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They should just cancel it. Tumblr. It still lists as "2020". JavaScript is disabled. Bravely Default 2 wasn't at TGS, and I think that was the final hope that it might be sneaking out in 2020. It's fine and it is going to be ok. We got Genshin Impact now. Anonymous 10/29/20(Thu)00:06:13 No. The team behind the game previously announced that it would be released some time in 2020, and based on the demo’s content, development was far along already early in the year. As much as it pains me, this game is not going to make 2020. ReddIt. The new system is going to make Speed a very very important stat. >A smaller budget FF game that plays more like the old good ones is perfect for an old fag like me. That’s one of the things that make the Bravely Default franchise so great, as it still uses turn-based combat yet improves upon it by making use of unique and complex job options. Especially since these days, games like Final Fantasy 16 have moved away from the turn-based fights that Square Enix fans know and love. I play RPG games when I have the time. That being said, it won’t completely stray away from the first game in the sense that the gameplay mechanics will still remain the same. In any case, a lot of fans can’t wait to once again experience another title that follows Square Enix’s inventive turn-based gameplay. I have a running list of future games, and 80% are TBA. ... bro that was like half a year ago go fishing for it yourself if you want I'm pretty sure it was a reddit thread anyways >> Anonymous 10/29/20(Thu)00:06:13 No. The Twitter post came with a sketch of the familiar characters from Bravely Default by Naoki Ikushima, the game’s character designer. Japanese games do sometimes avoid typical hype-cycle product disclosure and release at the end of the year (in Japan, at least) without much word until just a bit before, but usually things like that kick off with a TGS showing. 530263293. In fact, the last major update we received about it was from March when the Switch eShop released a demo for the game. Bravely Default 2 - "/v/ - Video Games" is 4chan's imageboard dedicated to the discussion of PC and console video games. In the previous games, Default would always go first, regardless of speed. BREAKING NEWS: The Austrian site, Gameware, just changed the release date of Bravely Default 2 from "2020" to "2021" and DOOM Eternal for Switch from "2020" to "2nd Quarter of 2021" If true then there won't be any surprise game in December. Sony is offering a 25% discount on all PlayStation Plus subscription renewals, in preparation for the PlayStation 5’s upcoming release. Many fans have been holding their breath for new Bravely Default 2 updates for a while now. Release date: Mar 26, 2020.


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