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Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Sports cards / Trading cards game / Any type of cards. To document your cards, you are presented with a very efficient spreadsheet. There is no official word on if or when older sets will be supported as of when we published this article. With our new Genie's Estimates see what your cards are worth with the click of a button! By clicking sign up, I agree that I would like information, tips, and offers about Microsoft Store and other Microsoft products and services. Sports Card Collector. Are you looking for Microsoft Store in: 日本 - 日本語? Collect & trade your favorite Disney characters from over 90+ memorable years of timeless Disney creations, animations, and storylines! The real draw of TCGplayer, however, is the app’s marketplace functionality. Team Collection allows you to add, view, search, and export all the players from a specific team. The Card Collector (CCDEMO.exe). They are scanned at 300 dpi which insures a great picture quality. Soccer Awesome Features By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. You can use the optional eBay connector to also list your cards on eBay. Still, curious fans should give the app a shot. 2) Added offline capabilities. The Pokemon Company seems to have noticed this, and will soon release a free card-scanning and collection-organizing app of its own: The Pokemon TCG Card Dex. TCGplayer’s features are pretty standard. Collect & trade TOPPS WWE digital collectible cards with fans around the world! Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store. manager apps also include deck-building and collection features, with some caveats. Once Kronzio is done with all the data work, all information (player’s name and card number) will appear in your database. Multiple crashes when adding card value,Easy to use can be a good app if the bugs are fixedWould recommend when fixed. 1) Added a new section called Team Collection. You can see what’s inside each box in each row and each section without manipulating your precious cards. 4) Double click on a row in List View to view the image, if available, of the card. Download Kronocard; System Requirements. The only Windows Store App that is specifically tailored to sports card collecting and developed by someone who actively collects sports cards. Organize, manage, and share your card collection with our free online tools and mobile apps. The Card Collector 3.0. by General Admission Software. You get a simple but powerful scanning module. It is so incredible to be able to browse directly in your inventory. Valid account created on You can also automatically backup your collection to Dropbox via the app, in addition to exporting your card sets to a number of other databases and online deck-building tools, such as: In addition to its flexible cataloging and deck brewing capabilities, Delver Lens also helps you buy new cards or sell/trade those you already own. collector looking for rare deals, or you recently found yourself staring down teetering stacks of long-forgotten of Magic: The Gathering cards while KonMari-ing your belongings (like me), there are a number of apps you can use to catalog, evaluate, and off-load parts (or all) of your collection. You can download TCGplayer for free on both Android and iOS. The only Windows Store App that is specifically tailored to sports card collecting and developed by someone who actively collects sports cards. Get the latest news of your favorite sport teams. Microsoft Windows 7 … Available to United States residents. Some only recognize English cards, while others have crappy collection and organization features. He covers tech and gaming for LifeHacker and other publications like Digital Trends, EGM, and IGN. TCGplayer (the website) is a huge card marketplace, so when you scan in your cards with the app, you can immediately see their current market value. New release! We have been able to scan up to 30,000 cards in an 8h workday! Now supporting the Epson ES-400 scanner! View all the information in one place. So far I started using the app and the app seems solid, I would like to see more additions to the sport categories like wrestling cards. The app is live and we have been adding new features everyday!!! ‎A fun and easy way to catalog all your baseball, football, basketball, soccer and hockey cards, check and set the current value of each card so you have an idea of the value of your collection. Whether you’re a competitive Pokemon TCG player looking to test out new deck builds, an avid Yu-Gi-Oh! Add any type of sport, any number of players, and any number of cards. Now available for Android-Search CardGenie on Google Play Store! Basketball With the same software you can do everything! It automatically associates the front and the back of each card and they are magically cropped without any intervention. 3) Select what fields appear on each List View. The free-trial period is 7 days with all features available except the ability to backup and import your database. The app is live and we have been adding new features everyday!!! All the details about the Epson ES-400 here. numerous game-specific card scanning apps. Keep track of the cards you have, the cards you want, and the cards you want to sell. On top of these features, Pokemon TCG Card Dex is also the best-looking app of its kind thanks to its smart, animated UI, which you can see in the in-app demo footage above. When you scan a card, you can select its condition quality, edition, and set to get an accurate estimate of its value. Another mobile friendly website, this site focuses first and foremost on … Collect 100+ heroes in this Action-packed RPG starring Disney and Pixar heroes. 1.0 out of 5 stars 1. While the ability to play online with copies of your physical cards would be cool, don’t expect the games’ designers to ever be very interested in disrupting their digital economies by letting you import your physical cards. Pokemon Hockey You can see what’s inside each box in each row and each section without manipulating your precious cards. You can also use Delver Lens to buy or sell M:TG cards directly through Card Kingdom. On the plus side, BigAR is developing web versions for these apps that will enable cross-platform syncing. through the month in which the certificate is redeemed. Made changes so iOS 12 users could still use this app. New release! Football Also, there are no listing fees on just 10% when you do sell. If you're wondering how to trade and sell baseball cards or other sports collector memorabilia, these apps can point you to a card collector near you or the seasonal trade shows that have become so popular among collectors and traders. This can be useful when you’re posting trades online elsewhere, tabulating a collection, or selling cards at brick-and-mortar shops. 1) Corrected issue with date formatting affecting Purchase Date. I have the smallest collection amongst my friends and I have at least 5000 cards. By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments. By scanning your cards using your phone’s camera, you can save a digital version of your collection that you can then use to build decks directly on your smartphone or tablet. Collect & trade your favorite Disney characters from over 90+ memorable years of timeless Disney creations, animations, and storylines! Download Kronocard; System Requirements. History of cards added, edited, deleted, or sold. In addition to those features, the M:TG, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Sports Card Collector’s Guide to Mobile Apps Business. Strangely, many Pokemon TCG-specific apps have idiosyncrasies that keep them from being an all-in-one solution for collectors. Add your favorite website links for quick access from the app. That database, I’m guessing, has a listing of every MTG card there is (though maybe not every version of said card because reprints and whatnot). Being that organized makes it super easy to go get that card you just sold. Maybe in the future adding non sport trading card categories would be great. Nascar. These scanners can also automatically scrape a card’s market value (when available) from,, or and convert it into your currency of choice, though in-app buying, selling, and trading functions are not included. Collect Disney & Pixar characters and blast puzzles in magical vacation spots. The Pokemon TCG Card Dex will be available for free on iOS and Android. BigAR offers numerous game-specific card scanning apps that can be used as a snappy reference/translation tools, and will even aid in pricing out your card collection for just about every major TCG/CCG out there: BigAR draws from a database that allows you to scan and translate cards even when you’re offline. UFC With that simple dashboard you get a global view of the status of your inventory. Sports Card Collection is a sports card collecting tool to help organize and manage a sports card collection of any size. Sports cards / Trading cards game / Any type of cards. Sports Card Collector has a fairly simple interface with most of the key features on the main screen. Before we begin, one quick note: All the apps listed below are designed for managing your physical card collection—they let you scan cards to create digital catalogs; translate imported cards from other regions; look up the latest rules for your game; or buy, sell, and trade cards within an app.


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