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My wife has been converted. The vast majority of Bourbon is made in Kentucky, which remains its spiritual home. Registered Office: Elixir House, Whitby Avenue, Park Royal, London NW10 7SF, UK. Ezra Brooks Bourbon. Under the North American Free ... Kentucky is a state in the central-eastern United States with a long history of alcohol production. Just checked the EB in my cupboard and it is clearly labled 45% Alch, i.e., 90 proof. My youngest daughter is about to be married and Ezra will be the only bourbon at the reception! My Ezra black is 90 proof 45 percent alcohol, "The harsh, useful things of the world, from pulling teeth to digging potatoes, are best done by men who are as starkly sober as so many convicts in the death-house, but the lovely and useless things, the charming and exhilarating things, are best done by men with, as the phrase is, a few sheets in the wind." Posted on July 28, 2011 | By TheEnabler | 39 Comments. I do not get the tobacco hint that I like in bourbons, but that does not kill the deal on a bourbon at this price. Well, I decided I would at least taste it. it was nice to get an inexpensive bottle of bourbon and have the cork too. EB is the only bourbon I drink – period. You can get it for under $15 in most parts of the United States. 5 (1 Review) Not Available. [See more], Free delivery in San Francisco over $150.Standard delivery 1 weekOnly ships to USA [See more], State shipping regulations apply.$12.99 shipping in select regions. Here is my quick reply. Users have rated this product 3.5 out of 5 stars. 1.75 L bottle- from $24.99 View More Sizes Check Availability. Buy a bottle, you will not be disappointed. [See more], Shipping Wine to 40+ States, Spirits to 25+ States.Contact store for full list.Standard delivery 1 weekNo minimum order. YES, IT WAS! I am definitely going to look closer at the label from now on! I approve the commitment! My point was that I try to look for cheap bourbon that is reasonably decent. I feel sad that 12 of us have chosen to switch because of a silly thing like a cork but it has happened.Hope someday soon the cork will return on Ezra. Local delivery within WANo minimum order. [See more]. If the EB website is to be believe, they’re cutting this proud economical warrior down to 80 proof!! Scooter Butt, if you like corks, Bird Dog is a fairly new (flavoured) whiskey with a cork top; I actually found it such a pain to get off (and then back on) to the bottle, I used the whole 750 in a day. Okay, kind of got lost there. And 90 Proof this 80 proof is weak . Stores and prices for 'Ezra Brooks Black Label Kentucky Straight Bour ... ' | prices, stores, tasting notes and market data. Price: $25 (2020) Official Website ... Ezra Brooks, Yellowstone, David Nicholson, Blood Oath, and Lux Row Distillers Double Barrel Bourbon. Check with the merchant for stock availability. Apparently I had touched a nerve with the owner in the back. Ezra Brooks bourbon is one of the few bourbons that is still 90 proof. Ezra Brooks Bourbon Review – The Best of the Cheap. Category Bourbon Region Kentucky, United States ABV 45 % Product description. [See more], Ships to most US states.Standard delivery 1 weekWorldwide Delivery The company has largely been a non-distiller producer and is thought to have sourced their bourbon from Heaven Hill. Click & Collect in UK.Free local delivery in UK on orders over £75.Standard delivery 1 week Ezra Brooks bourbons are, from our standpoint, of somewhat mysterious origins. Very fine stuff for the price. We are still open. 4 Years Old. [See more], Most orders ship within 24 hoursStandard delivery 1 weekOnly ships to USA, Free local, 1 day delivery in Rhode Island.Standard delivery 1 weekNo minimum order. Ezra Brooks Black Label Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey USA. As opposed to “jack” and it’s acrid pungency. Under the North American Free ... Kentucky is a state in the central-eastern United States with a long history of alcohol production. Just remember that if you are going to have it neat, just a splash of water to open it up. Although previously distilled to 90 Proof (45% ABV), the current release is 80 Proof (40% ABV). I look for a little bite. Several friends and I have been drinking Ezra Brooks for at least 15 years now and none of us really buy it now. Buy Ezra Brooks Bourbon Whiskey 1L online and have bourbon shipped fast! You have the right to cancel your order at any time without being charged for the goods ordered within 14 days of purchasing (other than for perishable or personalised products or those products that have been specified as non-returnable). I prefer Ezra Brooks to Evan Williams Black, although the Evan Williams is also a good purchase. It is charcoal filtered, which helps smooth and mellow the flavor but there is still a bit of pepper. From Luxco I usually buy Rebel Yell but when needing a change of pace I like Ezra Brooks. [See more], Ships to most US states.Spirits offers are only available for pick up or local delivery.Standard delivery 1 week Standard delivery 1 weekNo minimum order. Best price on Ezra Brooks bourbon whiskey at Ace Spirits. And so I got a small mix drink glass out, put a good jigger of Ezra in it, topped exactly with 2 ice cubes and the rest with Vernor’s ginger ale (it has to be Vernors, the other just suck). Our boxes are made of 100% recyclable cardboard. Their reason was cost related and said it is still the same bourbon. I drink it on the rocks or with just a splash of Coke. As I was heading toward the bourbon area an older man who worked there went to the back of the store and started doing stuff on the shelves. [See more], Local delivery within CTNo minimum order. Wine-Searcher's historical data and benchmark analysis provides trustworthy and valuable insights into likely market trends. Bourbon is a style of corn-based, barrel-aged whiskey that originated in the southern United States. 4.7 (7 Reviews) Bourbon / 45% ABV / Kentucky, United States. Recently we have had to give it up. I am 63 and have been drinking Ezra since ’66. A bit light-flavored but very smooth, especially considering that it’s 90 proof. Wine-Searcher's historical data and benchmark analysis provides trustworthy and valuable insights into likely market trends. Mash flavor, that's it. ~Mark Twain, | Elements of SEO is Powered by WordPress | Accessible Website Development - Alibi Productions. Reviews. In my case I am getting wimpier in my old age and head toward the wheaters. My favorite liquor store began carrying Ezra bottled in St Louis. According to Ezra Brooks it’s “authentic honest bourbon” and it’s marketed as a “rugged spirit” for the adventurers of the world. [See more], Local delivery within FLNo minimum order. The bourbon is aged for seven years in new, charred white oak barrels. To summarize, if you have a limited booze-budget, and who does not in this day and age, you cannot go wrong with keeping Ezra around for regular use. Herbal notes are accompanied by orchard fruits, cinnamon, liquorice and burnt caramel. SAY IT ISN’T SO, LUXCO!!! I love EB so much that my dog (5 yr. old black lab, female) is named Ezra. I am pressed for time so I will put a more detailed response or post up a bit later. The vast majority of Bourbon is made in Kentucky, which remains its spiritual home. I grew up drinking JD….. My older brother turned me on to Ezra as he put it “JD’s cheap cousin”. I’m a bourbon lover and have been drinking it for 20 years. Other states produce Bourbon however, particularly Kentucky's neighbor Tennessee. Stores and prices for 'NV Ezra Brooks Black Label Kentucky Stra ... ' | tasting notes, market data, prices and stores in UK. Used to prefer “smoother” sippers like Makers, but as my taste buds have aged (worn out?) Enjoy! I was going to complain to the store but decided to look at the back of the rack and found a bottle with Louisville as the distillery. The price is really what keeps it bottom-shelf. Slide {current_page} of {total_pages} - You May Also Like. Eagle Rare is not a cheap bourbon. Search results prioritize 1 sponsor listings. We have ABC stores and they tell me it is from the supplier. Upgrade to PRO to view all 640 results for the location you've chosen. Make Offer - 1979 Ezra Brooks Bourbon Whiskey Heritage China Vintage Clown Decanter EZRA BROOKS 1976 Republican National Convention Heritage China Decanter $24.99 But the all loved it. “I am always on the look-out for cheap bourbon.” “A couple of people told me this was one of the best cheap bourbons I will….” “ECONOMICAL!” came the cry from the back. I like it better than everything in its price range, and most higher end stuff like Maker’s. © 2020 Wine-Searcher™ All rights reserved. However, we went to visit the father-in-law and he gave us a hundred bucks and said that we had to spend it on booze (thank you thank you thank you). Learn more about our COVID‑19 precautions. Ezra Brooks Bourbon *Packaging may vary. It says “90” on the label, but the fine print at the bottom denotes 80 proof, same as the white label. Old Ezra Brooks 15 Year Old Bourbon. EB has a caramel finish that I find most gratifying. Although previously distilled to 90 Proof (45% ABV), the current release is 80 Proof (40% ABV). Whiskey Liqueur is broadly defined as a member of the liqueur family where whiskey is the base spirit and an influential flavor in the beverage. Made by Heaven Hill for Luxco to distribute. Critics have scored this product 86 points. I was, and am, a big fan of Old Grandad. The bourbons originate in Kentucky as "straight" bourbon, which requires at least 2 years of new barrel aging. Continuing on, I spotted Ezra Brooks bourbon at $9.00 a bottle, and I grabbed one. There is a bit of brown sugar or maple sugar to it. A highly-rated Kentucky straight bourbon matured for an impressive 15 years. Ownership: Lux Row Distillers. Still aged in new charred American white oak barrels and bottled the old-fashioned way, Ezra Brooks is as honest as they come. Although previously distilled to 90 Proof (45% ABV), the current release is 80 Proof (40% ABV). [See more]. I feel that it is almost on par with Maker’s Mark (which I love). “I have heard that this is a great cheap bourbon, but I haven’t had it before.” I said. The whiskey was much darker in color and didn’t taste the same. Copyright © The Whisky Exchange 1999-2020. It is one of the top 10 wine-producing states in the country, responsible for some 2 million gallons (7.6 million liters) a year, but it is far better known for the production of Bourbon. ENJOY!!! Very recently? The Ezra Brooks black label is no longer 90 proof. Super good taste and perfect for having a good ol time, been samplin bourbons for about 6 months this bourbon is fantastic of about 20 bourbons sampled top 5 for sure. Also, if you can find it, there’s an “Old Ezra 101”, that I’ve found to be a VERY viable sub to the “Turkey” bourbon. I paid my money and said thanks for the cheap bourbon and walked out the door to the expected “Economical!”. I have enjoyed Ezra for about 15 years and I’m looking for a new bourbon. On my 1st and last bottle of eb! View cart for details.


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