dual cab touring setups
Building a 4WD up to explore Australia is becoming increasingly popular all over the country. 100% aluminium construction offers lightweight strength and lifetime corrosion resistance. The first aid kits are well stocked. I was wondering what your thoughts were on engine longevity mods such a pre-filter kits etc for newer common rails. Positioning ensures that the tank stays out of direct sunlight and keeps drinking water nice and cool. 74L of storage accessible from front and top. These are the best storage solutions in the game. Both have now been completed. Custom Canopy. I have written and updated a separate blog covering this subject in more detail, which you can read here. The Adventurer’s practical design allows you to remove two thirds of the unit for those occasions where empty tub space is required. Power to the roof rack is provided via a cable gland and waterproof plug from the canopy, so I can easily unplug and remove the rack if I ever feel the need. The mid-sized dual cabs also have value, but nothing has changed my mind about the them yet either, despite what some people in the media circles are managing to do with them. Good to have solid facts behind these things. GET READY TO PLAY HARDER WITH THE NEW COOPER DISCOVERER AT3 RANGE! For both dual cab and single cab Utes, a canopy like the one above is. The tank’s clever design position allows it to stay insulated by the seat, storage drawers and any luggage or camping gear stored on top. I think that this is the answer to the overheating fittings and the air hose popping off. There have, however, been a couple of niggly things that are now all fixed and everything is working as it should. Tried ringing you! fasteners plus zinc alloy hinges and locks. So, with all that out of the way, there are a few things that I will slowly get around to as I find the time and the money (mostly the money). NEW**** AUSTRALIAN MADE TUB TOPPERS . There isn’t any ability to move it sideways in the current arrangement, but there does appear to be room if I can somehow modify the seat base. You can open them without having to undo tie downs. After about a year though, this started to change and feel a bit sloppy. For those who are willing to flick their ute’s tub altogether, the ultimate in rear canopy set-ups is a custom service body, made from either steel or aluminium. Now for some comments on the King Shocks, their settings and handling. Thirdly, the position of the driver’s seat seems to be about 25 millimetres too far to the left. DUAL CAB #4 – DRAWER FRIDGE (ON RUNNERS) + STORAGE DRAWER $2410. Safety locking mechanism prevents sudden upwards or downwards movements. The standard tub fitted to new utes will have a painted finish that’s easily damaged as soon as you throw in some cargo. Still, having anything that has a dual purpose and saves on weight is a good thing, right? To provide you with real-world car reviews, car news, and car buying advice to help make buying a car easier. These are mostly creature comforts, one or two small improvement projects and two major changes to my 79 Series dual cab build. He identified the problem as a badly corroded pressure switch. Map Patrol Custom Canopy. Kept out red dust and rain with no issues, and are a great size to prevent you overfilling them and being unable to lift easily! Pickup Camper . Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. A metal well body canopy on a Nissan Navara, A custom built jack off canopy and massive tent, 3 months with a camper trailer, 4WD and toddler; the summary, Lake Argyle and the Bungles; amazing places in WA, Our Isuzu Dmax build for touring Australia, Our new Hybrid Camper; a Lifestyle Reconn R2, Why we moved from a soft floor to a hybrid camper trailer, 7 Amazing Camp Sites within 3 – 5 hours of Perth, Towing capacity; a simple guide to keep you legal, 20 things you should never do in a 4WD recovery. Designed to tuck into the notoriously difficult to utilise space behind your vehicle’s rear seat to fill otherwise wasted space. What I really want is some decent storage options that keep things easy to get at when you want them. Despite the addition of creature comforts, more powerful engines, automatic transmissions and plenty of passive and active safety features, most 4×4 utes don’t quite mask their commercial vehicle underpinnings. Once again, I went with a custom-made job for multiple reasons that I explain in the blog and I’m super happy with the result. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Here you will find information about the setup of our vehicle for camping, 4WDing and long term living for touring around Australia. That’s why I love the approach that Kelvin at Metalink. To see why we chose this vehicle, click here. Can be optioned up to include 12V panels, stainless steel water tank and fridge box. These are simply the best boxes on the market. The bolts on the early model linkages were slightly too short as well, which has since been rectified. It’s something that Decked Out Fabrications does quite often. Also the filter costs money which is another negative. Two days later I was back in my 79 and driving what felt like a completely different vehicle. Australian design standard certified and heavy-duty crash tested. Made to order for one off vehicles like ‘chopped’ utes and six wheelers. Endless modifications available to suit all needs. Adding the ladder means that I have had to drop one of the two spare tyres, or relocate it to the roof rack if I really need it. About the time you got your new lenses we had a bonding issue where some of the lenses came away from the base ring. You won’t find any 4WD off the factory floor that is well set up for travelling, camping and exploring Australia, and the ‘build’ refers to various modifications, accessories and changes made to make the vehicle more suitable for touring. All Rights Reserved. I’m told by the manufacturer/ installer best thing since sliced bread . In some ways, I’ve been happy with this choice, but in other ways I’ve been pretty disappointed. Customised single and double drawer modules available for most popular 4WD makes and models. Now fixed. Aussie Made and Owned! Put simply, even the most luxurious and well-appointed 4×4 utes can’t match 4×4 wagons when it comes to refinement, but there are plenty of aftermarket accessories that allow owners to improve and tailor their utes to better suit their needs. However, they actually cater to lifts between two and five inches, so at the lower end there’s a lot of pressure on the bushes, which is something I will need to keep an eye on. Top level flush fitted track tie down system to secure bulky items. Here's a new custom system for a Mazda BT50, which would definitely be suitable for any dual cab or wagon set up. Every family is different, every kind of touring is different. Hey Joe, I am thinking about installing a long rang fuel tank in my Hilux. Massive amount of flat storage space on top of unit is great for storing bulky items. A brilliant Ute Camping Setup. Now, I am a bit old school with this and still don’t have Apple Car Play or Android Auto anywhere to be seen, but…if I could locate a replacement head unit for the car stereo that did this AND handled the Hema and my navigation needs, AND had a better Bluetooth calling capability than my current one does, then I’d be very tempted. ( Log Out /  3 Door high quality toppers available for Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux models. Added fridge box included plus two drawer stack that’s fully removable from main system. Things were going great initially. If you fit a fridge slide in the back of your ute, a cage or divider is another handy accessory, as it will allow you to slide out the fridge without other bits of cargo falling in behind it. I wrote about it in more detail in another blog that you can read here. A drop-down fridge slide, while more expensive than a standard slide, will provide easier access to your fridge, which is especially important on utes with a suspension lift. Secondly, I find that the hose fittings (where it connects to the compressor) get so hot that the hose itself becomes soft and pliable enough to pop off. I added the radius arms when I installed the two-inch suspension lift and coil conversion, mistakenly believing that the radius arms were specifically for a two-inch lift. Is it illegal to mount a phone (or smartwatch) on the windscreen? ... Simons finished build, the complete touring set up! Constructed from sturdy aluminium with a corrosion-resistant powdercoat finish. The fix is a super easy one that involves fitting an insulated negative terminal lug nearby with a cable back to the negative terminal. The first thing to do when looking at aftermarket suspension kits is to ascertain how much load you’ll carry in your ute most of the time. Of course, a moulded tub liner will offer the best protection and there are various types on the market, including one- and three-piece designs, and some that sit below the tub’s upper lip and others that sit over it for complete protection. Really enjoyed your articles on performance upgrades and exhausts. Everything from simple side by side setups to complete storage systems with all the added extras are available. If you’re willing to compromise on some of your ute’s load carrying versatility, fitting a canopy will provide one of the best touring set-ups. In this instalment, I’ll cover off the good and the bad as I have experienced them and I’ll take a little look forward to what I’d still like to do with the vehicle in the future to make it more driver-friendly. The quality of the products are great and to be a Australian product worth it. I later replaced his with a new one. I now also carry a spare pressure switch. No problems in/out of byfield national park. 2003 RA Holden Rodeo Dual Cab (3.0L Turbo Diesel) ... “We needed to setup our vehicle as a touring rig which meant the hard-core 4x4 equipment was put to the side and instead we chose accessories for necessity and of course comfort,” says Anthony, husband to Jane and father to Cooper, Leo and Isabella. So, after four years of use, I figured it was time for another update on my 79 Series dual cab build and to provide some more commentary on this vehicle as a platform for touring and camping. I also had one of the sway bar links break at the bolt for no apparent reason. Large, full width storage drawer at front of tub is a perfect spot for storing your dual battery system. 1 – Tent, Kitchen Setup underneath Waterproof Gazebo.


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