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Chirag Gupta Founder & CEO Chirag Gupta is an entrepreneur and founder of AgriMoon.Com . She is a loving and caring mother but can be embarrassing, bossy, hypocritical, dimwitted, overprotective, and naive. Greg's interest in her is seemingly damaged by events such as this and he starts showing an interest in other girls, including Holly's older sister Heather. Joshie is a singer who is famous in Europe and is Rowley's favorite singer and idol. Heather Hills is the attractive elder sister of Holly Hills, with whom Rodrick is infatuated. In The Meltdown the Pig throws a tantrum for being excluded from the trip to Isla de Corales in The Getaway. Susan thinks it's cute, though. In Hard Luck, her rabbit has a litter of bunnies, angering Frank. She is portrayed in Dog Days by Melissa Roxburgh. One running gag is that despite not having opposable thumbs, the pig opens objects such as soda cans. The party ends with Holly slipping her hand into Greg's, implying that she likes him as well, and she, Greg and Rowley had a pool party not long after. Frank sends it to obedience school, only for the Pig to escape on its second day there. She is stubborn. Patty Farrell is a minor character who shares an intense rivalry with Greg, which is showcased on a few occasions. He also plays a considerably more prominent role in these films, appearing in adaptions of books in which he is absent or hardly mentioned. Frank Heffley strongly dislikes Bill because he disapproves of his lifestyle, and is afraid Rodrick will follow in his footsteps. He is characterized by his short stature. Mr. Gupta was seen when Susan made Greg go over to Chirag's house and apologize for the cruel joke he played on his son. Susan doesn't like technology thinking it doesn't make people socialize. Perdue Dips Below 50% Against Ossoff, Putting Control Of Senate Up In The Air. She has become something of a minor recurring character whose appearances are rare. Frank is addicted to junk food; in The Last Straw, he makes a New Year's Resolution to go on a strict diet, but Greg later catches him in the garage eating brownies. This startled him, leading to him dropping the phone into the toilet. In The Third Wheel, when Greg and Rowley become private investigators Greg looks through the window at his house to find him playing one of Greg's video games with Rowley. Two of Trump’s posts making false claims about the election were Facebook’s most popular posts in the past 24 hours. When Susan emailed him because of the note Greg sent her, it had Mr. Jefferson's first name on it. He is portrayed by American actor Karan Brar, who is of Indian ancestry. Mr. Snella then sends the videos to America's Funniest Families, a spoof and parody of America's Funniest Home Videos, and has never won anything (though after Greg is filmed wearing Wonder Woman underwear hanging off a tree with his trousers below his ankles at the end of The Last Straw, the footage is sent, and it is never explained if Mr. Snella won with it). But after Greg breaks Rowley's big toe, he has to fill in for Rowley. Mr. Jefferson dislikes Greg, whom he thinks is a "bad influence" on his son. Aunt Gretchen is Susan's youngest sister. Theres nothing there. In the film adaption of The Long Haul, Mr. and Mrs. Beardo are portrayed by Chris Coppola and Kimberli Lincoln and have a daughter named Brandi and two sons named Brandon and Brent. To the annoyance of Greg, the pig exhibits extraordinary intelligence and gains human characteristics. Mr. Gupta is not impressed, but Chirag accepts the apology and forgives Greg. Frank has a sibling rivalry with Joe due to his actions. India. He is played by Owen Fielding in the first three films and is played by Wyatt Walters in the Long Haul. He moved away. Byron is Frank's cousin whom Greg is not excited to see[7] because, at Gammie's last family meeting, he was sent out to get milk, but hit a pothole halfway home, and got a flat tire. Dr. Kagan later makes a cameo in Double Down, in a scene where Greg describes how a Spineticklers book has made going to the dentist an even more frightening experience for him. A minor character, she earns a prominent role in The Last Straw as the object of Greg's most recent infatuation. First appearing in The Last Straw, The Snellas are a family that lives in the Heffleys' neighborhood. Chirag Gupta. The Beardos are depicted as much more malicious, with Mr. Beardo chasing Greg around through the carnival to get revenge. I know, right? [4] She also had Greg apologize to her for what he did to Rowley. Greg later tells the whole school he ate the cheese instead of Rowley and she compliments and accepts him when she sees that Greg is learning the errors of his ways. Yeah, thats why it says fictional character, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the comedyheaven community, Press J to jump to the feed. 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In the first book, Rowley is 11 years old and an antagonist in Greg's point of view while technically in a third-person view, Greg is the antagonist and Rowley is the protagonist. Her name is not revealed. Greg forgot about Reba at first, until Susan reminded him that she used to send him angry letters for forgetting to send her thank-you notes for his birthday money. Greg's dad buys him after discovering that his father lied about accidentally killing his childhood dog, Nutty. She has two out-of-control twin sons, Malvin and Malcolm. Little insight into her personality is provided in the book series. Frank is portrayed by Steve Zahn in the first three films of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid film series. Unfortunately, when his name was displayed as "P. Mudd", this led to his classmates making fun of him, calling him "Pee Mud". Rowley Jefferson is Greg's best friend. She is overweight and sometimes passes gas loudly. Charlie is a bachelor and spends his spare money well. He is also Greg's "secret weapon" at Christmas, as he asks him to buy him presents that his parents have forbidden him from receiving. Holly is portrayed in the movies by Peyton R. List. In the film series, Mr. Jefferson has not spoken until the third film, implying that he is a man of a few words. He met Greg in Double Down when he found Greg's balloon for the Balloon Brigade at his school. Gammie loves having visitors for dinner. In Rodrick Rules, Scotty was going to do a magic act in the Talent Show with Rowley as his assistant. Only appearing in The Ugly Truth, Jordan Jury is the popular boy in the grade above Greg, who's known for always throwing huge parties that have little to no adult supervision. He will then sniff his rear end until he goes to sleep. When Greg admits to drinking soda, Dr. Kagan is infuriated, and shows Greg a jar of liquid with a badly eroded tooth in it, telling him that it is a real tooth that was left in a jar of soda for 24 hours. Gregory "Greg" Heffley is 11 years old in the first novel. EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, 30 Under 30 - Asia - Retail & Ecommerce 2019, Trump’s Pennsylvania Lead Narrows To 111,000 As Mail-In Ballots Favor Biden, ‘B Positive’ Review: Typical Chuck Lorre Humor Packaged In An Unusual Premise, An Underrated Will Ferrell, Tina Fey And Brad Pitt Superhero Comedy Predicted Toxic Fandom, Missouri Election Official Worked Polls On Election Day While Knowingly Covid-Positive, And Then Died, 2nd Georgia Senate Race Headed For Runoff? He is portrayed by Andrew McNee. Greg is called into Mr. Roy's office and is severely reprimanded, but Mr. Roy gets the identity of the victim wrong. She is portrayed in the movies by Laine MacNeil. She pulled a roast right out of the oven, and Greg figures she got what she wanted anyway. In Dog Days, it is revealed that Mr. Jefferson's first name is Robert. Gupta was born in Bisauli, Uttar Pradesh. Rodrick Heffley is Greg's lazy and aggressive older brother. Gramma has a dog named Sweetheart, usually shortened to Sweetie. He has had so many weddings that Greg's family does not need to use a growth chart. He believes the role entails having to bombard the character of Dorothy Gale (whom Patty would be portraying in the play) with apples, only to learn that this scene was deleted for the school production.


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