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Avoid them and follow the path until you see a climbing wall on the next platform. After receiving the codex note, jump into the abyss. You will find the codex note immediately after starting the mission. There is only one album in the Doom Hunter Base.

There is giant laser trap that you need to get through in order to access the BFG.

There is one hidden album in “Nekravol - Part 1.”. You'll spot a breakable wall in the ceiling to your side. Use the launcher to reach onto the nearest platform. Can anyone throw me a bone? Wait for it to lower and then walk over the top of it following the left path.

You have to be extremely careful in order to not lose your health points. You only need to have the correct letters show to unlock what’s behind it. Can anyone throw me a bone? At the top, jump and dash to grab onto the wall. Jump across to one and use it to propel you up. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. Scattered across the levels of Doom Eternal are several albums, which span the history of the Doom franchise and other related titles. This album is under the bridge. Upon returning to the Fortress of Doom with all the cheat disks, the option to check the installation will now transform into an option to open Doom. Find more information here. The BFG 9000 makes a powerful comeback in Doom Eternal, found on the Phobos Base as the main power source of the mighty BFG 10000 superweapon.Ingameplay, it is observed that the reticle will also feature a counter for the amount of enemies killed by the oncoming blast. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. Fortunately, the location of the BFG-9000 isn’t very hidden in Doom Eternal. Despite its limitations, the BFG can be immensely useful, especially against bosses. Right after the first battle encounter in this level, you’ll come across a broken bridge that you need to jump and dash across. 0. Wait for the spinning lava thruster to turn a swingbar towards you.

You'll see a small room with controls to the left. Once you are on it, turn around and destroy the cracked wall. You will find another extra life at the top of the building. The button you need to press is behind the monument. After collecting the floppy disk, you will be able to go back using a newly unlocked shortcut. When you come out of the well, you will see a huge downed demon.

After defeating all of the enemies, look for a large box near a giant robotic arm. Before you bust through the wall to your left, look out of the window ahead of you. Extra health is in the glass, you have to climb to the top and grab onto the wall to be able to reach this secret. When traveling through the ventilation shaft, you have to watch the walls carefully. If you crashed to Windows when attempting to open the classic Doom from the desktop PC, this has now been patched and should now work. This chapter describes only locations and ways of getting the collectibles. Like Doom 4, there are secrets to be found and these are no exception. Since these need well hidden Slayer Keys to unlock, here are links to all the locations for the Slayer Keys in the game. Just before you grab the object related to the plot, go have to the left. Badder. Head inside and push the small button next to the console. Another stone ledge is at the bottom.

Pick it up to grab the hidden album: Quake II: Quad Machine. Welcome to IGN's guide to the Doom Eternal Vinyl Record Locations. This will reveal a secret passage. Before you leap to the next area, turn to your right. To access this secret, walk to the far end of the room. If you are looking for secret collectables for each mission in the game, you can find those in our full secret collectables guides list: The old-school desktop PC in the Doomguy’s gaming den has two options to select. We've recently moved from Disqus to Spot.IM. To unlock the Unmakyr, you need six Empyrean keys.

It offers an in-game setting to display the Easter egg items collected by the player, unlock various items, as well as practice safe fights in the "Ripatorium".

There, he uses the BFG-10000 to destroy a huge chunk of the red planet, then he detaches the BFG-9000 from the magnification array and keeps it for himself. It doesn’t have any weapon mods, but it fires a spread shot that is very powerful. Once you've scrambled around the first part, you'll jump to another wall that's at a diagonal angle. Instead, you have to find it scattered throughout the remaining levels of the game. In the area filled with several tentacles and enemies, you’ll find a control panel in the center of the facility. Hitting its button will move a glass wall next to it, revealing a platform and two breakable vents flanking the platform. Right next to the wall that says “Do not shoot” will be a question mark hidden behind some boxes.

The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Doom Eternal guides series. It’s presumed that Dr. Samuel Hayden reacquires the BFG-9000 at some point after the events of Doom (2016). The secret is over the precipice. There are two to get on the ARC Complex mission. You won't find these secrets in each mission, so bear that in mind. From there, jump and air dash over and follow the pathway around, down, and then back up until you reach the top of the structure. Here are just a few of the ones we have found so far. Right after you grab the piece of lore about the Icon of Sin, turn around. You need to time your jump right to hit the swing bar on the floating demon skull and grab the Doom III - Main Theme album. Instead of moving forward after hitting the first jump pad, turn around and you’ll see a question mark on a small ledge. Leap from this to a platform to avoid the red damaging floor. Go have a lie down, Internet. This will help you get to the battery.


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