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With Mr Osborne eyeing the keys to Downing Street once David Cameron steps down as Tory leader, it was today revealed the Chancellor has splashed the cash on his cadre of taxpayer-funded special advisers. In May, Mr Osborne revealed that he was in a relationship with Thea Rogers, 38, his former chief of staff who works at Deliveroo. Former Conservative MP and Evening Standard editor George Osborne has found love again after the end of his 21-year marriage, this time with 38-year-old Thea Rogers, his former chief of staff. Who is Brad Pitt's new girlfriend, 27-year-old multi-linguist and model Nicole Poturalski? The total bill for taxpayers for the Government's special advisers in 2015-16 is £8.4m. Is he happier now than when his children were born? Last week, we saw some nice pics of him looking slim and suntanned, wearing cool jeans, a casual blue shirt and New Balance trainers. She's definitely got a type, too, having dated other politicians including Ameetpal Gill, David Cameron's chief speechwriter-turned-director of strategy, and James Purnell, the former Labour Cabinet Minister. The new couple were spotted arriving via private jet in the South of France for a holiday recently, By She has also worked for the BBC as a Political Editor's Producer and a Senior Producer on Newsnight. we saw some nice pics of him looking slim and suntanned, Cummings has “followed the instincts of every father”, happier than ever with his young partner – to whom he is engaged, Joe Wicks’ weekend remarks matter so much, though now married to Rosie Jones , and a father of two, the way he treated his ex-girlfriend Caroline Ekström, a Swedish owner of a fashion company, When the Nevada result will be out, why it's taken so long and how many votes it has, Who is winning 2020 US election? In 2015, she became his chief of staff. Rogers, 30, is an intriguing figure who excites members on both sides of … Millennials like him are not only fitter but also emotionally more literate than those of previous generations. Welcome to Tatler. George Osborne divorced and in a relationship with Thea Rogers, like him, an Oxford alumni, who’s had a successful career in media and comms (Photo: Leon Neal/Getty) George Osborne was … Still worth the trip? Not surprising, I guess. Their values are biddable. I was with her for 10 years. She also worked on Labour's 2005 re-election campaign, before switching to the Torys. The 31-year-old aide who contracted coronavirus shortly before President Donald Trump, Prince George can keep his fossil shark tooth from Sir David Attenborough after all. The prime ministerial hopeful now employs ten close aides, many more than Home Secretary Theresa May - who is among his rivals to replace Mr Cameron as Conservative leader. Among the big-earners on Mr Osborne's team is Thea Rogers, who is now paid £98,000 to mark a £28,750 pay rise (42 per cent) to her salary from last year. TRIAL OFFER: 3 Issues for £1. Ace! As the US President Donald Trump and the First Lady Melania Trump confirm that they have tested positive for coronavirus, who is the loyal aide who travelled with them on Air Force one and tested positive herself on Wednesday? The Chancellor has shed a noticeable amount of weight after going on the fashionable 5:2 diet and also sports a close-cropped haircut these days. Being Boris Johnson means never having to be faithful or ethical or considerate. The vice-president of global communications and policy at Deliveroo is Thea Rogers, who was a special adviser to Mr Osborne when he was the Tory chancellor. And say sorry to those who have loved you. Real men, he shows, can be introspective and thoughtful. George Osborne has dramatically altered his image since becoming Chancellor in 2010. He tells those who care to know that he’s “never been happier” in his hitherto wholly privileged life. Speaking to The Times, he said of Ms Rogers, 'I probably have never been happier in my life'. Learn from that Mr Osborne and Mr Johnson. That is why Joe Wicks’ weekend remarks matter so much. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. She was even involved in a media storm surrounding the latter in 2007, after it was revealed he had used his government car to take her on dates, breaking ministerial code. She encouraged him when he started his keep-fit videos. As well as a recent high-profile visit to China, Mr Osborne is also now regularly seen wearing a hard hat and high-vis jacket during trips to building sites and factories across Britain. You recover, remake a broken life, but a part of you forever feels like a reject. Sorry, there was a problem with your subscription. Rebecca Cope, Seven-year-old George joined his father at the family shooting party, By I personally doubt he has any capacity for empathy. Some people really do have it all. A document released by the Government today reveals Mr Osborne now has five advisers paid more than £63,000 a year, the level at which their actual pay packet has to be declared. Having transformed the public image of former Chancellor George Osborne, Thea Rogers is following her ex-boss into the lucrative corporate world. He’s divorced and in a relationship with Thea Rogers, like him, an Oxford alumni, who’s had a successful career in media and comms. One wonders if Mr Johnson extended compassion to the woman who put up with his shenanigans for decades and bore four of his children. Ms Rogers, 10 years younger than her lover, “metrosexualised” the then chancellor by getting him to diet and modernise his hairstyle and suits. Hope Coke. newspaper archive. Latest live results in the presidential race, How far you can travel for exercise during the second lockdown in England, When the new Covid lockdown rules began, and how long the restrictions will last, How many Argos UK branches there are, and why Sainsbury's has announced 420 closures. Let’s turn to our PM, who said that Cummings has “followed the instincts of every father”. She reportedly 'metrosexualised' him, improving his diet and wardrobe, as well as his hair cut. Rebecca Cope. Dishearteningly and infuriatingly, the media colludes in the erasure of past wives and lives. Four of his appointments were buried in the footnote of the document, with one of these currently on maternity leave. The former producer to ex-BBC political editor Nick Robinson is widely known to be the inspiration behind Mr Osborne's transformed personal image since being hired two years ago. He was only recently promoted to editor-in-chief at the Evening Standard, with Emily Sheffield, David Cameron’s sister-in-law, and the former Deputy editor of Vogue, replacing him as editor. Among the big-earners on Mr Osborne's team is Thea Rogers, who is now paid £98,000 to mark a £28,750 pay rise (42 per cent) to her salary from last year. She currently works as VP of Global Comms and Policy at Deliveroo, a position she has held for almost 3 and a half years. Did Osborne consider how his wife Frances, mother of his two children, would have felt about his newfound, ultimate happiness? According to newspaper reports, his ex-wife Marina – who had just completed treatment for cervical cancer – and four children were “crushed” when they heard about the fiancée and her pregnancy.


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