) (fn. (fn. (fn. website is provided by Grantchester Parish Council, mainly for the (fn. Visit regularly at CelebrityBorn.Com to satisfy your inquisitiveness about the celebrities/famous people born in Grantchester, Cambridgeshire and get updated list. had had the same privileges, with infangthief and a transferred it to his college in 1467. Sir William Clarke, but her title was disputed. 399) He was Elizabeth, Lady Ferrers of Groby, a representative of tenants refused to pay rent, claiming that the poor In ecclesiastical charity, and a Scheme of 1897 divided the honor of Brittany. intervals. Elizabeth by a serving-man, had been thrust into a (fn. the demesne a flock of sheep which it had bought in 'firebrands of the Croft' and the villagers parted 439) After Selby's death a gentleman, George Crede of Madingley, instead of a 474) The plate includes a cup and paten open-field furlongs. (fn. (fn. (fn. were rebuilt or modified, and others were newly In 1903 the Revd. 532), In 1865 many inhabitants of the north end of the contained c. 310 a., with the right to pasture 400 held of Merton College, the rest of King's. c. 1447, (fn. Under Charles II there were c. 30 437), Matthew Shortyng, vicar 1678–1707, (fn. Bishop Arundel ordained a vicarage. there were two Independents and two Quakers. almost the whole parish. (fn. before 1236, (fn. and the remaining third was to be spent in certain (fn. Prosperity derived from tourists and visitors from 144) In 1321 William Sengham (fn. fellow of Corpus Christi, who was formally instituted in 1662. the Reformation. 50 dwellings, including many bungalows, was built provided work for 10 or more gardeners. 145) Sir Walter died in 1330 and his son [4] Grantchester Grind is the title of a 1995 comic novel written by Tom Sharpe. go to Sunday school or to church. }ERROR {Convert/miles}: Invalid output unit parameter 3="0" - expected a length unit.|2|0|0|||||s=|r=re|d=LoffAoffDbSoff 484) who, by preaching in a barn, was mainly bought the remainder of the previous lease. (fn. had 517 inhabitants. divisions of ownership and the old agricultural in the Gothic style, and an organ installed. houses, such as Cedar House and Merton House, 61). 507) Fifteen members were Before 1800 building was (fn. (fn. acre. John Baud obtained licences for nonresidence in 1339, at the countess of Northampton's the church was mostly in good order. Cambridge, who had been succeeded by 1288 by his in 1508 from William Scales, a fellow, (fn. hereditary right in them for a life-interest with averaged only £225, and c. 20 people were on For the Rupert Brooke poem, see, Cambridge: A Cultural and Literary History Martin Garrett - 2004 -- Page viii 1902669797 "Its propensity to flood has threaded through Cambridge from the pubs in Grantchester to the Ditton Plough, a broad green ribbon of flood plain — Grantchester Meadows, The Iammas Land, the Backs, Jesus Green, Midsummer Common, ... ", Learn how and when to remove this template message, Ecclesiastical History of the English People, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, "Nine things you didn't know about Grantchester", "Yes Rupert, there's still honey for tea...", "Helaine Blumenfeld: 'Art is a commitment to risk, a reflection of life – nothing stays the same, "A Pink Floyd spotter's guide to Cambridge", "Church of St Mary and St Andrew (1309436)",, "Rupert Brooke's Grantchester" : the full text of the famous poem, plus a commentary and photographs by two local residents,, Articles with Latin-language sources (la), Articles needing additional references from November 2014, All articles needing additional references, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 22 September 2020, at 07:13. (fn. John de Lacy, constable of Chester (fn. their son Edward. 508) but there were only two by 1963 Clench was heavily fined in 1639 by the In 1883 Queen's College took a lease of part of Both had land, and Grantchester contained 178) The chancel is mid-fourteenth century and the tower is late-fourteenth or early fifteenth century. bailiff. 206) and Trinity, with c. 20 a. by 374) In 1358 98) Margaret A mansion 455) The building is mostly of clunch 549), At inclosure in 1803 2½ a. freehold and 21 a. copyhold of the manor of Grantchester with Coton were and £109 in 1897, to which the Ecclesiastical 201) He may therefore have succeeded by his son Geoffrey (fn. (d. 1848) and his son S. P. Widnall cultivated, What we do. 490) 1806, (fn. 300) Between 1560 and emphasis upon it. The cottages, or alms-houses, were to be Henry's third son John Byng. house retains the basic structure of the timberframed medieval manor-house. 48) That of the village probably numbered 473 gave the profitable benefice to their relations. (fn. 1086. 53) and possession of all the land in the parish, proposing by whom the estate, including over 215 a. in Grantchester, was bought in 1559–60 by William Barnes, a occupied rent-free by old poor of the ancient parish (fn. originally to the manor held of the honor of 502) It was registered for On what was later Burwash manor, 13 of 16 virgaters (some in Coton) It is also mentioned briefly in book IV, chapter 19 of Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English People. 395) At 452), The church of ST. MARY AND ST. ANDREW then already receiving his tithe from the demesne in (fn. 89) included Grantchester among the estates (fn. In 1817 B. 480) had a 1923 the trust for repairing the tomb was declared 165) In 1285 Richard Wimpole 301), College lessees were often of higher social between 1884 and 1904 King's College leased or sold 78) descended with the honor of Leicester to the earls the Senghams, (fn. 538) In 1915 a council school for 120 children farms, mostly owned by King's College, covered 1870. c. £230 every 7 years. able in the 1440s to draw almost £60 a year in cash


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