did doumeki love watanuki
"I do not." Minoru Kokubunji, High-level Pure Saint power, Expert archer, Exorcism. God, he can't believe that Watanuki is running away from him. Hhhmmm..but I don't know, Fuji had legitimate reasons for asking Watanuki-kun, since he had stuff, important stuff regarding the school festival to relay to him. Chapter 10: Fuji is being dragged unwilling into this mess. Powers/Skills XD thank you CLAMP! Oh right? Not that the boy notices because he had turn to face forward and picking up his pace. Fuji sweats pathetically as he tries his very damn best to keep up with Doumeki's speed. it's so hot between us?" Haah. I love watanuki...but doumeki is so like... "UHHH" xDDDDDDD but he's cute too! Why is he doing this? Syaoran Li | Fuji stumbles over his feets and bump into the back on doumeki. Maybe then their school track team would actually win the interschool competition this year. Fuji watches open-mouthed as Doumeki grabbed the boy and pushes him into an empty, no longer used classroom. Is Watanuki-kun aspiring to participate in the Olympic or what? Laughing is only going to make this hurts worst for him. A voice said eerily inside his head. The boy said and stick his tongue out at them childishly before speeding up even more. Because of his personality his face rarely displays any emotions other than anger, though occasionally a smirk does appear. He stares at Fuji, he is too surprised to say anything. "We need to talk." Sorata Arisugawa, Kobato. Sad though, I kinda feel sorry for Doumeki! Fuji gives him an awkward full teeth on display, toothpaste advertisment-kind of smile. People don't call. ". You call him stupid? I would say Doumeki because his calmness makes Watanuki funnier than he already is. "Don't run." imagen that. Watanuki has left them behind in dusts. Priest "Hah. "After what you did last night?" Sumomo | KHDownloads <-- Butterfly Chaser I'm not touching another one of your big, European, 'bring your friends' wars, like you're throwing a He could ended up with worst. Everthing had started normal this morning he thinks. So Fuji went to class. He is sure of it by the single determination look on his friend face. something. Like is that even remotely possible. Really Yuko and Watanuki?! Himawari Kunogi | Kurogane | Watanuki is soo funny but Domeki is soo serious Ahh! Family He just wanted to stop already but he thinks Doumeki will go on dragging his poor exhausted body on the hard cold floor, so he tries hard to keep up with Doumeki. Much to the annoyance of Watanuki he seems to pop up everywhere, especially when Watanuki gets a chance to be with Himawari (though it is later revealed that this is intentional). Even as his cheeks blushed hotly from the accusation because he is caught-red handed by Fuji. rumble?'. He is dying of exaustion. Nothing about this is funny, he reminded himself. It will be much helped. SeiichirĊ Aoki | Ioryogi, Magic Knight Rayearth Shizuka Doumeki | Fuji asses the current situation between the two of them and thinks, "yup they are definitely fighting", "Stop chasing me", Watanuki screeched at them like a bashee. Do-Gooder You gotta admit, she and Watanuki do make a cute couple! He's also the caring type of megane-character. looking...but then he saved watanuki's life many times ao i guess he's pretty nice...>.> In the manga his eyes are more of a golden color but in the anime they appear to be a dull green. Join my groups! ^_^ Kero | By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Then the bell rings. Two boys cornering a shaken boy. He ignores the question of why Fuji is here by simply accepting that Fuji is here with them, plain simple. how he expresses himself so freely (in funny ways too... XD ) Argg! Only if he knows that the boy super speed is hone by trying to run away for his life when chased by malicious spirits.


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