empty mineral tubs
Works like a charm on price stickers as well as removing black marker from things you buy at a resale shop. You can either nurse the plant back or toss/compost it and keep the pot. Any farm store would have it. Nice to know I’m not the only one who does this stuff. They’ll start multiplying and creating new plants. Write me here [ if its OK with Mavis….???] CADDELL MOUNTAIN RANCH RAISING TEXAS LONGHORN CATTLE IN WEST VIRGINIA. CA Supply Chain Act. She was kind of a little standoffish about it also. | “Knock yourself out.”. Lowes informed me this weekend that they send pots back to the growers for “credit” or something like that. If it will leach into the soil, why wouldn’t it leach into the food being stored in it? I used 10 5-gallon pots to neatly stack all the branches I pruned off my fruit trees, which are now stored neatly in the shed. They’re always happy to get rid of their boxes, and the smaller sizes make them easier to carry while moving. I go behind the local store and get all the 2 gallon pots ( without drain holes ) that they sell cut flowers in. Not only did I get a boatload of large black plastic pots for the greenhouse from the Home Depot, but I also stopped by the Albertsons bakery department and asked if they had any cookie or frosting buckets they wanted to get rid of. I save the large pickle jars to put dried foods (beans etc) in. Packaged primarily in the 225 pound size, they resist the elements, not digestion. September 2012 They are food grade so I did not have to worry about any paint or other hazardous chemicals. I do this with all my containers….works every time…. I just love your blog. You can wash the container out with bleach, but the pickle smell remains. I then run electric fence wire through the holes and around the post to keep the feeder in place. I use kitty tidy cat litter boxes to plant in.just drill holes in bottom and keep lid to store soil for next year.they stack beautifully and free.the boxes make great trash boxes too.I leave handle on for easy moving.only problem I’ve found it can’t get label off so I cover 28th pretty contact paper, What brand of green house is that and where did you get it. That was an awesome find. It will let water through but the weeds dont come through. They have a cafeteria for the employees and I asked one of the cooks if I could have their pickle buckets. Andrew Stickler & Mitchell C. Stickler: the goal of this website is to assist those who are considering raising livestock for the first time.Andrew Stickler is a student at Clemson University. I will definitely look into that and Lowe’s as well. I saw online if you use equal parts baking soda and vegetable oil, make a runny paste, rub the paste over sticky residue and then let it sit for about 10 minutes. Start saving all your vegetable tri mings, cut grass, newspaper, old phone books(no slick color pages) and start a compost pile. Heat the labels up with a blow dryer and they will possibly peel off easy. Thank you for that very useful info. November 2012 The house is on a hill and already had two raised beds in the yard, one of bricks and the other concrete blocks, which I completed filled with herbs and veggies. I talked to one of the sales people if I could have them at lower price or free (just to save those seedlings) – I was told that they are all for trash that they don’t give it away or sell it at lower price. I have shipped stuff from the UK in these and nothing got broken. July 2015 April 2016 It’s glorious, and is at dollar tree! Anyway got some really good plants that are still thriving. .. it’s usually around this time they do this. The boxes were just the right size for me to be able to move on my own. We planted shrubs a few years ago and kept the pots and cut the bottoms off and use them around newly potted garden plants till they are established good and to help keep rabbits away from them. Home depot does not have to return anything that is not sold or damaged as greeenhouses realize plants are alive and things do happen. this worked and fast! Interested in seedling flats and larger pots, also. Any feed store should have them. I also drill two 3/4 inch holes in the bottom side of the feeder to keep water from accumulating too much. They feed minerals to their cattle and it comes in these big tubs. ANOTHER PLACE to get Pots and buckets is GARBAGE DAY for any town around you……. I tried your technique once at Walmart in late spring 2013 when they were throwing pallets of sad looking pack of flowers. You can find deals online as well. Also you can find cheap or free dirt on craigslist or other local sale boards (like your local news sites). We used to go to the day old bakeries, back in the day and get all their past dsted bread, goodies etc for our chickens.


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