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In 1913 Streicher married Kunigunde Roth, a baker’s daughter, in Nuremberg. [22], Nearly religiously converted by this speech, Streicher believed from this point forward that, "it was his destiny to serve Hitler".[23]. Then suddenly a shout. [44], Streicher later claimed that he was only "indirectly responsible" for passage of the anti-Jewish Nuremberg Laws of 1935, and that he felt slighted because he was not directly consulted. The nursing home, Hill View Cottage, still exists, and Bright received confirmation that the nurse had indeed worked there as a midwife at the right time. As a woman she was so very tall, you had to laugh to see it. Either one or both of Streicher's sons collaborated in some of their father's work with Der Stürmer or other publications. [17], In November 1923, Streicher participated in Hitler’s first effort to seize power, the failed Beer Hall Putsch in Munich. His publishing firm also released three antisemitic books for children, including the 1938 Der Giftpilz (translated into English as The Toadstool or The Poisonous Mushroom), one of the most widespread pieces of propaganda, which warned about the supposed dangers Jews posed by using the metaphor of an attractive yet deadly mushroom. It was a long time since she had actually been alone with Hitler. 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[24] From the outset, the chief aim of the paper was to promulgate antisemitic propaganda; the first issue had an excerpt that stated, "As long as the Jew is in the German household, we will be Jewish slaves. They had two sons, Lothar (born 1915) and Elmar (born 1918) . Winifred Wagner, daughter-in-law of the composer Richard Wagner, and one of the social set around Hitler, declared that marriage to Unity was quite impossible. After all she had been through, it would hardly be surprising if she needed professional help or her mother some respite. Perhaps epitomizing the "profound anti-intellectualism" of the Nazi Party, Streicher once opined that, "If the brains of all university professors were put at one end of the scale, and the brains of the Führer at the other, which end do you think would tip? by J. Duncan » 03 Jun 2012, 11:08, Post But the idea of a sexual relationship with Hitler does not stack up. These are the exact dates of birth of Julius Streicher's children: ↳   Life in the Third Reich & Weimar Republic, ↳   Kriegsmarine surface ships and Kriegsmarine in general, ↳   Luftwaffe air units and Luftwaffe in general, ↳   German Strategy & General German Military Discussion, ↳   NSDAP, other party organizations & Government, ↳   The Ron Klages Panzer & other vehicles Section, ↳   Panzer & other vehicles - Photo threads, ↳   Axis Documents, Feldpost numbers, Postcards & Other Paper Items, ↳   The United Kingdom & its Empire and Commonwealth 1919-45, ↳   The Allies and the Neutral States in general, ↳   German Colonies and Overseas Expeditions, ↳   The end of the Ottoman Empire 1908-1923, ↳   Translation help: Breaking the Sound Barrier, http://www.streicher.de/de/mainmenu/streicher-gruppe/. [26] His loyalty to the cause earned him Hitler's lifelong trust and protection; in the years that followed, Streicher would be one of the dictator's few true intimates. I believe there is a photo of either Elmar or Lothar in the old book "The Guest House" which is about the dwelling which was used to confine the Nuremberg witnesses. The DSP had been created in May 1919 as an initiative of Rudolf von Sebottendorf as a child of the Thule Society,[11][12] and its program was based on the ideas of the mechanical engineer Alfred Brunner (1881–1936);[13][a] in 1919, the party was officially inaugurated in Hanover. by Helge » 03 Jun 2012, 10:49, Post Eva had some girly concerns about Unity being in Hitler's presence so often, but the two of them were almost never left alone at their meetings. He saw heavy front-line fighting in France. And anyway, Frau Wagner added, Unity "just wasn't interesting enough". Heil Hitler!" In May 1923 Streicher founded the sensationalist newspaper Der Stürmer (The Stormer, or, loosely, The Attacker). [2], He, along with Hans Fritzsche, were the first persons to be held accountable for what would later be classified as incitement to genocide. [27] When Hitler was released from his prison sentence at Landsberg am Lech on 20 December 1924 for his role in the Putsch, Streicher was one of the few remaining followers waiting for him at his Munich apartment. Why was she not prosecuted or interned like one of her other sisters, Diana, the wife of Blackshirt leader, Oswald Mosley? [14], By the end of 1919, the DSP had branches in Düsseldorf, Kiel, Frankfurt am Main, Dresden, Nuremberg and Munich. In his speeches and articles, week after week, month after month, he infected the German mind with the virus of anti-Semitism, and incited the German people to active persecution. But Streicher may have been wrong about Unity. she indeed have been pregnant when she was brought home in 1940, but by someone other than her beloved F¸hrer? [1] At the end of the war he was convicted of crimes against humanity in the Nuremberg trials, and was executed. Hitler had banned the German press from reporting it, and speculation in England was that she was probably in a concentration camp. "[citation needed][c] Der Stürmer's official slogan, Die Juden sind unser Unglück (the Jews are our misfortune), was deemed non-actionable under German statutes, since it was not a direct incitement to violence. Her love was blind. Streicher was born in Fleinhausen, in the Kingdom of Bavaria, one of nine children of the teacher Friedrich Streicher and his wife Anna (née Weiss). It was "a harlot's gun", according to a German woman in Hitler's entourage who disliked this intrusive English girl with her lip-sticked mouth and lowcut blouse. [17][18][19] He would later claim that because his political work brought him into contact with German Jews, he "must therefore have been fated to become later on, a writer and speaker on racial politics". It was her own fate that concerned her. That she knew the F¸hrer, was part of his social circle and even one of his favourites, was not to be doubted. The bullet lodged in her brain but did not kill her. Instead, he married his former secretary, Adele Tappe. He would later write for Der Sturmer. She was a virgin to the day of her death, I'd put my hand in the fire to say that.". Streicher's was the most melodramatic of the hangings carried out that night. [12] Its leading members included Hans Georg Müller, Max Sesselmann and Friedrich Wiesel, the first two editors of the Münchner Beobachter. Speaking of Peterson, I had misread the relations between Streicher and Dr. Benno Martin. I sat unknown in the large hall of the Bürgerbräuhaus ... suspense was in the air. ("Adele, my dear wife!"). Perhaps she did have a nervous breakdown and spent a little time in a nursing home near her mother's cottage. [62] In essence, prosecutors contended that Streicher's articles and speeches were so incendiary that he was an accessory to murder, and therefore as culpable as those who actually ordered the mass extermination of Jews. Testimony of Adele Streicher at Nuremberg. Hi Helge! World War One broke out in 1914 and Streicher enlisted in the infantry. [59] When the German version of the Wechsler-Bellevue IQ test was administered by Gustave Gilbert, Streicher had an above average IQ (106), the lowest among the defendants. Martin Bright, the magazine's respected political editor, tells how a few years ago he was contacted by a woman living in Oxfordshire who said that her aunt, a nurse, had run a "nursing home to the gentry" during the war and that Unity Mitford had been delivered of a baby there. [citation needed] In 1925 he also joined the Nuremberg City Council. In her over-imaginative mind, it was not just a romantic coupling but a political fusion of Great Britain and Greater Germany, for the betterment of mankind. They further argued that he kept up his antisemitic propaganda even after he was aware that Jews were being slaughtered.[63]. He may even have thought, mistakenly, that, with her background, she might have some influence on British affairs. She adored Hitler. His second wife was Adele streicher Streicher joined the … But again, that seems unlikely. Bayerischen Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment. This man spoke as a messenger from heaven at a time when the gates of hell were opening to pull down everything. Although Hitler would allow suppression of Der Stürmer at times when it was politically important for the Nazis to be seen as respectable, and although he would admit that Streicher was not a very good administrator, he never withdrew his personal loyalty.[7]. She faced the prospect of being a traitor to her homeland or a traitor to her evil adopted cause. "She had nothing to do with Hitler as a woman," he said, "she was just a butterfly to a flower. Discussions on the role played by and situation of women in the Third Reich not covered in the other sections. At first Streicher claimed to be a painter named "Joseph Sailer", but, misunderstanding Plitt's poor German, he came to believe the latter already knew who he was, and quickly admitted his identity.


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