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It's something that they build with time and that arguments, failures and mistakes could make them understand each other better when they opened up in the end. There are a sprinkling of scenes in between where they have some kissy interactions that can be considered romantic, but all of that is INSTANTLY DESTROYED when Lin Chujiu ONCE AGAIN gets injured, f*cked over, almost dies, bleeds, suffers etc etc for Xiao Tianyao and HIS RESPONSE? There's so many good things about her but there is just one thing I seriously hate about this story. Plot 2/5 - A popular theme with Chinese novels and girl protagonist, nothing new. HE WILL NEVER APOLOGIZE. At first, Lin Chujiu's younger sister who's name I don't remember because why would I care about her? The only differences are that while PGC MC can only detect and treat poisons and it is up to her whom she will treat, the PMD MC can detect all medical issues and once detected she must treat the ill person regardless of whom they are - at least that's what I understood from the last chapter I read. Although this is your typical transmigration story, it does progress nicely and each chapter is interesting! The quality of the translation affects the story telling, its not unreadable, but its very rough. Right? GOOD GOD. Let that sink in. • If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. So far, this is probably the most realistic transmigrated/reincarnated doctor I've read. And this same person tries to convince Lin Chujiu that Xiao Tianyao isn't so bad. The only equipment the MC could take out were really only those used in hospitals (save 1 instance but I was reading raws so it might have been my misunderstanding). -In the Tang Dynasty, Ran Yan was already the Seventeenth Daughter of Ran. Her mother goes to jail, but she won't stay in there long because "Lin Chujiu is trying to be nice" or something s*upid like that despite poisoning her, the poison which has mostly destroyed her body and made it hard for her to get pregnant and has made her incredibly weak (never mind all the other BS her body went through) and the sister and younger brother get to stay alive too because if they go with the father, he'll sell the daughter off and probably the son too and Lin Chujiu is like oh no, you were only a little annoying this entire 1000 chapters, so I'll let you live cus I'm so nice! Sadly, the translation went hiatus. Because she doesn't give af if she did, because her life was in danger. I actually have 0 clue how I even found this novel. When she awakes, she finds that she has been reborn in the Tang Dynasty -- as an unfavored, first legitimate daughter, thought to be terminally ill and sent to the poor countryside. THEREFORE, WHY SHOULD HE BE BOTHERED THAT LIN CHUJIU IS HURT? But for some reason this novel doesn't do me like the others I've read so far, so I couldn't get hooked, I wanted to drop it on the first chapter because the writting was not my style. His life has been hard boohoo!! Yes. She loves forensics and analyzing corpses, but she knows that it's socially unacceptable for a young lady in that time period. It's just the start of the story but it's annoying already. -His cold eyes are slightly soft. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. This was the dark days of the imperial court, where one needed to walk on a tightrope as one’s life was as powerless as an ant. For those readers who support the ML, thats the bitter fact u cant deny and must admit. In end she forgive him and love him. Although the MC is a doctor that has transmigrated, she does not have a system or guardian to rely on. If anything, diving to this genre test an author's skill. Male lead is as*hole heartless cruel who toutured MC and treated her cruel when she help him and treat his leg. BUT SHE SHOULD NOT BE ABUSED THIS BADLY, SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO ALMOST DIE FOR HIM BECAUSE HE USES HER AS BAIT, NOR SHOULD SHE BE TREATED AS AN OBJECT TO BE TOSSED AROUND. Just wonder with this pace of translation, how many years it will take to finish to read this novel. This dude takes the cake for being 'over bearing' to a different plane of existance. The plot so far is only being introduced so I can't say much except that I like it and hope to continue to do so. Chapter 1479 4 mins ago . I really like this novel but I admit that it is not for everyone. Characters 2/5 This is a good, slower paced story. Or that time he threw all his responsibilities on her while at war and the enemy commander forced her to eat poisonous food and she almost died AGAIN. SHE ALMOST DIED! Ran Yan decides to use her skills to live well in her new life. Status in Country of Origin. Let him neither live nor die and taste the pain of his evil deeds. Unexpectedly, she was reborn in the years of the Tang dynasty. There are a lot of deaths going on and it is also possible that some are connected to her. And she's like LOL what are you f*cking with me right now you giant flaming turd bag? Lin Chujiu, I wish she had more backbone. Basically the last 10 chapters is the highly spark notes version of how Xiao Tianyao conquered the four kingdoms, fought the Central Empire and reunited everyone under one banner and became Emperor wow! You can pretty much says shes likeable and tolerable. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. I cannot tell you how many times she'd freak out on Xiao Tianyao, he'd be confused as to why cus like everything he does is for her own good amirite and then he'd do one thing like try to make out with her and she'd roll over like the dumb b*tch she was and I'm -, GOD HAVE SOME DIGNITY. I was initially annoyed at this all-powerful medical system that never seemed to run out of anything, but it wasn't too bad for an OP cheat as the author was really true to the medical theme. I think the author has done a good job with researching historical and modern forensics and it shows in the novel. Right, right. He has his subordinates try to convince her and never puts any effort into coaxing her himself or apologize to her. Your IP: GOOD LORD. order but assumed that she miraculously survive by fluke). The ML is Xiao Tianyao, and he is probably in lead for Worst Male Lead I've Ever Had The Misfortune To Read About™. ", The Tang Dynasty’s Female Forensic Doctor, 439 Chapters + 11 Side Stories (Completed), These are recommendation lists which contains, Its reaaally good one. I love it. Really good! The only good thing in this novel is the overall story and premises. I will bear the blame of our country or even help you seize the vast territory of our motherland…”, “I hate you, I am willing to pull out your heart, take out your bones and after you lose your life I will destroy this picturesque country…”, like when we understand step by step that she starts to like the male lead.. how sad she feel for his distrust, her hopelessness. sister wants to steal her sisters husband (twice) (edit: make that 3), doctor of remarkable skill (not omnipotent though) meets crippled prince, attempted poisoning/wounding/crippling/murdering of characters, framings etc. IT'S ALL FOR THE GREATER GOOD! PS: Get ready for Forced Drama as well if you're reading this. XD iirc someone said that the wedding is around chapter 200, so we still have 130 chapters until there. One entry per line. I like the MC's personality, she is 'cold', but you can see different sides of her when she is interacting with different characters. He probably didn't even remember that her predicted remaining lifespan is only like 3-4 years. Right. Cold. She is a genius surgeon doctor in Modern Era that was transmigrated into the body of the Eldest Miss of Lin Family. Anyways he doesn't get even remotely good until like maybe 900 chapters in and by then I just wanted to kill myself. She screams and cries, hoping that he'll say something to her, but he doesn't. I feel that, as I read from chapter 1 to chapter 74 without having to wait for the releases, it is easier for me to remember the relationship between the characters, so I can clearly see why our MC does what she does, why she is involved in. At the end the one that will accompany you until you hair becomes white is not necessary the one you love, but the one that is most suited for you " My heart broke at this point (T-T). I love how the female character is strong. theres little to none. Author(s) One entry per line. The translators have done a great job and provided lots of interesting footnotes. Anyways Lin Chujiu eventually gets to the point where she's like, I know Xiao Tianyao cares about me, but I'm over his sh*t, and I'm just gonna do whatever.


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